Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Portman’s Desperate Attempt to Save His Political Career

COLUMBUS — In response to Sen. Rob Portman’s desperate attempt to save his political career, Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Daniel van Hoogstraten issued the following statement. Immediately following the revelation that Donald Trump had bragged about sexual assault Portman continued to endorse him. “Senator Rob Portman is the weakest politician in America. This isn’t political

Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Portman’s Gutless Statement on Trump’s Offensive Comments

COLUMBUS — In response to Sen. Rob Portman’s statement on Donald Trump’s deeply offensive comments and non-apology, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper issued the following statement. “Just when we thought Senator Portman couldn’t display any less political courage and moral integrity, he stooped even lower. Portman was the only political figure in the country

Does Rob Portman Believe Trump is a Role Model?

Portman Still Refusing To Say If He’ll Appear With His Endorsed Candidate COLUMBUS — Less than 24 hours after Sen. Rob Portman refused to tell the Columbus Dispatch editorial board if he would ever appear on the same stage as his endorsed candidate for president, Donald Trump, today the Ohio Democratic Party has a simple question

Portman: The Gun Lobby’s Lap Dog

Portman Votes Against Bipartisan Gun Safety Reforms, NRA Spending More Money for Portman Than All Congressional Races Combined COLUMBUS — As Ted Strickland holds roundtables on gun violence prevention with Sen. Chris Murphy today, here’s a reminder of Sen. Rob Portman’s record of standing with the special interests he serves at the expense of common-sense