Dave Yost Hangs With Donors, Lobbyists In Palm Beach

Republican Attorneys General Association Holds “Secret Weekend Event At Mar-a-Lago” COLUMBUS — Dave Yost isn’t wasting any time making nice with corporate lobbyists and big-money political donors since he spent last weekend in Palm Beach, Fla., at a Republican Attorneys General Association retreat, which included dinner at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. “Dave Yost has a

California Cash: Josh Mandel Hiding From Questions On Moore’s Alleged Pedophilia With Big West Coast Donors

With the number of prominent Republicans calling on alleged pedophile Roy Moore to end his senate campaign rapidly climbing, Josh Mandel’s refusal to even comment has been striking. Instead, he’s jetted offto California to hide from questions on Moore and raise money from big West Coast donors (again). Mandel can run as far from Ohio

SHOT/CHASER: DeWine Hypocrisy on Harassment

SHOT: Columbus Dispatch: “DeWine says politicians behaving badly are “disgusting and sickening” (Nov. 15, 2017) “These things should shock people and anger people,” DeWine said in an interview on Wednesday following a campaign appearance. “It shouldn’t take (sexual harassment) training to do the right thing. “It erodes the public confidence in government … For an elected

Politico: ‘Roy Moore’s Political Blast Radius Is Expanding Rapidly, Encompassing GOP Candidates’ Like Josh Mandel

Republicans across the nation are trying desperately to outrun “Roy Moore’s political blast radius,” but his alleged pedophilia is “pouring gasoline on the intense” intra-party battle already engulfing the GOP. Here in Ohio, Josh Mandel has been taken to task “for refusing to take sides on whether Moore should drop out of the race. ‘You

Columbus Dispatch: Mandel Faith Adviser Defends Roy Moore

As the list of Republicans calling for alleged pedophile Roy Moore to end his senate campaign grows longer and longer, Josh Mandel has refused to comment. But a prominent member of the Mandel campaign’s “Faith Outreach Team” is making his position very clear — by launching disgusting attacks on the women who’ve bravely spoken on

Mandel on Moore

Almost every GOP politician spoke out against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s despicable actions in light of recent stories that he pursued inappropriate relationships with teenagers several decades ago. Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called on Moore to step aside. Here’s a short list of Republicans who have called on Moore to step

‘Wedge Issue,’ ‘Declining To State A Position’ — What Ohioans Are Watching And Reading About Josh Mandel’s Decision Not To Condemn Alleged Pedophile Roy Moore

Following a bombshell report that Alabama Senate candidate and Josh Mandel’s would-be colleague Roy Moore allegedly engaged in “sexual misconduct with minors,” the Associated Press reached out for comment from Josh. In a brazen act of political cravenness, here’s how Josh tried to play it: “After repeated calls and text messages, Mandel’s campaign spokeswoman said,

ICYMI: Ohio Dems Tout Local Wins

In case you missed it… This week Ohio Democrats charted wins in local elections across the state, with candidates focused on the issues that their communities care about, as Ohio Republicans continue to emulate Donald Trump with an extreme, hyper-partisan agenda. READ MORE… Ohio Public Radio: “We have candidates who have compelling stories,” Pepper said.