ICYMI: Josh Mandel, Outside Groups Blasted For “Ridiculous,” “Inaccurate,” Attacks On Sherrod Brown

With Ohio’s part-time Treasurer struggling to last a week without being forced to address a new legal or ethical violation, Josh Mandel and outside groups are launching numerous false and misleading attacks against Senator Sherrod Brown. But whether the ads echo Josh Mandel’s support for a plan to end Medicare as we know it, or his refusal to sign onto a plan that would lower the deficit by ending massive tax breaks for Big Oil, they all have one thing in common. The attacks are false, misleading and have been blasted by non-partisan, independent fact-check organizations as “ridiculous,” and “inaccurate.”

  • Josh Mandel’s Pants On Fire: Josh Mandel’s desperate attempt to link Sherrod Brown to isolated inappropriate acts by protestors was blasted by PolitiFact Ohio who argued that“no such evidence exists,” and the situation was “quite the opposite, in fact.” Mandel’s claim was so pathetic that Politifact gave him a “PANTS ON FIRE” rating, concluding that Mandel’s “statement is not accurate and also makes a ridiculous claim.”
  • 60 Plus & Pat Boone’s Pants On Fire: In a failed attempt to hide the fact that Josh Mandel supports a plan to end Medicare as we know it, the anti-AARP organization 60 Plus used out of work singer Pat Boone to lie about Sherrod Brown’s record of defending Medicare and falsely claim that health reform would cut Medicare and lead to rationing. Once again, PolitiFact Ohio blasted the claim as “not only inaccurate,” but “ridiculous” and rated it “PANTS ON FIRE.” Factcheck.org ripped Pat Boone for “misleading seniors” and stated that 60 Plus was “still wrong on Medicare.”
  • The U.S. Chamber’s “Problematic” Attack: The secretly funded Chamber falsely claimed that Sen. Sherrod Brown voted to raise taxes, when in reality he voted to end massive tax breaks for only the 5 biggest oil companies who are enjoying billions in profits while Ohioans struggle with prices at the pump. Factcheck.org called the ad “problematic” and accusing Sherrod of voting for higher energy taxes is “debatable, to say the least.” Factcheck.org concluded that if you asked an economist if taxes would go up because of Sherrod’s vote, they would “generally say no.”

While Josh Mandel continues advocating for an end to Medicare as we know it while refusing to stand up for Ohio’s middle class against Big Oil, his out of state friends are running false and misleading ads about Sherrod Brown—regardless of the fact that they’ve been repeatedly disproven by non-partisan fact-checkers. These ads echo what we already know about Josh Mandel’s numerous debunked attacks against Sherrod Brown—Mandel will say, or do anything to get elected, and his well-funded out of state friends will be there every step of the way.

Obama Bucks Do-Nothing GOP, Appoints Richard Cordray as “America’s consumer watchdog”

Plain Dealer Column: Cordray's appointment gives CFPB instant clout: Plain Dealing.
“The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau became a much more powerful agency the minute President Obama appointed Richard Cordray the bureau’s director. Today, in addition to gaining new authority, the bureau gets some added firepower just by virtue of having a chief.” LINK.

Plain Dealer: President Obama Bypasses Congress and puts Richard Cordray in as top consumer finance watchdog.
Obama: "I've said before that I will continue to look for every opportunity to work with Congress to move this country forward. But when Congress refuses to act in a way that hurts our economy and puts people at risk, I have an obligation as President to do what I can without them. I have an obligation to act on behalf of the American people.” LINK.

Columbus Dispatch: Obama names Cordray top consumer watchdog.
“‘Now that I’m director, we will have the full authority to protect the American consumer, and we’re going to do just that,’ Cordray said last night in a telephone interview. ‘We needed a director; we now have a director.’” LINK.

Dayton Daily News (Courtesy of AP, Also appearing in Akron Beacon Journal and Canton Repository): Stirring up a fight, Obama names consumer watchdog.
“Obama named Richard Cordray, a respected former attorney general of Ohio, to be the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, after giving up on hopes for a confirmation vote in the Senate. The appointment means the agency is able to oversee a vast swath of lending companies and others accused at times of preying on consumers with shady practices.” LINK.

