One Year After Dayton’s Mass Shooting, Why Didn’t Leaders “Do Something”?

House Republicans Heeded Shady Dark-Money Group’s Appeals, Stymied Gun Violence Prevention Legislation COLUMBUS — One year after the mass shooting in Dayton, it’s apparent the main obstacle to reform was the Republican-led legislature and indicted former Speaker Larry Householder, who followed the lead of a dark-money group that threatened to leave “political bodies lying all

Ohio Democratic Party Files Lawsuit To Require County Boards of Elections To Accept Absentee Ballot Applications Electronically

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today filed a lawsuit in state court to require county boards of elections to accept absentee ballot applications via email, fax or other electronic means. “In 2020, when we have all of this technology available that allows people to conduct so many activities securely online, voters should not have

Ohio Democratic Party Statement On House GOP Voting To Keep Indicted Former Speaker In Taxpayer-Funded Job

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper in response to 53 Republican House members rejecting a Democratic motion to expel the indicted former Speaker of the House, Larry Householder: “The Ohio House Republicans just showed the entire state how they really feel about the largest bribery scandal in

Ohio Democratic Party Requests Public Records From AG’s Office Related To House Bill 6 Repeal Effort

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today submitted a public records request to the Ohio attorney general’s office to obtain any communication with outside groups or individuals, documents or records related to the effort to repeal House Bill 6 via ballot referendum. “The alleged criminal conspiracy to bail out FirstEnergy didn’t end after House Bill

Householder’s Dark-Money Group Paid For Oppo Research That Included Hacked Info

COLUMBUS — Larry Householder and his alleged criminal enterprise provided significant financial support to the Ohio Republican Party and Ohio House Republican Campaign Committee, as well as funding Team Householder’s campaign staff — and apparently, opposition research books, one of which used hacked information to trash a non-Householder candidate. “Earlier this year we called on

Black Ohioans Are Paying The Price For Donald Trump’s Divisive Rhetoric And Feckless, Chaotic Coronavirus Response

COLUMBUS — In response to Vice President Joe Biden releasing his plan to build back better by advancing racial equity across the American economy, the Ohio Democratic Party today released the following statements: From Ohio Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Rhine McLin: “In 2016, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke called Donald Trump’s victory a