FACT CHECK: Kasich Downplays Significance of Auto Rescue Because He Failed to Support It In The First Place

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Today, during an appearance on Meet the Press, Governor Kasich continued to downplay the significance of the auto rescue because he failed to support it in the first place.

Kasich ignored the facts that President Obama and Sherrod Brown’s auto rescue is responsible for helping to protect 850,000 Ohio jobs. In fact, he went so far as to say there are “only 1800 direct auto industry jobs”, in a state where 1 in 8 Ohio jobs are tied to the auto industry.

John Kasich regularly credits his Administration for work made to “retain jobs,” but apparently the rules are different for President Obama and the nearly 850,000 jobs the auto rescue helped to protect.

Watch the video here.


Kasich Failed to Support Auto Rescue the Protected 850,000 Ohio Jobs

·         The rescue of auto industry helped protect 850,000 Ohio Jobs.  Politifact Ohio confirmed that 850,000 jobs are indeed tied to the auto industry in Ohio.  Without the auto rescue, these jobs may have been threatened.  [The Plain Dealer, 3/14/12]

·         1 in 8 Ohio jobs are tied to the auto industry.Politifact Ohio states that based on a report by the independent Center for Automotive Research, nearly 850,000 jobs are tied to the auto industry, which is “roughly 12% of the state’s workforce”. [The Plain Dealer, 3/14/12]

·         As a talk show pundit, Kasich failed to support the auto rescue.  As a guest host on the O’Reilly Factor, talking about the auto rescue, Kasich said, “if they’re not going to be viable, we shouldn’t throw good money after bad.”  [O’Reilly Factor, 12/9/08]

·         On The Stump, Kasich Criticized Auto Rescue Efforts.  Speaking about Americans’ attitude towards politicians at the Lake County Republican Party Convention in August, Kasich said, “So we don’t trust the politicians then we find out there is bunch of them in Washington hatching up these schemes. They’re gonna run an automobile company, they’re gonna tell us which doctor we’re gonna go to.” [Lake County GOP Convention, 8/29/09]

·         Kasich: Government Shouldn’t Run a Car Company.  At a September Tea Party event in West Chester, Kasich said, “What’s happening is there’s a handful of people who’ve taken control of things for too long who are now trying to be in a position to run our lives, that’s what we don’t want. They want to tell us how to run a car company. They want to tell us how to do medical care. They want to – and they’re bankrupting our children.” [West Chester Tea Party, 9/5/09]

·         As recently as May 2012, one of Kasich’s top advisors still expressed opposition to the auto rescue. Doug Preisse is one of Kasich’s top political advisors. In May of 2012, Preisse authored a letter to the editor in the Columbus Dispatch doubling down on Republican opposition to the auto rescue.  [The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/29/12; The Columbus Dispatch, 5/26/12]

While Kasich downplays significance of auto rescue jobs, he takes credit himself for “retained” jobs

Kasich regularly takes credit for “job retention” efforts for which he claims his Administration is responsible. John Kasich and his non-profit JobsOhio took credit for creating and retaining 82,785 jobs in the state of Ohio in 2011. [http://jobs-ohio.com/images/jobsohio_overview.pdf , accessed 6/3/12]

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