Donald Trump’s Top Five Broken Promises To Ohioans

COLUMBUS — Donald Trump keeps coming to Ohio, and when he’s here, he always makes a lot of wild claims and promises. And then Trump breaks those promises. As one former worker at the now-shuttered General Motors factory in Lordstown put it: “He lied. He told everybody it’s all coming back. It’s not. It’s harder

History-Making Council Members Sworn In In Reynoldsburg

COLUMBUS — Central Ohio is home to the largest Bhutanese-Nepali community in the United States — and now it’s home to the nation’s first Bhutanese-Nepali elected official, as Reynoldsburg City Councilman Bhuwan Pyakurel was sworn into office today, along with the first African-American women elected to city council, Council President Angie Jenkins, Councilwoman Meredith Lawson-Rowe

SHOT/CHASER: 1998 Chabot v. 2019 Chabot

SHOT: Rep. Steve Chabot today: “Since there is no concise legal definition of abuse of power, the majority party in the House can designate nearly any disagreement with the president, from now on, an impeachable offense.” CHASER: Rep. Steve Chabot in 1998: “What message are we sending the youth of America if we abdicate our