Toledo Blade: Obama bucks Senate Republicans, installs new consumer watchdog on the job.
Obama: “I will not stand by while a minority in the Senate puts party ideology ahead of the people they were elected to serve. Not when so much is at stake. Not at this make-or-break moment for the middle class American. We’re not going to let that happen.” LINK.

Youngstown Vindicator: Ryan: Cordray is a good choice.
Ryan: “Rich Cordray is a friend to all of us here in the Mahoning Valley, and he’s a strong advocate… It’s exciting that President Obama is saying Wall Street has misbehaved, and he’s gonna take every measure possible to make sure we have the proper agency in place to monitor Wall Street and the proper person in place to protect the consumer.” LINK.

Voter Suppresion Bill to Qualify for November 2012 Ballot

COLUMBUS – Today, petitions containing 166,481 signatures were delivered to Secretary of State Jon Husted’s Office for the effort to repeal the voter suppression bill, House Bill 194.

On September 29, Ohio Democrats and their allies made the first delivery of petitions, which by our count measured 318,460 raw signatures. These signatures were collected in only six weeks. An additional 150,000 signatures were collected in the three weeks following the initial delivery of signatures. Today, a total of 166,481 signatures on remaining petitions were delivered.

“Without a doubt, Ohio voters will have the chance in November 2012 to protect fair and accessible elections in our state by repealing the voter suppression bill,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern. “This victory is yet another testament to the strength of volunteers across the state and the momentum they will help carry into 2012.”

231,147 valid signatures are required to qualify for the ballot. A broad coalition of allies including Fair Elections Ohio, the Ohio Democratic Party, Organizing for America and ProgressOhio has now collected and submitted well more than twice that amount.

Greg Schultz, State Director of Obama for America – Ohio, added, “Organizing for America volunteers, along with our Democratic and allied partners, sprung to action early on to put a stop to this voter suppression bill and our volunteer network has continued to demonstrate great momentum and dedication to finishing the job. We have proven today that we have the level of statewide grassroots strength that is required for a referendum campaign like this one because, when we work together, we can make change happen.”

Volunteers from the Ohio Democratic Party, Organizing for America and countless organizations who worked diligently to collect signatures to stop the voter suppression bill were also instrumental in defeating Issue 2, John Kasich's attempt to strip public employees of collective bargaining rights, by a margin of 61-39.

Leader Cafaro and Representative Szollosi Call on Governor Kasich to Stop Taking Credit for Auto Industry Recovery

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASENovember 16, 2011Contact: Press Office 614-221-6563 ext. 145press@ohiodems.org

COLUMBUS – Today, Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro (D-Hubbard) and State Representative Matt Szollosi (D-Toledo) called on Governor John Kasich to stop taking credit for the recovery of Ohio’s auto industry and criticized Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney’s continued opposition to the investment that led to the recovery. Governor Kasich and Governor Romney turned their backs on Ohio’s auto workers by failing to support critical investments that led to the creation and saving of thousands of Ohio auto jobs, the legislators said.

“Many of my constituents are hard at work today, building American cars and car parts because leaders like President Barack Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown and my Congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur fought to save the American auto industry,” said Representative Matt Szollosi. “I cannot imagine what would happen to my city without our Jeep Plant and the supply chain that supports it. I can’t imagine what would happen to the families of the autoworkers, and the entire community, if those jobs were lost. But that’s exactly what could have happened if Governor Kasich and Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney had their way.

As the legislators spoke, Governor Kasich was attending an announcement at the Jeep Plant in Toledo about the creation of 1,100 new jobs. Governor Kasich has repeatedly tried to take credit for the creation of auto industry jobs, without being honest with the people of Ohio about the fact that he did not support the investments that led to those jobs.

While guest-hosting FOX News in December 2008, Kasich showed skepticism about the proposed investment in the American automobile industry and did not express support for the idea. He said at the time, “Americans will say we don’t mind helping them if they’re going to be viable. If they’re not going to be viable, we shouldn’t throw go money after bad. And so I think the public’s even going to put pressure on them.” This was more than a year-and-a-half after Kasich was on record as contemplating a run for governor in 2010. [see: Ohio GOP happy as Kasich dips toe in water, Columbus Dispatch, 2/20/2007]

In May, Kasich attended an event at the GM Powertrain Plant in Toledo for an announcement of 400 saved jobs and declared, “We're working together to fix Ohio!” In August, he said on Twitter: "Glad that GM is seeing a better biz climate in OH." And just last month, he claimed his policies led to GM’s continued investment in the Lordstown plant, saying that the investment was a result of the “jobs-friendly climate we're working to create in Ohio.” In addition, Kasich has repeatedly criticized Governor Strickland’s administration over the issue of automobile jobs, even though it was Governor Strickland – and not Kasich – who fought for the auto industry investments that made those jobs possible, and even though auto executives said they had a strong relationship with the Strickland Administration.

