Chartergate Continues — Yost Lets ECOT’s “Watchdog” Off The Hook With Pennies On The Dollar “Penalty”

COLUMBUS — Auditor Dave Yost documented how Lake Erie West — the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow’s sponsor, which was charged with monitoring the failed online charter school that bilked taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars — could have received as much as $15 million from ECOT over the years.

Attorney General Dave Yost is letting Lake Erie West repay the state less than $1 million as a settlement, even though ECOT’s sponsor looked the other way as the scam charter cheated Ohio taxpayers.

“For year after year after year, the people who were supposed to be holding the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow accountable dropped the ball — or in Dave Yost’s case, gave them awards,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Lake Erie West was the entity that was supposed to be keeping an eye on ECOT, and they reaped millions from the arrangement. Now that we know ECOT routinely lied about how many students they were educating, Dave Yost is letting Lake Erie West off the hook, with a settlement that gets taxpayers pennies on the dollar. Chartergate is the biggest scandal in Ohio political history, but its perpetrators continue to be treated with kid gloves.”