Kasich Budget a Fairytale, Forgets Small Part About School Slashes, Tax Raises. Paul Ryan Would Love It.

COLUMBUS, OHIO- Tonight, during his primetime speech at the Republican National Convention, Governor John Kasich again repeated his fairytale “Ohio Story” about balancing an “$8 billion dollar structural budget without raising taxes.”

But Ohioans know Kasich’s true story – taking a page from his protégé’ Paul Ryan’s playbook, Kasich slashed more than $1.3 billion from schools and communities, forcing layoffs, school levies, and tax increases across the state. In one instance, a small Ohio community, Uniopolis, even faced disincorporation in part due to Kasich’s cuts.

In response to the harmful Kasich policies that continue to hurt Ohio communities while Governor Kasich keeps telling his self-authored Ohio fairytale, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“Governor Kasich continues to spin his preposterous tales about balancing Ohio’s budget without raising taxes, when in reality he slashed school and community budgets to the bone, forcing layoffs, school levies, and tax increases across the state. If you like Kasich’s policy of balancing budgets on the backs of the working class, you’ll love Paul Ryan’s budget that ends Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher system. Kasich, Romney and Ryan are truly peas in a pod.”


Kasich Budget Slashed Funding For Schools, Communities

Kasich Administration’s Budget Slashed Local Communities, Schools by more than $1.3 billion.  Kasich’s biennial budget cut funding for local communities by about $640 million. Kasich’s budget cut funding for schools by $700 million. [The Columbus Dispatch, 6/30/11]

Kasich’s Budget Hits Local Governments Hard.  Local government leaders are upset over John Kasich’s proposed budget, saying it affects their communities disproportionately.  “For Columbus, the state’s largest city, that would be a hit of about $5 million this year, $15 million in 2012 and $20 million in 2013.”  70 percent of that money goes to public safety.  [The Columbus Dispatch, 3/16/11]

Columbus City Schools To Lose $27.5 Million Under Kasich’s Proposed Budget. Columbus City Schools may need to cut programs and break levy promises due to John Kasich’s budget cuts.  The district will no longer “be reimbursed for the state eliminating taxes on business’ personal property and lowering utilities’ property taxes.”  [The Columbus Dispatch, 3/16/11]
Kasich’s Budget Abandons Ohio School Districts to Fend for Themselves.  John Kasich’s budget will contribute $1.8 billion less to Ohio schools than the previous budget.  In addition, Kasich refuses to use even a small part of the state’s new surplus of $350 million to fill the gap.  [Akron Beacon Journal, 5/9/12]

One Year Later, Many Schools and Communities Are Seeking Levies, Tax Increases, Layoffs

Due to Budget Cuts, Ohio community disbands. Despite already laying off police and maintenance, budget cuts forced Uniopolis to approve disincorporation. [Los Angeles Times, 3/4/12]

Centerville City Schools Lost Almost $7 million Thanks to John Kasich, now facing levy.  John Kasich’s Budget cut nearly $7 million in funding for Centerville City Schools, a district with an ‘Excellent’ rating on its state report card for the last 13 years.  The Centerville School Board decided to place a levy on the ballot in November to cover the budget deficit created by the Kasich Administration.  The district has cut over $10 million in the past three years.  [Dayton Daily News, 6/2/12]

Because of Kasich budget cuts, Vandalia-Butler to eliminate 32 jobs, seek levy.Representatives of the school district noted they were seeking layoffs, and a potential August levy, due to a budget deficit of $18.3 million caused by $10.5 million in Kasich’s state funding cuts and a $7.8 million loss in property taxes.

Monroe School District Forced to Make Up $2.2 Million Deficit with Levy.  Officials with the Monroe School District are attempting to close a $2.2 million deficit with an emergency property tax.  Holly Cahall, Monroe’s Treasurer, said, “We know we can’t count on anything more from the state […].  The state is saying ‘If you want your school, you have to support your school.’ … as long as the current governor is in power, we’ll have to try to do more with less money.”  [Middletown Journal, 5/30/12]

Northwest Local School District Puts Levy on November Ballot.  The Northwest Local School District Board voted unanimously to put a levy before voters this November.  The district cut 51 jobs and $3.2 million from their 11-12 budget, and will cut about 50 full-time positions and $3.44 million in the coming school year.  [The Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/10/12]

Dublin Schools Need Passage of Levy to Stave Off $15 Million in Cuts.  The Dublin School District is trying to garner more funding from residents with an almost $7 million operating levy and an almost $16 million bond issue this fall.  Without passage, administrators project cuts could include the layoff of 150 employees and alterations to various extracurricular programs.  [The Columbus Dispatch, 5/30/12]

Kasich’s budget slashed Sycamore Townships General Revenue Funding by 50%. In a video message, Sycamore Republican Township Trustee Tom Weidman noted that due to Kasich’s budget cuts, the community would lose 50% of its general fund revenue by 2013. [http://www.local12.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=3270521, accessed 6/2/12]

