Bill Lager Finally Speaks!

Ohio Dems Release New Video on ECOT’s “Ghost Student” Scam

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today released a new digital ad featuring Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow founder Bill Lager, who shares the unlikely — but well-documented — story of how he went from the Waffle House to Key West and made millions from Ohio taxpayers, while funneling big campaign checks to Ohio Republicans.

“The story of how the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow cheated Ohio taxpayers and kids has been told — but it hasn’t been told by Bill Lager… until now,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “It’s a tale of how ECOT got paid millions for ‘ghost students’ and how the Ohio GOP ticket took Bill’s campaign contributions and then failed to crack down on ECOT. As Bill says in the video — if Lager and his political buddies can get away with the ECOT scam, they can get away with anything.”