Szollosi added, “It’s easy for [Governor Kasich] to take his taxpayer-funded plane around the state for photo-ops to celebrate the creation of auto industry jobs in Ohio. But it was too difficult for him to stand up for our auto industry when it was not politically advantageous to do so.”

Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro, whose district includes the GM Lordstown Plant in Trumbull County, noted that the investment in the auto industry “was not a bailout,” but rather “a loan that was paid back, and frankly paid forward to the American public and the American worker.”

Cafaro took issue with Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney’s consistent and continued antagonism toward the American automobile industry. “We have a gentleman running for president named Mitt Romney, who has openly said that he believes that we should have let the auto industry go bankrupt. For someone whom has roots in Michigan, whose father was the governor of Michigan, frankly should know better, and should understand the value of the American auto industry, and the American auto worker,” she said. “I certainly believe that those comments made by Governor Romney, were not only insensitive but misguided and certainly wrong because what we have seen is that the money that the government had invested in General Motors in particular has been paid back and paid forward.”

“For those of us here in Trumbull and Ashtabula counties and across Ohio who rely on the auto industry, I think that former Governor Romney has some explaining to do in regards to why he thinks it would be a good idea for the auto industry to go bankrupt and have the doors close to plants like GM Lordstown,” concluded Senator Cafaro.

Romney famously authored an op-ed in the New York Times entitled, “Let [the Auto Industry] Go Bankrupt” and he claims to this day that the investment that saved thousands of Ohio jobs was misguided. It may be the only issue on which Romney has not changed his position.

Audio of the conference call can be heard here.

Ohio Democratic Party Drafts Remarks that Governor Kasich Should Have Delivered in Toledo

COLUMBUS – After Governor Kasich’s appearance at the Jeep Plant in Toledo yesterday, the Ohio Democratic Party drafted remarks that the Governor should have delivered. Those remarks follow:

Hello everyone. I’m your governor.


Wait, why are you clapping?


Can you believe I’m up here? I mean, heh. I didn’t support the investments that helped save the auto industry. That was Obama and, you know… Sherrod, and Marcy.

I’m gonna be straight with you, folks. Back in 2008, the Democrats told me, ‘we have to do this, we’re talking about one million jobs, John’ and I said, ‘do you really think Chrysler can actually make any money?’ I mean, I’m all about the folks in this room having jobs, but why does the government need to help? We already bailed out the banks. Well, not Lehman Brothers, but you get my drift.


It was hard for me, people. I mean, I was thinking about running for governor! I didn’t know if this loan thing was gonna work.

But boy, I was wrong, wasn’t I?


Now, I used to say that my business climate led to this recovery. Folks, that was a bunch of baloney! Can you believe it… it was actually the guy before me who wanted these loans. But I’m governor now, so I get to be in all the pictures, not him.


There’s WTOL right there. Zoom in, brother!


I also wanted to say a word or two about my good friend Mitt Romney.

(Audible booing)

Mitt said he wanted to let the American auto industry go bankrupt. Can you believe it? You know, this factory might be an empty lot right now. And that would make me look really silly standing here, now wouldn’t it?


Well, folks, thank you again for having me today. I had a good time. I won’t ever doubt you again.

New Attack Ad A Blatant Effort To Hide Fact That Josh Mandel Refuses To Stand With Middle-Class Ohioans Against Massive Big Oil Tax Breaks

GOP Front Group Who Won’t Disclose Its Donors Protecting Big Oil Rather Than Standing With Sherrod Brown To Reduce The Deficit

COLUMBUS, OHIO –It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Josh Mandel, and it’s no surprise that his allies have launched yet another attack ad in a blatant effort to hide the fact that Josh Mandel refuses to stand with middle-class Ohioans against massive big oil tax breaks. But Josh Mandel could use a better messenger than the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce, a GOP front group who refuses to disclose its donors despite just 19 companies making up one third of their funding in 2008.

