TODAY: While Josh Mandel Reels From Cronyism Scandal, Will He Once More Refuse To File His Personal Financial Disclosure?

Busy Being Treasurer Campaigning For Higher Office, Mandel Filed His 2010 PFD Almost Six Months Past Deadline

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Tomorrow will present Josh Mandel with a once-in-a-year opportunity to take a break from refusing to say if he hired 34 staffers at taxpayer expense without ever reviewing their resumes and qualifications to file his Personal Financial Disclosure Statement (PFD). A PFD is a presumably simple form to file on time (especially for someone like a Treasurer who should be good with numbers), but it took Josh Mandel 6 months past the legally required deadline to finally complete his for 2010.

Mandel’s 2010 PFD was due on May 15, 2011. But Josh was busy gallivanting across the country and abroad to raise money for his Senate campaign, leaving his political cronies and friends to run the Treasurer’s office while he blew off Board of Deposit meetings. As a result, Josh found himself unable to file his PFD until November 2011, nearly six months past the FEC’s deadline.

With ample time to prepare, Ohioans expect that this year will be different.

So Josh, if you’re reading this, unless you’re too consumed with reading (for the first time) the American Jobs Act or the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization you refused to support, consider this a formal invitation from ODP – It’s That Time Again, File Your PFD.

“For nearly a half year Josh Mandel thumbed his nose at Ohio taxpayers, arrogantly refusing to file his Personal Financial Disclosure report while blowing off billion-dollar investment meetings to throw lavish fundraisers and hire political cronies and friends in the Treasurer’s office,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “As he continues reeling from the cronyism scandal of his own making, Ohioans expect for Josh Mandel to at least pretend he thinks the rules apply to him by filing his Personal Financial Disclosure report on time.”


Candidates Must File Within 30 Days Of Candidacy Or By May 15th, Whichever Is Later.  According to the instructions for the Personal Financial Disclosure Reports, reports must be filed “Within 30 days after becoming a candidate for nomination or election to the office of Member of the United States Senate, or by May 15 of that calendar year, whichever is later, but at least 30 days before the election, and on or before May 15 of each succeeding year an individual continues to be a candidate.” [Senate PFD Instructions, Accessed 6/15/11]

  • Mandel Filed With FEC On April 6, 2011.  According to the FEC, Josh Mandel filed paperwork for his Senate campaign with the FEC on April 6th, 2011.  [FEC, 4/6/11]

Mandel 2010 PFD Was Received On November 8, 2011, Almost Six Months Late.  According to Mandel’s Personal Financial Disclosure Form, Mandel’s 2010 disclosure was received by the Senate Office of Public Records on November 8, 2011, almost six months after it was due.  [Mandel Personal Financial Disclosure Form, 11/8/11]


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