LaRose Led Effort To Restrict Early Voting In Ohio

LaRose Pushed Bill Eliminating First Week Of Voting, Which Would Have Begun Today COLUMBUS— Today marks the day early voting would have begun in Ohio if not for an effort led by state Sen. Frank LaRose (R-Hudson) to pass his partisan bill restricting ballot access by eliminating the widely-used first week of in-person early voting

ICYMI: Ohio House GOP Candidate “Slapped with a Heavy Fine” for “Fabricating Evidence and Misleading the Courts”

In case you missed it… Mike Rasor, the Republican candidate for Ohio House District 37, is facing questions about unethical behavior after he was ordered by a federal judge to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for “fabricating evidence and misleading the courts.” Rasor and his colleagues have been sanctioned and fined $2.4

LaRose Plan Fails To Address Real Issues For Military Voters

GOP Voting Restrictions Continue To Disenfranchise Service Members COLUMBUS — Statehouse Republicans have said they won’t vote on any legislation before Election Day, making state Sen. Frank LaRose’s introduction this week of a bill on overseas absentee voting little more than an election-year stunt designed to obscure his support for voter purges that have removed

Anthony Gonzalez Ducking Debates With Susan Moran Palmer

Gonzalez Refused Two Invites from League of Women Voters CLEVELAND — Anthony Gonzalez has been ducking debates with his opponent, Susan Moran Palmer, and has turned down not one, but two invites from the League of Women Voters — despite his claims to the Dealer editorial board. “Debates aren’t a ‘political tactic’ — they’re

Dems In Athens County Call Out “Dr. DeWine” And GOP Attacks On Health Care

ATHENS COUNTY — The dangers of Republican attacks on health care and the importance of electing Democrats up and down the ballot were the focus of today’s news conference in Athens with Rick Neal (candidate for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District), Shawna Roberts (candidate for Ohio’s 6th Congressional District), Amber Daniels (candidate for Ohio’s 78th state

LaRose A Key Player In Ongoing Culture Of Corruption

Lawmaker Silent As GOP Scandals Engulf Statehouse COLUMBUS — As criminal corruption scandals continue to rock state politics, including the for-profit charter ECOT cheating Ohio taxpayers out of nearly $200 million dollars and the FBI investigating former GOP House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, Republican Frank LaRose has remained silent. “Ohio taxpayers have been cheated out of