State Budget Hung Up On Deal For Pharmacies?

One of the Senate GOP’s Budget Negotiators Is Dave Burke — Who Owns a Pharmacy COLUMBUS — Twelve days past the constitutional deadline, there’s still no state budget, and the Columbus Dispatch editorial board is wondering why a deal to fix Ohio’s pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) scandal is “even part of the state budget bill.”

Self-Dealing At The Statehouse?

State Rep. Candice Keller Sponsors Bill That Would Benefit Her Personal Charity COLUMBUS — There’s no state budget yet — but Ohio House Republicans are busy pushing legislation to subsidize fake health centers that routinely lie to women. And in one member’s case, the legislation also lines her own pocket. “As Republican lawmakers bicker about

Ohio GOP Kicks The State Budget Can Down The Road

COLUMBUS — As the Republican-led Ohio House voted tonight in a rare Sunday night session on temporary stopgap legislation just hours before the constitutionally required deadline to pass a state budget, Ohio Democrats called out the dysfunction and misplaced priorities of GOP leaders in Columbus. “Ohio Republicans wasted months of time on one extremist bill

Statement On U.S. Supreme Court Gerrymandering Decision

COLUMBUS — Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper released the following statement Thursday after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on multiple cases regarding gerrymandering: “In our elections, every voice should be heard, and every vote should count equally. Elections should be determined by voters, not politicians who rig maps. The court’s disappointing decision today was

Why Did Matt Dolan Duck Questions About How Much The ‘Lobbyists And Legislators’ Loophole Benefits Him Personally?

COLUMBUS — State Sen. Matt Dolan is leading the push to protect the billion-dollar “legislators and lobbyists” tax loophole in the Senate GOP version of the state budget — but the last time the budget was being debated, he refused to say how much that loophole benefits him personally. “Matt Dolan led this budget process

Chartergate Continues — Yost Lets ECOT’s “Watchdog” Off The Hook With Pennies On The Dollar “Penalty”

COLUMBUS — Auditor Dave Yost documented how Lake Erie West — the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow’s sponsor, which was charged with monitoring the failed online charter school that bilked taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars — could have received as much as $15 million from ECOT over the years. Attorney General Dave Yost is

The Dolan Budget: Handouts To Special Interests, Legislators And Lobbyists

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Senate Republican budget, “quarterbacked” by state Sen. Matt Dolan, features a $5 million giveaway to special-interest fake women’s health centers, restoration of the billion-dollar “legislators and lobbyists” tax loophole and a large investment in education vouchers being pushed by the Koch brothers and Betsy DeVos. “House Democrats led the process to