As Payday Lending Industry Is At Center Of Rosenberger Scandal, Payday Lender Bill Is Moving In Ohio House

Ohio Democratic Party Calls for House Speaker to Step Down Immediately

COLUMBUSThe payday lending industry is at the center of the allegations facing the Republican Speaker of the Ohio House, Cliff Rosenberger, who last night pledged to resign on May 1 — but that isn’t stopping House Republicans from pushing a payday lender bill through committee today.

“As the cloud of corruption over Columbus continues to thicken, the Republican Statehouse gang keeps chugging along with an agenda dictated by lobbyists and special interests,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “A trip that is at the center of a reported FBI investigation into Cliff Rosenberger may have been funded by the payday lending industry — but Republican lawmakers are still moving forward with a payday lender bill in the remaining days before Rosenberger exits the House. There is absolutely no reason to rush through a bill that could benefit the industry at the heart of the Rosenberger scandal, and it’s downright shameful that the bill is even being considered, let alone being voted on.

“To avoid further tainting any of the House’s work amid the investigation, the Speaker should resign immediately, not string things out any longer.”