Ohio’s Unemployment Rate Worse Than National Average

Ohio’s Economy Was Struggling Pre-Coronavirus; Manufacturing Jobs Down 80K+ From One Year Ago COLUMBUS — The newly released state jobs report for last month shows that Ohio’s unemployment rate of 13.7 percent is more than triple the rate from May 2019 and higher than the national average, as tens of thousands of Ohioans are still

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Chooses Trump Administration Over LGBTQ Equality, Loses Bigly

COLUMBUS – In a 6-3 decision with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Neil Gorsuch joining the U.S. Supreme Court’s liberal justices, the court today ruled that federal civil rights laws protect LGBTQ Americans from workplace discrimination — a decision at odds with Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who opposed equality for LGBTQ workers. “Discrimination

Ohio Democratic Party Declares Racism Is A Public Health Crisis, Supports Voting Rights And Safe, Fair And Accessible Election

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party executive committee voted unanimously today to declare racism as a public health crisis and to support voting rights and call for a safe, fair and accessible election this November. “At this critical inflection point in our nation’s history, African Americans are confronting two crises — the coronavirus pandemic and

Ohio Democratic Party Releases New Video: Winning Bigger?

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today released a new video contrasting Donald Trump’s lies and broken promises with the disastrous economic reality in the Buckeye State, where over the last 11 weeks nearly 1.3 million workers have filed for unemployment — that’s more than the last three years combined. “Last year was Ohio’s worst