ICYMI: DeWine Has Problems With Rs

For Immediate Release: Friday, May 27, 2022 Columbus, OH — In case you missed it, the Ohio Capital Journal says Mike DeWine has problems with Republican voters after he barely escaped weak primary challengers earlier this month. DeWine barely crossed 48% of support in the May 3 primary, and more Republicans voted against DeWine than for him. “It’s

Questions Jon Husted Needs to Answer About His Unprecedented Move to Take a Paid Corporate Gig While in Office

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 Columbus, OH — Earlier this week, it was uncovered by Andrew Tobias at Cleveland.com that Jon Husted had accepted a paid corporate board job while remaining in office as lieutenant governor – another example of the DeWine administration using their taxpayer-funded jobs to line their own pockets. It’s a

Mike DeWine Won’t “Do Something”

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 Columbus, OH — In the wake of the unthinkable tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, which comes just 10 days after the unthinkable tragedy in Buffalo, New York, one thing remains clear: Mike DeWine will not take action to prevent similar violence in Ohio. In 2019, after a mass shooting in Dayton, DeWine promised to

Mike DeWine is in Cleveland Campaigning on Funding He Opposed 

For Immediate Release: Monday, May 23, 2022 Cleveland, OH — Today, Mike DeWine is coming to Cleveland to tout grants for Northeast Ohio law enforcement. The problem? Mike DeWine opposed the legislation passed by Democrats that made this funding possible. The funding grant for Cleveland’s critical Real Time Crime Center comes from the American Rescue Plan, legislation that

FRAUD FLASHBACKS: Vance Said Trump Was “Too Cautious” In Calling Out Racism After Charlottesville 

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2022 Columbus, OH — Before he decided to run for U.S. Senate, J.D. Vance lambasted Trump’s approach to inciting a deadly rally in Charlottesville in 2017. As a paid CNN contributor in 2017, Vance said, “If I was President Trump in this situation, I’d spike the football. This is one of the things that really

ROUNDUP: J.D. Vance Slammed For Promoting Dangerous “Great Replacement” Conspiracy Theory

Columbus, OH — This week, California Vance earned wall-to-wall coverage for promoting the dangerous “great replacement” conspiracy theory that radicalized the Buffalo terrorist. Since launching his U.S. Senate campaign, Vance’s rhetoric has echoed the deadly white supremacist rhetoric identified in forums across the internet, according to experts on hate speech. “J.D. Vance will do or say

Intel Inside? DeWine Won’t Say

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 18, 2022 “The DeWine administration has already seen its share of ethics struggles.” Columbus, OH — Today, the Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement after the Ohio Capital Journal revealed that Mike DeWine has a financial stake in Intel but won’t reveal how much stock in the company he owns or whether his

Before Mike DeWine Tries to Take Credit for It, Let’s be Clear about Who Secured Funding Likely Headed to Ohio Communities 

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 Columbus, OH — Ahead of an expected vote in the Ohio House tomorrow to distribute more than $420 million to local communities across Ohio, the Ohio Democratic Party is making sure Ohioans know who is (and isn’t) responsible for the critical investments expected to come their way. The American Rescue Plan, which