Day 8: Portman’s Obstruction of the Supreme Court

Countdown to Election Day: “8 Days, 8 Ways Rob Portman Sold Out Ohio” COLUMBUS — Leading up to Election Day, the Ohio Democratic Party today is launching “8 Days, 8 Ways Rob Portman Sold Out Ohio.” To kick off the countdown, the party is highlighting Sen. Rob Portman’s obstruction of the Supreme Court. For 228

Rob Portman’s Record of Disrespecting and Obstructing President Obama

COLUMBUS — As the Ted Strickland for Senate campaign released a new television advertisement featuring President Barack Obama, today the Ohio Democratic Party is highlighting Sen. Rob Portman’s partisan record of disrespecting and obstructing President Obama. From endorsing Donald Trump even though he was questioning the President’s American citizenship to disrespecting the legitimacy of Obama’s

Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Portman’s National Stop-and-Frisk Bill

COLUMBUS — After Sen. Rob Portman’s introduction of a national stop-and-frisk bill was brought to light during yesterday’s U.S. Senate debate, Ohio Democratic Party Executive Director Greg Beswick issued the following statement. “Stop-and-frisk is a discredited policy that has resulted in the discriminatory targeting of African Americans with terrible consequences – but Senator Portman wanted

Despite Years Of Using Fear Of Fraud To Justify Restrictions, Husted Finally Admits It Does Not Exist

COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted this week took his party’s standard-bearer, Donald Trump, to task for his “irresponsible” comments about voter fraud — but Husted has consistently hyped the specter of voter fraud, in the attempt to defend policies that make it harder for Ohioans to vote. Yesterday a federal court ordered