In Response to budget cuts, Sycamore Township Laid Off nearly 100 firefighters. In response to the state budget cuts, Sycamore Township was forced to lay off 70 to 100 part-time, and 14 full-time, firefighters. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/16/12]

Kasich Wants State to Prepare for Next Crisis While Ignoring the Problems Faced by Schools and Local Communities Now.  Kasich insists that the state’s rainy day fund should be replenished with new budget surpluses, despite the fact that schools and communities across Ohio are still suffering from state budget cuts, which resulted in “cutbacks in essential local services, hikes in local property taxes, and layoffs of teachers, police officers, and firefighters.”  [Editorial,The Toledo Blade, 4/29/12]

Centerville City Schools Lost Almost $7 million Thanks to John Kasich.  John Kasich’s Budget cut nearly $7 million in funding for Centerville City Schools, a district with an ‘Excellent’ rating on its state report card for the last 13 years.  The Centerville School Board decided to place a levy on the ballot in November to cover the budget deficit created by the Kasich Administration.  The district has cut over $10 million in the past three years.  [Dayton Daily News, 6/2/12]

State Budget Cuts Force Berea Schools to Cut $5.1 Million, Seek Levy.  Thanks to the Kasich Administration budget cuts, the Berea School District, rated “Excellent” on its state report card, will face a $2.5 million deficit if it fails to pass a levy this November. The district has already cut $5.1 million from their budget. [The Plain Dealer, 2/17/12]

And After Kasich Forced All These School Cuts, Taxes Have Already Gone Up

Groveport-Madison Local Schools, facing state cuts of $1.7 million, put levy on ballot.  Residents in the Groveport-Madison Local School District will vote on whether or not to approve a substitute levy of $7.7 million.  The district is attempting to deal with $1.7 million in cuts from the state government.  [Columbus Messenger, 7/31/12]

Groveport-Madison’s $7.7 million substitute levy passed.  Voters approved a substitute $7.7 million levy for the Groveport-Madison Local School District.  The levy will halt a potential $4.2 million set of cuts for 2013 and 2014.  [The Columbus Dispatch, 8/7/12]

Swanton Local School District put $4.45 renewal levy on ballot.  Voters in the Swanton Local School District will decide whether or not to improve a renewal for a $4.45 million levy.  Superintendent Jeff Schlade emphasized that, in addition to other problems, “state losses have made passing this levy more critical.”  [Toledo Free Press, 8/8/12]

Swanton Local’s $4.45 million renewal levy passed.  Residents in the Swanton Local School District approved a $4.45 million replacement levy.  [The Toledo Blade, 8/7/12]

Bethel Local Schools put renewal levy of $2 million on ballot, replacement levy of $7 million.  Bethel Local Schools residents will vote on a renewal levy of $2 million and a replacement levy of $7 million.  The district has already cut costs in the face of major state budget cuts.  [Troy Daily News, 7/29/12]

Levies for Bethel Local Schools passed.  Voters approved the passage of a both a $2 million renewal levy and a $7 million replacement levy for the Bethel School District.  [Dayton Daily News, 8/7/12]

Lake Local Schools put additional $6.75 million levy on ballot.  Lake Local School District, facing difficulties from state cuts and other issues, will ask voters to approve a $6.75 million operating levy.  [Toledo Free Press, 8/8/12]

Voters in Lake Local School District pass additional $6.75 million levy.  Residents of the Lake Local School District approved an additional $6.75 million levy.  The levy will generate $1.47 million annually.  [Sentinel-Tribune, 8/8/12]

After Facing Governor Kasich’s Budget Axe, Paul Ryan’s Budget Cuts Would Devastate Ohio Further

Nearly 2 million Ohioans could face devastating cuts to Medicare under the Ryan Plan. Today, 1.9 million Ohio residents – or 16 percent of Ohio’s residents – rely on Medicare.  Ohio seniors can’t afford Romney and Ryan’s reckless plans to voucherize Medicare. [Kaiser Family Foundation, accessed 8/11/12]

Paul Ryan’s Budget Could Cost More Than 1 Millions Ohioans Their Health Care Coverage. Because of Ryan’s plans to block grant Medicaid and slash its funding, between 479,000 and 1.15 million people with Medicaid in Ohio could lose their health insurance, including low-income children, seniors in nursing homes, and people with disabilities.  And that is on top of the 773,000 Ohio residents who would be deprived of the opportunity to gain Medicaid coverage under Obamacare. [Kaiser Family Foundation, May2011]

The Ryan Plan would devastate Young Ohioans’ ability to afford a college education. If cuts are made across the board, 356,000 Ohio students will see their college scholarships cut by an average of $830. [CBPP, 2/17/11]


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