Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo Join “One Person, One Vote” Case

Ohio Cities Join Amicus Brief in Voting Rights Supreme Court Case

COLUMBUS – Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo are taking a stand for Ohio voting rights and joining an amicus brief in support of the “one person, one vote” principle, which is being challenged in an upcoming Supreme Court case.

“Standing up for the principle of ‘one person, one vote’ is critical for giving Ohio’s cities a fair shake,” said Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson. “We believe that in America, everyone is entitled to representation in our electoral system. That includes young people who aren’t old enough to vote, people who have not registered and people who aren’t eligible to vote. Taking these people out of the redistricting equation would take political strength away from our cities. I will always fight for all of the people of Toledo to have their voices heard in Washington and Columbus, and that’s why we have signed on in support of this brief.”

The Evenwel v. Abbott case would challenge the “one person, one vote” principle and force states to draw state and local districts based on population of eligible voters alone — a position not supported by the text or history of the 14th Amendment. Currently, states draw districts based on total population as determined by the Census, while also considering other appropriate factors to ensure they are not denying minorities participation in the political process or diminishing their ability to elect representatives of their choice. Major Ohio cities would be negatively impacted if the Court decides to negate the “one person, one vote” rule.

“I am proud to represent everyone who lives in Dayton — regardless if someone is currently eligible to vote,” said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley. “They are are members of our political community whose interests should be taken into account by their elected representatives. This case is an attempt by partisan activists to change the rules of the game to suit their own political purposes. We won’t stand for this attack on Ohio’s cities.”