The secretly funded Chamber falsely claims that Sen. Sherrod Brown voted to raise taxes, when in reality he voted to end massive tax breaks for only the 5 biggest oil companies who are enjoying billions in profits while Ohioans struggle with prices at the pump.

But no amount of undisclosed cash will hide the fact that when it comes to protecting Big Oil tax breaks, on this issue as with so many others, Josh Mandel refuses to stand with middle class Ohioans.

Instead, Mandel relies on right-wing attack ads to distract from the fact that last week Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected Josh Mandel’s anti-middle class agenda, and this week it was revealed that Mandel is once again violating FEC law with his omission of the purpose of 300 disbursements from his Q3 campaign finance report.

“Last week Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected Josh Mandel's anti-middle class agenda and this week it was revealed that he’s yet again violating FEC law, so it's no surprise that Mandel's out of state friends are rushing to his defense with misleading attack ads in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that Josh Mandel favors massive tax breaks for big oil companies over standing with middle class Ohioans to reduce the deficit,” said Ohio Democratic Party Press Secretary Justin Barasky. “It’s time for Josh Mandel to come clean with middle-class Ohioans about why protecting the bottom line of Big Oil companies who reap billions in profits every year while gas prices remain high is more important than lowering our deficit. ”



Brown Voted To Repeal Tax Breaks For Largest Oil Companies.  In May 2011, Senator Brown voted for a Reid, D-Nev., motion to proceed to consideration of the bill that would repeal various tax provisions for oil companies that have gross annual receipts of more than $1 billion and that produce an average 500,000 barrels or more each day. [Vote 72, 5/17/11]

CNN: Senate Proposal Would Affect “Just The Five Largest Oil Companies” And Would Have Reduced The Deficit $21 Billion Over 10 Years.  In May 2011, CNN reported “Dubbed the Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act, the bill would eliminate tax subsidies for just the five largest oil companies and direct those savings to pay down the deficit. Total deficit reduction: $21 billion over 10 years.” [CNN, 5/12/11]

Interior Department: Two-Thirds of Offshore and Half of Onshore Leases Aren’t Being Used.  In March 2011, a Department of Interior press release noted “that more than two-thirds of offshore leases in the Gulf of Mexico and more than half of onshore leases on federal lands remain idle, neither producing nor under active exploration and development by companies who hold those leases.” [Department of Interior, 3/29/11]

Just 19 Companies Made Up One-Third of Chamber Funding But It Won’t Disclose It’s Donors.  The U.S. Chamber’s tax filings show that just 19 corporations contributed one-third of the Chamber’s 2008 income – nearly $50 million. According to a former U.S. Chamber lobbyist, these companies have more clout when it comes to determining the U.S. Chamber’s positions and activities.  The Chamber does not disclose the identities of any of the organization’s donors.  [Washington Monthly, 7/7/10Los Angeles Times, 3/8/10]

Exxon Post Over $10 Billion In Profits For Third Straight Quarter.  In October 2011, Bloomberg reported “Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), the world’s largest company by market value, said net income exceeded $10 billion for a third consecutive quarter as rallying crude prices more than made up for the biggest production decline in three years…‘These guys keep pushing the oil out and selling it like it’s going out of style,’ Douglas Ober, who manages $1.6 billion at Adams Express Co. and Petroleum & Resources Corp. in Baltimore.” [Bloomberg, 10/27/11]

Exxon’s 41% Profit Increase Was Actually Only The Second Highest Profit Increase Next To Royal Dutch Shell’s 50% Increase.  In October 2011, Bloomberg reported “Exxon’s 41 percent profit increase was the second-largest among major international oil companies that have announced third-quarter results. Only Royal Dutch Shell Plc, the world’s third-largest energy company by market value behind Exxon and PetroChina Co., boasted a larger jump, by doubling net income to $7 billion.” [Bloomberg, 10/27/11]

Heard This Before? Ethically Challenged Josh Mandel Blames “Software Glitch” For Latest Campaign Screw-up

Q3 FEC Report Latest In Long String Of Legal And Ethical Violations Mandel “Fixes” Only After Being Exposed

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Heard this before? Our ethically challenged Treasurer Josh Mandel has blamed a “software glitch” for his latest campaign screw-up. In the “disbursements” section of every FEC report, each individual disbursement has a line where candidates are legally required to fill out the “purpose” of said disbursement. Yesterday, it was revealed that Josh Mandel’s Q3 report neglected to list the purpose of his disbursement nearly 300 times. Of course,Mandel’s camp blamed it on a “software glitch” and claims they’re “in the midst” of fixing the report. But the fact is the report’s been in for 25 days now, the problem was obvious, and they didn’t admit to the violation until it went public.

