Sen. Rob Portman Under Fire for Missing 72 Percent of Homeland Security Committee Hearings

“Since September 11th, the Homeland Security Committee has played a vital role keeping our nation safe and preventing another terrorist attack.” – Portman, before missing 72 percent of the Committee’s hearings COLUMBUS — When Sen. Rob Portman became a member of the Homeland Security Committee five years ago, he said the committee is “vital” in

Ohio Service Members Condemn Sen. Portman for Missing 72 Percent of His National Security Hearings

COLUMBUS — In response to a new report revealing that Sen. Rob Portman missed an alarming 72 percent of his Homeland Security Committee hearings during his time in the Senate, Ohio service members and veterans are condemning Portman for his failure to prioritize Ohioans and America’s national security. State Rep. and former Congressman John Boccieri

Rob Portman’s Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Week

COLUMBUS — Sen. Rob Portman’s congressional recess in Ohio is off to a terrible start. He’s faced blistering criticism from protesters and editorial boards for refusing to consider the Supreme Court nominee and damaging revelations of hypocrisy about his past statement that it is a “solemn responsibility” for the Senate to consider judicial nominees. And

“Do Your Job, Rob” Phone Bank Alerts Ohioans to Sen. Rob Portman’s Supreme Court Obstruction

COLUMBUS — Continuing Sen. Rob Portman’s week of accountability, the Ohio Democratic Party today held a “Do Your Job, Rob” phone bank, alerting Ohioans about Portman’s continued failure to uphold his constitutional responsibilities by refusing to consider the Supreme Court nominee. Volunteers made more than 450 calls during the phone bank, asking Ohioans to call

Toledo Blade: Portman Said Confirming Judges A “‘Solemn Responsibility’ Of The U.S. Senate”

New Report Highlights Portman’s Hypocrisy in Refusing to Consider SCOTUS Nominee COLUMBUS — A new report from the Toledo Blade reveals the breathtaking hypocrisy of Sen. Rob Portman’s recent refusal to even consider the new Supreme Court nominee — uncovering video footage of Sen. Portman previously stating “confirming judges is ‘a solemn responsibility’ of the U.S.