Ohio Convention Delegation Unanimously Approves Committee Slots, Delegation Chair for 2016 Convention

COLUMBUS ⎯⎯ More than 125 Ohio Democratic National Convention delegates, representing the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns, today unanimously approved several key steps on the path to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer. Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper was unanimously elected to serve as chair of the Ohio delegation to the

Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Restoration of “Golden Week” in Ohio

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper in response to Judge Michael Watson’s judgment and final order released today restoring “Golden Week” for Ohio voters, in a case brought by the ODP, Cuyahoga County Democratic Party and Montgomery County Democratic Party. Judge Watson found that eliminating “Golden

Portman’s Disastrous Trade Record That Cost Ohio Jobs

As Portman Testifies At ITC, A Reminder That He’s The Best Senator China’s Ever Had COLUMBUS — With Sen. Rob Portman testifying before the International Trade Commission (ITC) today, here’s a reminder of Portman’s decades-long record of supporting unfair trade policies that have shipped hundreds of thousands of Ohio jobs to places like China. “Today,

SHOT/CHASER: Portman’s ‘Lousy’ Auto Rescue Lie

SHOT: May 22, 2016: Portman Claimed He Supported The Auto Rescue: “‘I supported the bailout. We needed to have a bailout,’ he said.” [Toledo Blade, 5/22/16] CHASER: May 27, 2011: Portman Opposed The Auto Rescue: “Portman assailed it as a ‘lousy deal for Ohio’…” [Columbus Dispatch, 5/27/11] See also: “‘Portman’s position was and remains still,

ICYMI: NYT Highlights Failures Of E-Charter School

Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow Founder Contributed Nearly $150K to Republican Lawmakers in 2015 COLUMBUS — The New York Times today highlights how the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, an e-charter school with more than 17,000 students statewide, is failing Ohio’s kids, while enriching the school’s founder, William Lager, with millions in state dollars. What the story

Ohio Elected Officials Recognize “National Infrastructure Week,” Call For Increased Investments To Create Jobs

MONROE — Monroe Vice Mayor Suzi Rubin, Middletown Vice Mayor Dora Bronston and Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper were at the Southwest Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters in Butler County, Ohio, to recognize “National Infrastructure Week” and call for increased investments in repairing roads, bridges and water infrastructure to create jobs across Ohio. “Labor