Josh Mandel’s illegal Q3 report is just the latest in a long string of legal and ethical violations that Mandel promises to “fix” only after being exposed.

  • On June 6th the Ohio Democratic Party filed an FEC complaint against Mandel’s campaign for illegally transferring assets from his state to federal campaign, and for his use of Ohio tax dollars for campaign activities. Despite refusing to comment on the complaint, Mandel removed the language in question from his website—addressing one half of the violation and essentially admitting guilt.
  • For more than 7 months Josh Mandel illegally used photos from the Columbus Dispatch on his website – Mandel did not ask for nor did he receive permission to use them. In what amounts to an admission of guilt, they were removed after he was caught.
  • In an obvious effort to score political points Josh Mandel eagerly posted salaries of public employees on his website but conveniently left off 70 of his own employees, including Scott Guthrie, who served as finance director for Mandel’s 2010 campaign. Guthrie was paid a rate equal to a little over $100,000 a year in his state job despite having no requisite experience. Mandel blamed the omission on a software glitch.
  • As if hiding salary info for his own employees wasn’t enough, months later it was revealed that Mandel’s politically motivated “transparency project” was “riddled with errors and omissions” according to the Associated Press. Mandel lauded the project anyway, claiming it would be a national model once “glitches were addressed,” and promised to repair the site.

“When it comes to following the rules Josh Mandel is either hopelessly incompetent or ethically bankrupt to the point that he has no business running for Senate let alone serving as Treasurer, and Ohioans deserve far better from their elected officials,” said Ohio Democratic Party Press Secretary Justin Barasky. “How many more legal and ethical violations will Josh Mandel promise to fix only after being called out publicly while pawning off his numerous screw-ups on ever so convenient software glitches?”


“FEC Rules Require Candidates To Fill Out The Purpose Of Each Disbursement, But Mandel … Declined To Do So Nearly 300 Times.”  In a November 2011 blog post the Columbus Dispatch wrote: “FEC rules require candidates to fill out the purpose of each disbursement, but Mandel, in his third quarter report, declined to do so nearly 300 times.”  [Columbus Dispatch, 11/14/11]

Mandel Spokesman Claimed It “Is In The Midst Of Amending The Report.”  “Mandel spokesman Joe Aquilino … said a software glitch sparked the omissions and the campaign’s treasurer has fixed that glitch and is in the midst of amending the report.”  [Columbus Dispatch, 11/14/11]

About 70 Treasury Employee Salaries Were Not Initially Listed When Mandel Launched Public Employee Salary Search Engine.  “As part of a ‘transparency project,’ Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has created a searchable online database of government salaries in a redesign of his office’s website … The Associated Press reported that figures for Scott Guthrie and Joel Riter were among about 70 treasury employees whose salary data initially were not listed before being added yesterday.”  [Columbus Dispatch, 09/01/11]

Mandel’s Public Employee Salary Search Engine “Riddled With Errors.”  In October 2011, the Associated Press reported “Visitors to the Ohio treasurer’s new search engine for public worker salaries have complained the site is riddled with errors and omissions, leading the office to repair existing data and change the way it presents wage information.  Some constituents accuse Republican Treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel, in records obtained by The Associated Press, of using the search tool to fuel antipathy toward government workers ahead of a Nov. 8 vote on Ohio’s divisive new collective bargaining law.” [Associated Press, 10/29/11]

