Did Kasich Not Get the Message the First Time? ODP Chair Responds to Movement of So-Called “Right to Work” Bill

Just as SB-5 was Defeated, Governor Will Be Held Accountable for GOP Attack On Working Families

COLUMBUS, OHIO – In response to Governor Kasich’s statehouse allies preparing to introduce a so-called “Right to Work” bill that would eliminate freedoms for working families, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“Here we go again. Apparently Governor Kasich has forgotten what happened the last time he and his Republican allies launched a broadside against the rights of Ohio workers. Ohio was paralyzed and our hard-earned economic recovery, which began a year before Kasich took office, stalled.

Just as SB 5 was soundly rejected by Ohio voters, we expect this unnecessary sideshow – which will do nothing to create more good-paying jobs – to fail, and we intend to hold Governor Kasich accountable for choosing to focus on distractions over Ohio’s middle class. If Kasich doesn’t want this attack on working families to move, he should say so immediately.”


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