Ahead of Pence’s Photo Op, Ohio Dems Slam Trump’s Broken Promises

Ahead of Mike Pence’s appearance in Zanesville today, Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper released the following statement:

“Today’s photo op would be laughable if it weren’t so insulting to the millions of working Ohioans who have been left behind by Donald Trump’s nearly four years of broken promises. Mike Pence can’t spin the reality — Trump promised to bring jobs back to Ohio, failed to deliver, then used his bully pulpit to undermine even more Ohioans’ livelihoods. He promised that the coronavirus was ‘totally under control,’ then allowed the virus to spread while lying about the dangers facing the American people.

“Ohioans don’t need Mike Pence parachuting into Zanesville. We need a president who’s prepared to lead us out of this crisis and build us back better. That leader is Joe Biden, and this November, Ohioans are sending him to the White House.”


Promise: “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. We have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” [CNBC Interview, Jan. 22, 2020]

Promise: “We are marshalling the full power of the federal government and the private sector to protect the American people.” [Oval Office Address, March 11, 2020]

Promise: “Those jobs have left Ohio. They’re all coming back. They’re all coming back. Don’t move. Don’t sell your house. Don’t sell your house.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Youngstown, July 25, 2017]

Promise: ““Many plants are being built right now — auto plants — in Michigan, just like I said. They’re being built in Ohio, they’re being built in South Carolina, North Carolina, they’re being built all over and expanded at a level that we’ve never seen before.” [White House Press Conference, Sept. 7, 2020]

Promise: “We’re going to take care of our farmers. Our farmers are great American patriots.” [Ohio Republican Party State Dinner, Columbus, Aug. 24, 2018]