Mandel Web Page That Was Focus Of FEC Complaint Removed After Complaint Was Filed.  In June 2011, the Toledo Blade reported “A page in U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel's campaign Web site that prompted a complaint to the Federal Elections Commission has been removed, and Democrats are claiming vindication…A Web page that ran on his Treasurer's Office Web site since March 21 summarizing his accomplishments was also on his campaign Web site. Over the weekend, that page disappeared from the campaign Web site.  The Ohio Democratic Party filed a complaint June 6 to the FEC claiming Mr. Mandel is barred by FEC regulations from using material produced by his treasury staff for his campaign. The complaint calls the material an illegal ‘in-kind’ contribution by the state to his campaign.” [Toledo Blade, 6/28/11]

Headline: “Josh Mandel Removes Copyrighted Photos From Website, Will He Pay For Use?”  In August 2011, Plunderbund posted “On Thursday we pointed out that Josh Mandel has been using copyrighted photos from the Columbus Dispatch on his website and his Flickr feed since January.  The two photos appeared on his campaign website for nearly eight months even while the site went through a series of redesigns (and a likely illegal transfer) from his 2010 Treasurer campaign to his current U.S. Senate run. They also appeared on his Flickr photo feed for the same time period.” [Plunderbund, 8/15/11]

Josh Mandel Violates FEC Law (Again): Q3 Report Missing “Purpose Of Disbursement” Entry Nearly 300 Times

Federal Election Law Requires The “Purpose” Of Every Single Disbursement To Be Filled Out

Mandel Must Show Ohioans The Transparency They Deserve By Fixing The Report And Resubmitting

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Ohio’s ethically challenged Treasurer Josh Mandel has violated FEC law yet again, this time due to hundreds of omissions on his Q3 report. In the “disbursements” section of every FEC report, each individual disbursement has a line where candidates are legally required to fill out the “purpose” of said disbursement. Josh Mandel’s Q3 report reveals that he’s neglected to list the purpose of his disbursement nearly 300 times.

Below is an example of Josh Mandel leaving the legally required “purpose” entry blank. Remember, this happens nearly 300 times in his Q3 report.

While it’s hardly a secret that Josh Mandel sees no problem whatsoever with breaking the law (Watch him do it here, here, here, and here) the Ohio Democratic Party is sensitive to the fact that someone who claims to be in charge of watching the state’s tax dollars may have trouble reading and filling out basic campaign finance documents (Remember his 6 month law breaking refusal to file his PFD?)

That’s why we’re calling on Josh Mandel to avoid another FEC complaint and do the right thing by fixing and resubmitting the form.

“Josh Mandel has once again violated FEC law with his failure to disclose the purpose of nearly 300 of his campaign expenditures and he must provide Ohioans the transparency they deserve by fixing and resubmitting the form,” said Ohio Democratic Party Press Secretary Justin Barasky. “Either Josh Mandel is so hopelessly inept that once again the guy in charge of the state’s tax dollars can’t fill out basic campaign finance documents, or he’s knowingly covering up the purpose of hundreds of his disbursements. Either way, the problem must be addressed to avoid another FEC complaint.



FEC:  “The ‘Purpose Of Disbursement’ Entry … Must Be Sufficiently Specific To Make The Purpose Of The Disbursement Clear.”  According to the Federal Election Commission:  “Political committees and other persons required to file campaign finance reports with the FEC must itemize certain disbursements and, for each itemized disbursement, must provide information including a brief description of the purpose of the disbursement. The ‘purpose of disbursement’ entry, when considered along with the identity of the disbursement recipient, must be sufficiently specific to make the purpose of the disbursement clear.”  [fec.gov, Accessed 11/13/11]

Mandel Did Not Fill Out The “Purpose Of Disbursement” Section For Nearly Every Single Q3 Disbursement.  [fec.gov, Accessed 11/13/11]

In June, An FEC Complaint Was Filed Against Mandel For Using Treasurer’s Office Resources For His Campaign Website And Email List.  In a June 2011 article The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the Josh Mandel for Senate campaign were using web posts which “were first written for his official state website, and they used state resources: the site itself, and the time and effort spent writing, posting and web hosting. That means Mandel's political campaign is improperly mooching off the citizens of Ohio, the Democrats charge … Mandel's Senate campaign has been sending via email these very same treasurer's office updates. They go to potential supporters, donors or anyone else who signs up to be on the campaign email list. That blurs a line between official and political activity, a line that under federal law cannot be crossed, says the state Democratic Party.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 06/06/11]

