Ohio House GOP Looks At Chaotic, Confusing Primary Election And Proposes Doing It Again In November

Democratic Lawmakers Working to Make Voting Safe, Convenient, Even In Global Pandemic COLUMBUS — Ohio’s primary election resulted in “low voter turnout and confusion,” and now Ohio House Republicans are using that — and Wisconsin’s primary, which led to large increases in coronavirus cases — as a blueprint for November and proposing legislation to make

Ohio Democratic Party Announces District-Level Delegates For Democratic National Convention

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today released the list of district-level delegates and allocation of statewide delegates for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. TOTAL DISTRICT-LEVEL DELEGATES 76 BIDEN 13 SANDERS TOTAL DISTRICT-LEVEL ALTERNATES 8 BIDEN PLEDGED PARTY LEADERS AND ELECTED OFFICIALS (PLEOs) **Will be elected at the state party’s executive committee meeting on June

Is Frank LaRose Pushing to Eliminate Requirement to Ensure Adequate Numbers of Voting Machines?

LaRose’s Call for “Greater Flexibility” Could Lead to 2004-Style Poll Overcrowding and Long Lines COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is pushing for polling place consolidations for in-person voting on Election Day, but the specifics of LaRose’s plan “to reevaluate the requirements … for the numbers of poll workers and machines” could roll

Frank LaRose vs. Frank LaRose

In February, LaRose Called Out Misinformation About Elections; In May, LaRose Pushes Misinformation COLUMBUS — Just three months ago, Frank LaRose said he would use his role as Secretary of State to stand up to any misinformation, saying: “It is irresponsible to fearmonger about elections administration. Doesn’t matter who you are.” But yesterday, in a

GOP Justices On Ohio Supreme Court Continue To Serve As “Backstop” For Extremist Legislature

Justices Judith French, Sharon Kennedy Vote to Uphold Law That Erodes Local Control of Public Schools COLUMBUS — As Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly continue to take away local control from communities, they can rely on Justice Sharon Kennedy and Justice Judith French to continue serving as their “backstop” in upholding their extremist agenda.

Convicted Abortion Clinic Bomber “Happy” To Join Statehouse Protest Against Public Health

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party and Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus released the following statement in response to reports that convicted abortion clinic bomber John Brockhoeft joined the recent Ohio Statehouse protest against state Health Director Dr. Amy Acton. Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper: “The extremists attacking Dr. Amy Acton are trying to pressure