Ohio Democratic Party Blasts GOP Gerrymander

Columbus, OH — Today, Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters blasted state legislative ‘maps’ proposed by Ohio Republicans that clearly fly in the face of the Ohio Constitution and what Ohio voters called for twice when they voted for fair districts and fair representation. The GOP maps are even more gerrymandered than the 2011 map,

‘That’s What’s Known as Passing the Buck:’ Mike DeWine Caves to Political Pressure, Puts Politics Over Health & Safety of Ohioans

Columbus, OH — Today, Theodore Decker of the Columbus Dispatch reminded us all just how far Mike DeWine has fallen in the last year. Facing a messy primary challenge, with another reported challenger set to emerge, DeWine is putting politics over the health and safety of Ohioans, too weak to stand up to his own

The Limit Does Not Exist: Dispatch Report Reminds Us That GOP Corruption at the Statehouse Runs Far, Wide and Deep

Columbus, OH — In case you missed it, the Columbus Dispatch today detailed newly-released documents tying yet another major corruption scandal directly to Ohio Republicans. Campaign finance records detailed in the report show that high-level officials connected to the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) made donations to Republican officials who were in a position to

J.D. Vance Struggles To Explain What His Sham Non-Profit Did For Ohioans Struggling With Addiction

Columbus, OH — In an interview with the Logan Daily News, millionaire J.D. Vance had trouble naming what Our Ohio Renewal, his non-profit organization meant to address the opioid epidemic, has done to help Ohioans struggling with addiction. Vance even seemed to acknowledge the non-profit’s limited impact, citing only “small grants and funds…here and there,”

ICYMI: The Sojourner’s Truth: “Toledo Leaders Slam Republican Senate Candidates for Attacking Infrastructure Bill”

Columbus, OH — Today, the Sojourner’s Truth published an article featuring Toledo leaders condemning Republican Senate candidates for their opposition to the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. In the article, State Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson, CWA Local 4319 President Erika White, and UAW Local 14 President Tony Totty slammed Republican Senate candidates for putting politics

ICYMI: Ben Shapiro “Deeply Worried” About Ohio Republican Senate Field, Says Vance And Mandel’s “Pandering” Could Damage Them In The General

Shapiro: “I think that they [Mandel and Vance] are doing a lot of stuff to win the primaries that could damage them in the general”  Columbus, OH —  Yesterday, on his radio show, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro lamented the current state of the Ohio GOP Senate field and said that he is “deeply worried” about