VIDEO: Josh Mandel’s Facebook Cronies

After Waging Furious Campaign Against Cronyism, Josh Mandel Gave “High-Ranking Jobs” To Political Cronies, Then Sent Top Aide To “Beginner’s Course In The Subject He Was Overseeing”

Despite Seven Public Records Requests Spanning 12 Months, Mandel Still Won’t Disclose Resumes Of Treasurer’s Office Hires

COLUMBUS, OHIO – After campaigning furiously against cronyism during his Treasurer campaign and promising to behave differently, Josh Mandel gave “high-ranking jobs” to political cronies, then sent a top aide to a remedial course on the very subject he was in charge of.

In this new video released by the Ohio Democratic Party, watch Mandel’s political cronies celebrate their outrageous promotions and massive raises with Josh, himself… on Facebook.

Click Below To Watch The Video.

“After campaigning furiously against cronyism during his last campaign and promising to change course, Josh Mandel broke his pledge to Ohioans and awarded top jobs and massive taxpayer funded raises to political cronies, many who lacked the basic qualifications to do their jobs,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “That Josh Mandel surrounded himself with political cronies after repeatedly slamming his predecessor for alleged cronyism is the clearest indication yet that he’s not doing his job on behalf of taxpayers and cannot be trusted.”


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