Kasich’s Opinions on Climate Change: Hazy, Gusty

Kasich’s Record on Climate Change: Clear COLUMBUS – Ohio Gov. John Kasich is already trying to Etch-A-Sketch his denial of climate change on Sunday’s Meet the Press, but his record reflects the exact views he expressed on Sunday. In fact, Kasich was the first governor in the country to roll back existing renewable energy standards.

Democrats Launch ‘No-Jobs-Rob’ Statewide Farewell Tour

Ohio Has Lost 320,000 Manufacturing Jobs Since Portman Pushed Through NAFTA COLUMBUS — Ohio Democrats are launching a statewide tour this week highlighting Republican U.S. Senator ‘No-Jobs-Rob’ Portman’s record helping Washington special interests outsource Ohio jobs. Local officials and community members will gather at stops across Ohio to set the record straight in response to the

Meet China’s New Best Friend: Rob Portman

COLUMBUS – Republican Senator Rob Portman isn’t fooling anyone with his newly concocted “tough on China” act. After throwing Ohio workers under the bus last week with his vote to fast track the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, Portman claimed he “fought for a level-playing field” with an amendment to crack down on China’s currency manipulations. What