CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Josh Mandel Unbelievably Heads To The Mahoning Valley The Day After Repeatedly Refusing To Support The Auto Rescue In Painful TV Interview


Mandel’s Called For “Meaty, Hearty” Policy Debate, But He STILL Won’t Talk About The Auto Rescue That Helped Protect Nearly 850k Ohio Jobs


COLUMBUS, OHIO – If you’re looking for Josh Mandel, don’t check the Treasurer’s office. He’s in the Mahoning Valley today, minutes from the Lordstown GM Assembly Complex, campaigning for Senate, per usual. But given his painful television interview with WDTN Dayton yesterday, during which he repeatedly refused to answer basic questions about the auto rescue, he shouldn’t expect a warm welcome.


WATCH Josh Mandel repeatedly refuse to support the auto rescue in a painful TV interview with WDTN.


**note: After faking a southern accent in Beallsville, Mandel returns to his original accent.





WDTN [narration]: He blasted those – including Senator Brown and Republicans – who supported the Wall Street bailout, but refused to say what he would have done with General Motors.


MANDEL: I have a vision for taking the Dayton area, taking some of these auto plants, and former, and factories that used to be filled, and filling them back up with Dayton area workers to make pipes and tubes and fittings for new manufacturing jobs here in the Miami Valley.


WDTN: Josh Mandel, I appreciate what you’re saying, but would you have supported the GM bailout?


MANDEL: Again, I will do everything that I can as United States Senator to protect auto jobs-


WDTN: You’re not going to answer my question are you?


MANDEL: -and grow auto jobs, and we’ve talked quite a bit throughout the state of Ohio about all the great plans we have for protecting auto jobs here.


WDTN: You’re not going to answer it are you?


MANDEL: Great seeing you.




“Josh Mandel’s continued refusal to support the auto rescue is an insult to the nearly 850,000 Ohioans who worried their jobs might have been lost had it not been for Sherrod Brown championing the auto rescue in our state, and Mandel owes them an explanation and an apology,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “Josh Mandel’s not interested in any kind of policy debate – he’d rather peddle debunked falsehoods while his secretly-funded special interest friends spend record amounts distorting Sherrod Brown’s record on television to cover up the fact that Mandel’s not on the side of Ohio’s middle class and he’s a politician who can’t be trusted.”



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