DeWine has Dodged Long Enough

Columbus, OH — Following more major allegations in a recently-released book by Neil Clark, Mike DeWine owes Ohioans a lot more information on his connections to the largest public corruption scheme in state history. From campaign donations to top-level staff connected to the scandal, DeWine can’t shake his links to the scandal. DeWine and his

Have They No Shame?

Columbus, OH — Just when you think things can’t get worse for GOP Senate candidates in Ohio, they find new and creative ways to sink lower, turn off voters in Ohio and embarrass our state on a national stage. This week, Republican candidates were widely mocked and criticized for their desperate attempts to try and

Mike DeWine is Too Weak to Stand Up for Working Ohioans

Columbus, OH — Mike DeWine signed the budget passed by the GOP-led legislature that included a number of harmful provisions inserted by Republican politicians. DeWine had the opportunity to line-item veto a number of these extreme provisions — including a major tax break for the wealthy and well-connected, language that hurts local schools and attacks

DeWine Must Finally Stand Up to His Own Party and Veto Radical Budget Provisions that Harm Working Ohioans

Columbus, OH — Late last night, the GOP-controlled House and Senate passed a state budget that includes several toxic provisions inserted by extreme Republicans who are using the budget process to play politics with the welfare of working Ohioans. Republicans included language that would massively cut taxes for the wealthy and well-connected, cut funding for

As DeWine Top Aide’s Group is Linked to FirstEnergy Scandal, DeWine & His Administration Must Answer These Questions

Columbus, OH — Last week, through court filings, FirstEnergy admitted that it “pumped” $20 million into Partners for Progress, a dark money group that played a key role in what is considered the largest public corruption case in the country. From Gannett’s Laura Bischoff: “The [FirstEnergy] filing connects the dots that had been previously laid