Ahead of VP Debate, Black Ohioans Call Out Trump/Pence Failures on Health Care and Coronavirus

COLUMBUS — Ahead of tonight’s vice presidential debate, the Ohio Democratic Party conducted a virtual roundtable with Ohio Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Rhine McLin, Ohio Legislative Black Caucus President Stephanie Howse and Cincinnati mother Antroinette Worsham to call out the Trump administration’s failures on health care and the coronavirus crisis, which have disproportionately impacted the African-American community.

From Vice Chair Rhine McLin:

“We know that [Joe] Biden was with President Obama every step of the way for the Affordable Care Act … Even in the midst of this still worsening pandemic, Donald Trump and the Republicans are suing to overturn and do away with the Affordable Care Act. You can’t get any more irresponsible than that.”

From state Rep. Stephanie Howse:

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a different vision for America that is focused on listening to science and working in partnership and not having this adversarial relationship with people who are partners that can help us solve and close this health disparity gap that we are seeing across America, but especially in our Black community. We can’t afford three more months, let alone four more years of Donald Trump. His incompetence is playing out, and it has led to deadly consequences. Right now, we need a president who has the experience, the vision and a backbone to do what is necessary, to do what is right by all people and really helping to lift African Americans and Black folks who have truly been devastated. I am really encouraged, I am excited to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and I hope that there are other Ohioans who will join with me.”

From Antroinette Worsham, when asked about Donald Trump’s comments at the presidential debate, claiming insulin is “so cheap it’s like water”:

“Oh my god. You know, Trump, he impacted the diabetes community when he said that. We know that insulin is not cheap as water. More and more Americans are dying because they cannot afford their insulin. It’s not just in the Black community, it’s not just in the white community, it’s not just in the Latino community, it’s not just in the Hispanic community. Insulin is very expensive in America.”