Broken Promise: Trump Said He’d Crack Down On China, But He Didn’t

COLUMBUS — Donald Trump told Ohioans he would crack down on China’s unfair currency manipulation that is jeopardizing good paying jobs in our state, but this week the Associated Press reported this — Trump chose “not [to] brand China as currency manipulator” — for the fifth time since taking office. See for yourself:

“The Trump administration has again decided not to label China […] as a currency manipulator.”

Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis issued the following statement:

“President Trump broke his promise to hardworking Ohio families: he told us he’d crack down on China’s currency manipulation, which is hurting our working families and jeopardizing our state’s economy — but when it was time to get tough, he failed. His weak, dishonest and self-serving politics are exactly why Ohioans are so fed up with Trump and why they’re hungry for new leadership that will fight to keep and grow good paying jobs in our state.”

Here’s what Trump told Ohioans in 2016 about how he’d crack down on China’s currency manipulation:

TRUMP: “I’m going to instruct my treasury secretary who will be a very good one, I already have an idea who it’s going to be, to label China a currency manipulator. Now, I’ve been saying this for years. Everybody knows that’s what they’re doing.” [Trump Campaign Speech, St. Clairsville OH, 6/28/16]

TRUMP: “We will also stand up to the Chinese currency manipulation, of which they are grand masters.”  [Trump Campaign Rally, Geneva OH, 10/27/16]

TRUMP: “We’re going to stop currency manipulation because that’s cheating and our companies cannot compete with that.” [Trump Campaign Speech, Cleveland OH, 10/22/16]