As the RNC Ignores Trump’s Coronavirus Failures, Ohio Dems Focus on Health Care in Crisis

CINCINNATI — The Ohio Democratic Party held a virtual roundtable today with Dr. Arthur Lavin of Doctors Organized for Health Care Solutions, Dr. Beth Weinstock of the Physicians Action Network and Colleen Bowman, the mother of a childhood cancer survivor, to discuss America’s health care crisis under President Donald Trump.

From Chairman David Pepper:

“You wouldn’t know it from the last couple nights, but Donald Trump has clearly, tragically, unnecessarily failed to contain COVID-19 because he didn’t listen to experts, he didn’t take it seriously and he didn’t have a plan. And if that wasn’t bad enough, now and still he wants to repeal health care for millions, including protections for people with pre-existing conditions, during a pandemic.”

From Colleen Bowman:

“… I also think the messaging out of the Republican Party gets very confusing because when [Donald Trump] says, ‘I’m going to protect pre-existing conditions’ or ‘I’m going to sign an executive order protecting pre-existing conditions,’ there’s a large population of people who thinks, OK well then that means that’s protecting pre-existing conditions, not understanding that if the [Affordable Care Act] falls, there is no protection there because there isn’t a plan. And it becomes a very confusing issue for people who don’t understand health care policy.”

From Dr. Arthur Lavin:

“Think about this fact. The last pandemic that we experienced was much less deadly, it was the flu pandemic, swine flu pandemic, H1N1 of 2009. Under Obama and Biden, at the end of that pandemic, the United States had 57 times less death rate than the rest of the world. We were the top-performing country on the planet just 11 years ago. And how many people today know someone who got Ebola in the United States? That’s because Joe Biden stopped the pandemic from spreading. Those are facts. So we know that Joe Biden knows how to stop pandemics. He led the world with Obama on the last one, stopped the pandemic from spreading here, for Ebola. And if he’s elected he can stop this pandemic in its tracks in six weeks.”

From Dr. Beth Weinstock:

“Once a leader sows doubt, you know, once a leader puts a wacky, unproven therapy out there, that leader has sown doubt in all leaders. And so then if somebody is speaking from reason and logic and intelligence and data and says ‘no, no, no, don’t do that, here’s the right thing to do,’ then I think that I’m seeing a lot of my patients doubt the whole thing. Because they’re hearing two messages. And I haven’t had any patients incorrectly or dangerously take hydroxychloroquine, but I have had patients say things like, ‘No one knows what the right thing is to do. And they’re all saying different things.’ And then I say, ‘No, no people are saying the right thing to do — you need to wear a mask.’ But because of this mixed messaging — and irresponsible messaging — people are then choosing to not pay attention to any of it.”