Congressman Renacci Tries To Sabotage Law That Benefits ‘Poorest 40%’ Of Americans

Another day, another sign that Congressman Jim Renacci works for the wealthy and well-connected, not Ohio’s working families. A new report from the Congressional Budget Office shows that because of the Affordable Care Act, the poorest 40 percent of Americans saw their incomes rise in 2014.

The wealthiest 1% saw their taxes increase slightly, which could explain why Congressman Renacci has voted at least seventeen times to repeal the ACA — trying to put money back into the pockets of his wealthy campaign donors, while letting premiums skyrocket for Ohioans.

Axios: How the ACA changed American incomes

Sam Baker – March 20, 2018

Key Points:

  • The Affordable Care Act’s tax increases were concentrated among the wealthiest 1% of Americans, while its benefits were spread broadly among the poorest 40%, according to new data from the Congressional Budget Office.
  • The bottom line: At least as far as this analysis goes, the ACA helped more people than it hurt
  • [In] CBO’s words, the law “made household income more evenly distributed.

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