Kasich Fumbles on Cleveland Sports .. Again

COLUMBUS – Yesterday, Ohio Governor John Kasich, who already has a 35 percent approval rating, took a break from attacking police officers, firefighters, teachers and nurses this morning and weighed in on Cleveland sports history, insulting Cleveland sports fans yet again.

From the Columbus Dispatch this morning:

Kasich was asked this week if his barnstorming tour, and to a larger extent, Building a Better Ohio’s campaign, can spur an upset.

“We never thought (former Cleveland Browns quarterback) Bernie Kosar would bring the Browns back and win that big championship game,” Kasich said.

The Dispatch pointed out that Kasich, who grew up in Pittsburgh, is an avid Steelers fan and that he failed sports history with his erroneous statement on the Browns.

This isn’t the first time Kasich has insulted Cleveland Browns fans publicly. In September, he held an event in the Cleveland-area just hours before the start of the 2011 NFL Draft. Calling himself a “Pittsburgh boy” to groans from the crowd, Kasich responded, “Yeah, yeah, well, when you win a Super Bowl, let me know."

As the Dispatch put it, “At least [Kasich] doesn’t root for [the Miami] Heat."… or does he?

Perhaps. In July 2010, Kasich made national news when he declared that he didn’t mind if LeBron James left Ohio. “I’m not singing in any chorus for LeBron James,” the governor said at the time.

“When it comes to Cleveland sports, John Kasich has fumbled yet again,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Seth Bringman. “If he spent less time attacking Ohio workers and more time cheering for Ohioans, voters might like him a little more.”

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