Ohio Democratic Party is proud to present the following Democratic candidates and we’re excited about the strong candidates we have running. We’re confident we have a strong, diverse ticket coming out of the primary elections that will show voters we’re on their side and lead us to victory in November.

2022 Candidates:

For U.S. Senate
Rep. Tim Ryan  | 

For Governor
Nan Whaley |

For Lt. Governor
Cheryl Stephens |

For Ohio Supreme Court
Justice Jennifer Brunner  | 
Judge Marilyn Zayas  | 
Judge Terri Jamison  | 

For Secretary of State
Chelsea Clark  |  

For Ohio Attorney General
Jeff Crossman  | 

For State Auditor
Taylor Sappington  | 

For State Treasurer
Scott Schertzer  | 

Congressional Candidates
District 1:
Greg Landsman

District 2:
Samantha Meadows  |  

District 3:
Joyce Beatty 

District 4:
Tamie Wilson  | 

District 5:
Craig Swartz 

District 6:
Louis Lyras 

District 7:
Matthew Diemer  |  

District 8:
Vanessa Enoch  |   

District 9:
Marcy Kaptur 

District 11:
Shontel Brown  | 

District 13:
Emilia Sykes  | 

District 14: 
Matthew Kilboy  |