By authority of the Ohio Democratic Party State Executive Committee, I, David Pepper Chairman, hereby call the 2016 State Convention of the Ohio Democratic Party to meet in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday, September 24th at the King Arts Complex, 867 Mt Vernon Ave, Columbus, OH 43203. There will be a lunch at noon followed by the Convention which will start promptly at 1:00pm.

Section 1 – Distribution of Delegates

The distribution of delegates to the 2016 Ohio Democratic Party State Convention shall be in accordance with the following:

1).The following people are delegates, ex-officio:

  1. Sherrod Brown, Senator;
  2. Candidates for election to the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives;
  3. Candidates for election to the Ohio General Assembly;
  4. Incumbents to any of the offices in subparagraphs b & c above who do not stand for election this year;
  5. Members of the State Central and Executive Committee;
  6. The Chairpersons of the county central and executive committees;
  7. Five hundred (500) delegates to be apportioned by the State Executive Committee.

2). Those persons who meet the requirements of subparagraphs “a” through “f” above are hereby made delegates to the 2016 Ohio Democratic Party State Convention and notice will be sent as soon as the respective names and addresses are received.

3). The 500 delegates relating to subparagraph (g) above are apportioned as follows:

  1. Each county of Ohio shall receive one delegate.
  2. Each county of Ohio shall receive such additional delegates as determined by distributing 412 delegates among the counties based upon the Democratic vote for governor in the November 2014 general election.
  3. Each county shall provide for equal division of delegates between men and women plus or minus one.

4). Delegate Distribution (download the PDF for full delegate distribution).

Section 2 – Selection of County Delegations

County Parties shall select delegates in a manner of their own choosing, but should be guided by the Ohio Democratic Party Constitution and Bylaws and the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the United States.

Section 3 — Registration Fee

Notice is hereby given that twenty dollars ($20) has been established as a registration fee for delegates to the Ohio Democratic State Convention.

Section 4 — Agenda

The agenda for the Convention shall be set by the Chair of the State Executive Committee and distributed to delegates at the Convention.

Section 5 — Amendments to ODP Constitution

All proposed Amendments to the ODP Constitution must be submitted to Bill DeMora, Secretary of the Party 10 days before the Convention, September 14th. They may be submitted via email to bdemora [at] or mailed to Bill at ODP, 340 E. Fulton St, Columbus, OH 43215.

(Download the PDF)