Ohio Dems Stand Up For Lower Drug Costs

COLUMBUS – While House Democrats voted today to pass the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which will bring down costs for patients and save the federal government about $500 billion over the next decade, the Ohio Democratic Party is highlighting the issue with a digital campaign featuring Ohioans impacted by the high cost of prescription

What’s The Next Shoe To Drop For Steve Chabot?

WXIX: Grand Jury Convened Amid Federal Investigation Into Money Missing From Chabot Campaign CINCINNATI – During the impeachment hearings Congressman Steve Chabot has dutifully played attack dog for Donald Trump, all while a federal grand jury investigation into missing money looms over Chabot’s campaign, according to reporting by WXIX. “Steve Chabot must be glad for

As Sandusky County Prosecutor Takes Plea Deal, Stays In Taxpayer-Funded Job, Is Dave Yost “A No-Show On Victim Rights”?

COLUMBUS – A local media outlet is calling Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost “a no-show on victim rights” and questioning whether his office’s investigators violated Marsy’s Law after five women accused Sandusky County prosecutor Tim Braun of sexual misconduct, leading to a plea deal that lets Braun avoid jail time and keep his taxpayer-funded job.

Ohio Dems Announce Sites For Pre-Primary Caucuses To Elect Convention Delegates

Ohio Democrats Will Hold 16 Congressional District Caucuses on Tuesday, Jan. 7 COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Party will host 16 congressional district caucuses across the state on Tuesday, Jan. 7, to elect 89 district-level delegates and eight alternates to represent Ohio at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. “Ohio Democrats are clearly fired

Ohio Republican Lawmakers Attacking Reproductive Freedom

As Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President Stephanie Howse Visits El Salvador to Learn Devastating Impact of Abortion Bans, Ohio GOP Lawmakers Introduce Total Abortion Ban COLUMBUS — During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump called for women to be punished for abortion and committed to nominate Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, and now

GOP Dark Money Floods Into Local Elections Across Ohio

COLUMBUS — Shadowy dark money groups linked to Republican operatives are jumping into local races from Trumbull County to Summit County to Greene County, spending big, while hiding their donors and partisan affiliations from public scrutiny. “Secret dark money is flooding into Ohio’s local elections, bringing the nasty, divisive tone we’ve seen coming out of

Impeachment Juror Rob Portman Is Still Voting For Trump

Portman: “We Don’t Know If There Are Any Laws Broken” (Pentagon Lawyers Thought So) COLUMBUS — Ohio’s Rob Portman echoed other senators yesterday when he declared that he is a “juror” in the impeachment proceeding, but that hasn’t stopped him from spending weeks parroting the very talking points being put out by the defendant —