After Reports Of Improper Voter Purges, Ohio Dems Call For Statewide, Independent Audit

COLUMBUS — Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper called Thursday for an immediate halt to the Secretary of State’s purging of Ohio voters and an independent statewide audit following reports that 1,251 Ohio voters were either wrongly purged from the rolls or wrongly sent last-chance notices.

“We all heard Frank LaRose say he was going to fix this broken process. These troubling reports, that voters were wrongly purged from the rolls in different parts of the state, show that the time to fix it is now,” said Pepper. “A recent court case revealed that Ohio’s election laws are enforced differently depending on the county, and this new report shows that errors continue to occur, in both ‘red’ and ‘blue’ counties.

“We need an outside entity to conduct a full audit and accounting of each county’s voter purging procedures going back to the purging under Jon Husted. Until we know the real extent of these errors and improper voter purges, and we can ensure that voters are treated the same in every county, it is incumbent on LaRose to stop the purging process. Just one voter wrongly purged is one too many. Every Ohio voter should be able to rest assured that their registrations are secure and that their right to vote is not being trampled and taken away.”