Brinkman Doubles Down On Attack Against Dennard

Brinkman’s Right-Wing Group Tweeted That Dennard Was Being “Hunted”

CINCINNATIState Rep. Tom Brinkman is doubling down on an attack against Cincinnati Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard sent by a right-wing group he founded, the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST), which stated on Twitter that Dennard is being “hunted.”

“Tom Brinkman has a long history of pursuing hateful and dangerous policies, and his defense of COAST’s outrageous rhetoric is just the latest example of his radical extremism,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “In this current climate, when right-wing hate speech has already spawned violence, Brinkman’s comments are reckless, and much like our president, he emboldens those who seek to do more violence.”

Brinkman defended COAST’s use of the term “hunted,” saying, “I don’t know what other word you use.”

Brinkman also called Dennard “the woman.”

In 2002, Brinkman earned the sobriquet “Kamikaze Tom” for his refusal to support Republican Gov. Bob Taft in his re-election after he selected an African-American woman, Jennette Bradley, as his running mate.

“It’s very clear that Representative Brinkman doesn’t respect Councilwoman Dennard, but he needs to realize that this sort of disgusting rhetoric puts public servants’ lives at risk,” said Pepper. “Brinkman needs to apologize and call on COAST to pull down such vitriolic communications before they motivate unstable people to act on their reckless rhetoric.”