Asked Eight Times, Sen. Rob Portman Still Backing Trump

COLUMBUS — On the same day that several Ohio Republicans are denouncing Donald Trump and refusing to support him if he is the nominee, today on a press conference call Sen. Rob Portman was asked eight times whether he still would support Trump if he is the nominee — and Sen. Portman refused to back away from his support for the Republican frontrunner.

“Even as Donald Trump comes under fire for racist, sexist and anti-veteran comments, Senator Portman is continuing to support him — showing once again how out-of-touch Senator Portman has become with Ohio’s values,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Daniel van Hoogstraten. “More and more Republicans across Ohio are showing some dignity and common sense by refusing to support Trump, yet Portman has proved he’s completely incapable of dropping his blind allegiance to the Republican frontrunner. In fact, not even Trump’s refusal to immediately denounce the Ku Klux Klan could sway Rob Portman’s commitment to support him. It’s all more proof that Senator Portman puts his own political interests first, even at the expense of what’s right for Ohio.”

Here’s a recap of Portman’s brutal press conference call, as tweeted by Dave Skolnick of the Youngstown Vindicator:

Skolnick Tweets (1).png

This is hardly the first time Portman has voiced his support for Trump if he is the Republican nominee. He’s said that Trump had a “compelling” campaign message and that Trump was qualified to be President. See for yourself:

  • August 2015: Portman: Trump Qualified To Be President. “When asked if Trump was qualified to be president, Portman said, ‘Yeah, he’s got a great business background, been very successful. Just ask him.’” [Youngstown Vindicator, 8/21/15]

  • September 2015: Portman On Whether He Would Support Trump’s Nomination For President If He Won The Primary: “I Intend To.” [The Hill, 9/14/15]

  • Columbus Dispatch Headline: “Sen. Portman Says He Would Support Trump As GOP Nominee.” [Columbus Dispatch, 9/14/15]

  • September 2015: Portman Said Trump’s Message Was “Very Compelling.”  [YouTube, American Bridge 21st Century, Uploaded 12/17/15] (AUDIO)

  • December 2015: Portman On Trump: “I Intend To Support The Republican Nominee.” “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has insulted immigrants, Muslims, women and party insiders, but GOP county leaders in Ohio still say he’s better than the likely alternative: Democrat Hillary Clinton. […] ’I intend to support the Republican nominee, but we’re a long way away from the election and a lot can happen between now and the Iowa caucuses,’ Portman said. ‘I don’t think Trump will be our nominee.’” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 12/8/15]

  • January 2016: Portman Said He Intends To “Support The Republican Nominee.” [YouTube, Ohio Democratic Party, Uploaded 1/18/16; WKYC, 1/16/16]

  • January 2016: Portman On President Trump: “It’s Gonna Be Great!” [YouTube, Ohio Democratic Party, Uploaded 2/3/16; YouTube, Vail Global Energy Forum, Uploaded 1/30/16]