Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Portman’s National Stop-and-Frisk Bill

COLUMBUS — After Sen. Rob Portman’s introduction of a national stop-and-frisk bill was brought to light during yesterday’s U.S. Senate debate, Ohio Democratic Party Executive Director Greg Beswick issued the following statement. “Stop-and-frisk is a discredited policy that has resulted in the discriminatory targeting of African Americans with terrible consequences – but Senator Portman wanted

Despite Years Of Using Fear Of Fraud To Justify Restrictions, Husted Finally Admits It Does Not Exist

COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted this week took his party’s standard-bearer, Donald Trump, to task for his “irresponsible” comments about voter fraud — but Husted has consistently hyped the specter of voter fraud, in the attempt to defend policies that make it harder for Ohioans to vote. Yesterday a federal court ordered

The Trade Record Rob Portman Can’t Defend

COLUMBUS — Ted Strickland won his first debate with Sen. Rob Portman —  hammering Portman on his decades-long record of championing unfair trade policies that have cost Ohio over 300,000 jobs to places like China and Mexico. And now, a new video reveals that Portman also championed granting Vladimir Putin’s Russia special trade status. “If

Ohio Democratic Party Statements on Strickland Debate Victory in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN — Following today’s debate between Ted Strickland and Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper and Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman David Betras issued the following statements. From Pepper: “At today’s debate, Ted distinguished himself as the only candidate in this race who will stand up for Ohio’s working families in the

Portman’s Trump Fallout

COLUMBUS — In the hours and days following Sen. Rob Portman’s desperate attempt to save his own political hide by flip-flopping on Donald Trump, Portman is facing increasing backlash from Democrats and Republicans alike. See for yourself: Trump Campaign: CNN reported that the Trump campaign says voters should punish Republicans like Rob Portman. “His national