Cronyism Scandal: 3 Questions Josh Mandel Must Answer About His Yearlong Refusal To Fully Disclose Staff Resumes

Why Won’t Mandel Produce Resumes For 35 Staffers He’s Hired?

Days After Declaring Fact He’s Hiding Resumes “Blatantly False,” Mandel Still Won’t Disclose All Resumes In Latest Response To Seventh Public Records Request

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Last week, amid the cronyism scandal consuming his office and just days after declaring the fact that he is hiding Treasurer’s office personnel files was “blatantly false and simply wrong,” Josh Mandel still refused to disclose 35 staff resumes in his latest response to the Ohio Democratic Party’s seventh public records request.

View a timeline of ODP’s seven public records requests and ‘responses’ from the Treasurer’s office HERE.

  • ODP filed its first of seven public records requests for resumes of Treasurer’s office staffers Mandel hired more than a year ago in April 2011.
  • A staggering eight months after its initial request, ODP received a response – 18 discs of disorganized and unrequested information measuring more than 41,000 pages, including the payment information for every single state employee for 2011, but just 12 of the requested resumes.
  • Days after arrogantly denying his deliberate attempt to hide personnel files, he responded once more, but again failed to disclose 35 of the resumes ODP has repeatedly requested.

In light of his inability or unwillingness to produce resumes for 35 staffers he’s hired at taxpayer expense, Josh Mandel must answer the following questions:

  1. Did Josh Mandel conduct a formal interview process after promising Ohioans he would hire only qualified financial professionals?

  2. Where are the resumes for Seth Metcalf, Michael Lord, Joe Aquilino, Joel Riter and Scott Guthrie, five campaign workers and friends Josh Mandel awarded with top jobs, as reported by the Dayton Daily News?

  3. Why won’t Josh Mandel disclose resumes for 35 staffers? Did he deliberately remove their resumes from last week’s disclosure, or did he offer them jobs without requiring them to formally apply for their positions or submit their resumes?

“Reeling from the cronyism scandal of his own making, Josh Mandel is either deliberately hiding the resumes and qualifications of Treasurer’s office staffers he hired, or worse, he carelessly awarded taxpayer-funded salaries to 35 employees without ever collecting their resumes or conducting formal interviews,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “Until Josh finally discloses the resumes and qualifications for the staffers he’s hired at taxpayer expense, or explains why he cannot produce them, Ohioans are left wondering just how deep cronyism runs in the Treasurer’s office under Mandel, who continues proving he’s just another politician that can’t be trusted.”


After Numerous Public Records Requests Mandel Continued To Withhold Resumes Of Treasury Office Staffers.  In April 2012, The Huffington Post wrote “Days after penning a letter to the editor saying that his office was responding to all records requests from the Ohio Democratic Party, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel (R) is under fire for withholding 60 resumes the party requested.”  The Post continued, “In an April 24 letter responding to the request, Mandel’s general counsel Seth Metcalf, wrote that the office was working on the request. The office sent the resumes of some staffers hired by Mandel, but did not include those of several top aides, including Metcalf. Previous records requests by Democrats were ignored, denied or, in one case, included 12 resumes along with the entire state payroll.” [Huffington Post, 4/27/12]


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