Ahead of Pence Visit, Joyce Beatty and Ohio Doctors Slam Trump’s Failed COVID-19 Response

COLUMBUS — Ahead of Mike Pence’s arrival in Columbus today, the Ohio Democratic Party hosted a virtual news conference with Congresswoman Joyce Beatty and Ohio doctors to discuss Donald Trump’s incompetent, failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Congresswoman Joyce Beatty:

“We don’t need more campaign rallies. We don’t need more photo ops. We need a plan. Donald Trump and Mike Pence don’t have one. Let me say that again: Donald Trump and Mike Pence don’t have a plan. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a plan to deliver an urgent, robust and professional response to the pandemic — from protecting frontline workers to eliminating cost barriers for preventing and treating COVID-19. We need real leaders in the White House, and in 22 days, we will elect those leaders — Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

From Dr. Arthur Lavin:

“Let’s go back just a few years to 2009 when we had our last pandemic, when Joe Biden helped lead, with President Obama, a response to a pandemic then. At the end of that pandemic, my friends, the United States led the world with the lowest death rate. We had a 52-times lower death rate from the swine flu pandemic when Joe Biden helped lead the response to the pandemic.

“So, when we say Joe Biden has a plan, we’re not just saying, ‘he has good thoughts.’ He fought through a pandemic, he led the fight against a pandemic, and he won.”

From Dr. Anita Somani:

“If we overturn the [Affordable Care Act] here in Ohio, health coverage would be impacted for 740,000 folks, with as many as 5 million Ohioans who have pre-existing conditions being affected.”



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