As Trump Comes to Ohio for a Photo Op and Fundraiser, Ohio Dems Call Out His Broken Promises

CLEVELAND — Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit today to the Buckeye State, the Ohio Democratic Party held a virtual roundtable with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Cleveland City Councilman Blaine Griffin and United Steelworkers Local 979 President Dan Boone to highlight the president’s failed policies and broken promises to working Ohioans.

From Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur:

Donald Trump kicked off his 2020 campaign in my hometown of Toledo back in January. He came, and he left. And he gave us nothing.”

“He’s coming for the press to cover him for a photo op … he’s going to deal with his wealthy friends that he rewarded so highly in the tax bill that has harmed the middle class in our country. Now, here’s a few things that he’s not doing. He’s not putting America first, and he’s certainly not helping Ohio.”

“This is a serious time for Ohio. I support Joe Biden so strongly because he has the experience and the good measure to help lead our country forward domestically and internationally.”

From Cleveland City Councilman Blaine Griffin:

“We’re dealing with two pandemics right now. We’re dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19 and also the pandemic of racism that has been age-old. That’s why we’ve seen so much tension, that’s why we’re seeing the wave of disruption that we’re seeing across the nation.

“Because quite frankly, there’s been no leadership coming from the White House, no accountability, and quite frankly, I would tell you that this year, we don’t just need to focus on his moral depravity and his immoral behavior. We need to focus more on trying to make sure we connect with workers and everyday people.”

From United Steelworkers Local 979 President Dan Boone:

“The president promised to do this big infrastructure package. It would revitalize the steel industry, and we’re gonna make it in America, and we’re still waiting for that to happen.”


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