Ohio Women Call on Portman to Take Action on Equal Pay

Portman Puts Washington First, Not Working Women And Families OHIO — With the holidays right around the corner, Ohio women are today holding events in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo to call on Sen. Rob Portman to take action on equal pay legislation. “In Ohio, women earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men,”

Experienced Judges File For Open Ohio Supreme Court Seats

COLUMBUS — Two well-respected Democratic jurists with decades of judicial experience — Appellate Court Judge Cynthia Rice of Warren and Common Pleas Court Judge John P. O’Donnell of Cleveland — today filed to run for two open seats on the Ohio Supreme Court. “In recent years, we’ve seen the Court uphold the most gerrymandered map

Ohio Democratic Women Respond to New Attacks On Women’s Health Care in Ohio

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus today released the following statement from Chair Kathy DiCristofaro amid new incendiary and unfounded attacks by Ohio Republicans against access to women’s health care in Ohio. “In the past five years, Ohio Republicans have waged one attack after another against Planned Parenthood and the important work it does serving

SHOT/CHASER: Portman’s College Debt Story Doesn’t Add Up

SHOT: Sen. Rob Portman Claims He Addressed College Debt in Ohio. Over the weekend, Rob Portman delivered a commencement address to new graduates from Youngstown State University and said he’s “trying” to help students with their college loans. “There are some student loan programs that can help,” he said. [WKBN, 12/13/15] CHASER: Portman Voted For

VIDEO: Portman Says ISIS “Helps the Republican Party”

COLUMBUS — During an appearance last night on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” Sen. Rob Portman once again demonstrated how terribly out of touch his Washington politics are with Ohio’s values — stating that the rise of ISIS helps his Republican Party politically. Portman’s comments come roughly one week after the ISIS-inspired shootings in San

PEPPER OP-ED: “One Person, One Vote” Threatened By U.S. Supreme Court Case

Op-ed from Chairman David Pepper in Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dec. 9. 2015 This past November, Ohio voters struck a blow against partisan gerrymandering and overwhelmingly approved legislative redistricting reform. One month later, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case that could upend the legislative redistricting process all across the country, throwing maps into doubt

Ohio Democratic Party Statement on “One Person, One Vote” Case

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper on the Evenwel v. Abbott redistricting case, which is being heard before the U.S. Supreme Court today: “Last month Ohio voters made a strong statement against partisan gerrymandering and overwhelmingly approved legislative redistricting reform. Today the U.S. Supreme Court is considering