As the RNC Ignores Trump’s Coronavirus Failures, Ohio Dems Focus on Health Care in Crisis

CINCINNATI — The Ohio Democratic Party held a virtual roundtable today with Dr. Arthur Lavin of Doctors Organized for Health Care Solutions, Dr. Beth Weinstock of the Physicians Action Network and Colleen Bowman, the mother of a childhood cancer survivor, to discuss America’s health care crisis under President Donald Trump. From Chairman David Pepper: “You

French And Kennedy Rule Against Ohio Workers Again

In 4-3 Decision, Ohio Supreme Court Overturns Lower Court Ruling That Employer Violated Workers’ Privacy COLUMBUS — After failing to protect a worker from retaliation with a decision earlier this year, Ohio Supreme Court Justices Sharon Kennedy and Judi French issued another anti-worker decision today, overturning a lower court ruling that Ohio workers could sue

GOP House Candidate Helped To Create Tax Scam’s “Opportunity Zone” Program That Is Mainly Helping Real Estate Developers

COLUMBUS — During last night’s Republican National Convention, U.S. Sen. Tim Scott talked about “opportunity zones” — which the Republican candidate challenging state Rep. Phil Robinson has touted as helping to create — but failed to mention the program has led to “relatively little job creation while disproportionately helping high-profit real estate projects and not

Trump Campaign Triples Down On Attack On Ohio Workers

COLUMBUS — On Wednesday morning Donald Trump tweeted out an attack on a company that employs thousands of Ohio workers; on Wednesday afternoon, Trump doubled down, saying it didn’t matter if workers lost their jobs; and now a Trump campaign spokesman is defending Trump’s tweet by saying a boycott isn’t a boycott. “Ohio workers can

Ohio Lost 3,700 Manufacturing Jobs In July

Donald Trump Attacks Ohio Manufacturing Workers As His Reckless Approach To The Coronavirus Crisis Wreaks Economic Devastation COLUMBUS — Ohio lost 3,700 manufacturing jobs in July and has lost 48,200 factory jobs since last July — and Donald Trump’s apparent response to the economic crisis caused by his failed coronavirus response has been to lash

Steve Chabot and Mike Turner Resort to Desperate Tactics to Attack Kate Schroder, Desiree Tims

Chabot’s Ad: “A Big Stretch” … Turner’s Ad: “Misleading” COLUMBUS — With their re-election prospects growing dimmer by the day, Steve Chabot and Mike Turner are being forced to resort to desperate attacks on their opponents, Kate Schroder and Desiree Tims, who are outhustling the long-time D.C. politicians. “After more than 40 years in D.C.

Trump Attacks Ohio Workers (Again)

COLUMBUS — When General Motors shuttered its plant in Lordstown, Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack the workers and their leaders, and Trump is lashing out on Twitter again today, attacking a company that has been based in Ohio for 125 years and employs thousands of Ohio workers. “Donald Trump promised to bring jobs

Senior Trump Campaign Official Lobbied Lawmakers On Legislation At Center Of Householder Scandal

COLUMBUS — The Trump campaign is clearly nervous about their connection to indicted former Speaker Larry Householder, who was removed as a Republican National Convention delegate by Bob Paduchik, the chair of Ohio’s delegation and senior advisor to the Trump re-election campaign — but Paduchik is ducking questions about his own involvement in the Householder