TODAY: Mandel Blows Off Work (Again) To Raise Cash At 3 Different D.C. Events

Last Week Mandel Began Airing Attack Ad Falsely Accusing Sherrod Brown Of Not Showing Up For Work Despite Brown’s 99% Attendance Record In Senate

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Just one week after blowing off work to fundraise in NYC, absentee “Treasurer” Josh Mandel is in Washington, D.C. today to raise cash and hobnob with lobbyists and GOP party bosses. Mandel will be working campaigning hard with three back-to-back events in D.C. today.

This is the same guy currently airing an ad that falsely accuses Sherrod Brown of not showing up for work despite Brown’s 99% attendance record in the Senate. As a result, Ohio’s newspapers called Mandel’s attack “audaciously over the top,” accusing him of continuing to “push the frontier of campaign cynicism.”

Josh Mandel ignoring his job to raise cash out of state certainly isn’t news , but the stunning hypocrisy from Mr. “I can’t go to work cuz I’m raising cash from payday lenders in the Bahamas” is the unique brand of nonsense that only “Treasurer” Mandel can bring you.


8:30 a.m.         Breakfast fundraiser

12:00 p.m.       Fundraising lunch w/ GOP party boss Senator Roy Blunt

4:30 p.m.         Fundraising reception

“Josh Mandel has ignored his job and hired unqualified political cronies and friends to mind the store and the fact that he’s fundraising in D.C. on a workday while running a ridiculously false ad that accuses his opponent of not showing up for work is another reason that he’s nothing more than a politician who can’t be trusted,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker.


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