Ohio Democratic Party Files FEC Complaint Against Rep. Mike Turner

Turner Commercials Violate Basic Disclaimer Requirements COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party is filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Congressman Mike Turner for violating the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 and failing to follow disclaimer requirements on his recent campaign commercials. “Mike Turner has ducked public town halls, instead choosing to

Ohio GOP In Total Chaos In OH-12

Republican Lawmaker: “A Lot of Conservatives… Don’t Plan to Vote” for Troy Balderson COLUMBUS — Republicans are absolutely imploding in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District special election, with GOP state Rep. Andy Brenner yesterday posting to Facebook that “a lot of conservatives… believe voter fraud was committed” during the primary election and “they don’t plan to

Coming Soon To A Congress Near You: Speaker Jim Jordan?

Where Do Ohio Republicans Stand on Jordan’s Attack on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Mueller Probe? COLUMBUS — The man that John Boehner once dubbed “a legislative terrorist,” Congressman Jim Jordan wants to impeach Rod Rosenstein and undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s attack on our elections — and now is the time for every

ICYMI — Youngstown Vindicator: ‘Chartergate’ exposes ties between the GOP, industry

In case you missed it… The Youngstown Vindicator editorial board criticized Ohio Republican lawmakers Sunday for being “unwilling to put in place legitimate checks and balances” on Ohio’s “scandal-ridden charter school system.” The reason? “For more than two decades, the GOP has served as the protector” of for-profit charter school operators. KEY HIGHLIGHTS: With each