#OHSen: A Rough Week for Republicans

This week in #OHSen, we saw a fundraising scandal, outsourced campaign footage from Russia and Ukraine and intra-party sniping over donations to a fellow Ohio Republican. And with more phony populists reportedly set to enter the race, the already messy Republican Senate primary is sure to get messier from here. Here’s a recap of Ohio

What Else is Mike Gibbons Willing to Outsource?

In Case You Missed It, Republican Senate candidate Mike Gibbons kicked off his campaign this week promising to run a different kind of campaign. Apparently, that includes using stock footage from Russia and Ukraine in his announcement video while trying to claim he’s fighting for the American dream. While Ohio offers several idyllic backdrops —

ICYMI: Does Anyone Like Josh Mandel?

In Case You Missed It, Josh Mandel is so extreme and unappealing as a candidate that even loyal donors of his own party don’t want to associate with him. Axios reported today that Mandel was kicked out of a Republican National Committee event in Florida after showing up uninvited. While Mandel portrays himself as ‘anti-establishment,’

Ohio Democratic Party Celebrates Inauguration Of President Joe Biden And Vice President Kamala Harris

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statements in recognition of the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris: From Chairwoman Liz Walters: “Last November, Americans turned out in record numbers to elect new leaders who will bring us together, heal our country and restore the soul of our nation.