ICYMI: Betsy Rader Launches Campaign for Ohio Senate

In case you missed it… This weekend employment attorney, child advocate and proud daughter of Appalachia Betsy Rader kicked off her campaign to flip a state Senate seat from red to blue in suburban northeast Ohio, telling Cleveland.com, “Every additional seat you can get at the table will matter” for redistricting in 2021. Announced today

Trump: “Rob Portman Backed Me Up” On Ukraine

Seriously Though, What Did Portman Know And When Did He Know It? COLUMBUS — Last week Sen. Rob Portman, the co-chair of the Senate Ukraine Caucus, played dumb when asked about the whistleblower’s explosive allegations about Donald Trump trying to shake down the Ukrainian president for a personal favor — but today Trump told the

The Portman-Trump-Ukraine Timeline

Portman Was Deeply Involved in the Ukraine Conversation  What Did He Know … And When Did He Know It? COLUMBUS — The co-chair of the Senate Ukraine Caucus said he was “running around” and couldn’t find time last week to read the whistleblower’s nine-page memo about Donald Trump’s conduct with Ukraine — but a review

Two Years After GOP Rolled Out Their Tax Scam, Ohio’s Working Families Are Paying For Trump’s Broken Promises

COLUMBUS — Today marks the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump and congressional Republicans introducing their tax bill — and it’s been two years of broken promises for Ohio’s working families, as millionaires, billionaires and big corporations have been the main beneficiaries of the GOP tax scam. “In 2017, Donald Trump promised the American people that