#TBT: Portman Against Perkins Before He Was For It

Ohio Students Portman Touts  Never Would Have Received Perkins under His Plan COLUMBUS – U.S. Sen. Rob Portman has gone to great lengths to tout his support for the recently expired Perkins Loan Program now that he’s up for re-election. There’s just one problem: Portman himself first proposed eliminating funding for the Perkins Loan Fund

Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Rubio’s Visit to Ohio

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper on Sen. Marco Rubio’s visit today to Ohio to discuss “America’s Energy Potential.” “Marco Rubio’s proposal is nothing but one big giveaway to Big Oil at the expense of hard-working Americans. Rubio continues to deny climate science and refuses to admit

Kasich, King Of Government Waste, Now Has Plan To “Balance” The Federal Budget

COLUMBUS – Ohio Gov. John Kasich today released his plan that would purportedly balance the federal budget — but his administration has wasted millions on a failing, for-profit charter school system and an economic development agency that is plagued with conflicts of interest. “Under Kasich’s leadership, Ohio’s for-profit charter school system costs taxpayers $1 billion,

Ohio Democratic Party Launches “Chartergate” Tour in NW Ohio

Party Leaders Demand Independent Investigation of Grade-Fixing That Helped Donors NORTHWEST OHIO – The Ohio Democratic Party is highlighting the impact of Ohio’s $1 billion for-profit charter school industry on local school districts with a statewide “Chartergate” tour, which kicked off today in Toledo and Bowling Green. Along the way, Party leaders and officials are

ICYMI: Portman’s Washington Bosses Scramble to Rescue “Vulnerable” Senator

The Hill Newspaper Reports Portman, Among McConnell’s ‘Closest Allies,’ Is In ‘Serious Danger’ Of Losing His Seat COLUMBUS – The Hill newspaper reports that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is worried about his go-to guy, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman. Despite millions spent by Portman and his dark money allies, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland continues

MEMO: For-Profit Charter School Fiascos Continue in Ohio

MEMO Subject: For-Profit Charter School Fiascos Continue in Ohio Date: Oct. 7, 2015 Every day it seems like there’s a new story about Ohio’s failing for-profit charter schools — and how Ohio Republicans are continuing to enable the excesses of an industry that just so happens to contribute millions to Republican officials. You can be

ICYMI: Portman Enters Chartergate Fray With Support For Controversial $71 Million Grant

Akron Beacon Journal Reports Senator ‘Endorsed’ Grant Application after Taking Campaign Cash from Charter Business Bosses COLUMBUS – U.S. Sen. Rob Portman entered the Chatergate fray this week when the Akron Beacon Journal uncovered that Portman weighed in with the U.S. Department of Education to endorse a $71 million grant application written by the very

Portman Fulfills Goal of Ending Loan Program More Than 25,000 Ohio Students Depend On

Perkins Loan Program Expired at Midnight, Portman Proposed Ending Perkins Program as Bush Budget Director COLUMBUS – U.S. Sen. Rob Portman has fulfilled his long-time goal of eliminating the Federal Perkins Loan Program that more than 25,000 Ohio students depend on. The program expired at midnight as Congressional Republicans refused to extend it. But it is