Mandel Senate Campaign Used Email List From His Treasurer Campaign; A Violation Of Federal Law.  “Mandel … apparently is using his old state campaign infrastructure — his state campaign website and e-mail list — for a federal (U.S. Senate) campaign … Mandel's new Senate campaign — a federal account that isn't supposed to be mingled with his old state account — therefore should have paid his old state campaign for the website and e-mail list, the Democrats say. Under federal law, the new campaign is supposed to pay fair market value. State and federal campaigns and their resources cannot be viewed as interchangeable.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 06/06/11]



Paid for by the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, Chairman

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern Statement on Tea Party’s Right-to-Work-for-Less Proposal

COLUMBUS – Today, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement in response to the Tea Party’s intention to pursue a Right-to-Work-for-Less constitutional amendment:

“Less than 48 hours after Ohioans overwhelmingly stood with Ohio workers, the Tea Party crowd has doubled-down on its attacks on the middle class. Rather than moving our state forward and helping to create jobs, the Tea Party wants to revive debates that Ohio voters settled half a century ago and resoundingly reaffirmed this week.”

“Despite what’s best for our state – and despite the will of the people – some of John Kasich’s closest allies are still hell-bent on attacking the hardworking men and women of Ohio. Tuesday’s election was about respecting a good day’s work and the fight for workers’ rights that built and strengthened the middle class in our state. We will continue that fight – because some people apparently didn’t get the message.

“Governor Kasich said on Tuesday evening that he heard the voices of the people loud and clear. We will hold him to his word.”

Ohio Veteran Leaders Urge Passage of Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits in Advance of Senate Vote Today

Tax Credits Would Encourage Employers To Hire Unemployed, Disabled Veterans

COLUMBUS, OH – Today, Former U.S. Representative and Air Force Lieutenant Colonel John Boccieri (D-Alliance), Former Air Force Captain and State Representative Connie Pillich (D-Montgomery) and Navy Yeoman 2nd Class Mark Caddo (Milford) held a press conference call in advance of a U.S. Senate vote the same day, urging immediate passage of the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits – two pieces of the President’s American Jobs Act – that would provide tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

The veteran leaders praised President Barack Obama’s leadership on veterans issues and outlined how the initiatives contained in the veterans’ jobs package will lower veteran unemployment through increased hiring, improve resources for veterans to translate their military skills for the civilian workforce, and provide veterans with new tools to aid their search for jobs.

Please see below for statements from U.S. Representative and Air Force Lieutenant Colonel John Boccieri, Former Air Force Captain and State Representative Connie Pillich and Navy Yeoman 2nd Class Mark Caddo:

Former U.S. Representative and Air Force Lieutenant Colonel John Boccieri said, “More than one million veterans are unemployed today, and many post-9/11 veterans are coming home to industries that were hit the hardest by the Wall Street recession – industries like construction, manufacturing and transportation. Veterans shouldn’t have to fight for a job once they’ve come home and President Obama is committed to pressuring Congressional Republicans to put country before party and pass these tax credits. Ohio’s more than 913,000 veterans deserve the very best – they put their lives on the line so that you don’t have to – the least we can do is to be sure they are taken care of when they return home, something President Obama is committed to.”

Former Air Force Captain and State Representative Connie Pillich said, “President Obama’s Returning Heroes and Wounded Warriors initiatives would provide businesses up to $9,600 in tax credits for hiring unemployed and disabled veterans. The president has shown great leadership in forging forward with other initiatives to train unemployed veterans and spouses, and help connect veterans with employers who want to hire them.”

Former Navy Yeoman 2nd Class Mark Caddo of Milford said, “Our veterans have made sacrifices – many times the ultimate sacrifice – to make sure that our country is safe. By focusing resources on their well-being when they return home, the Administration is making good on a promise to take care of our veterans after service. It’s the very least we can do. The President has shown great commitment to veterans in his first term –focused on solid opportunities for veterans, including challenging Community Health Centers to hire 8,000 veterans over the next three years, and he believes we need to support military medics who want to transition into jobs in the civilian health care system when they come home.”


President Barack Obama’s Returning Heroes and Wounded Warriors initiatives would provide up to $9,600 in tax credits to businesses that hire unemployed or disabled veterans.

This week, President Barack Obama announced three programs that will help get veterans back to work: a Veterans Jobs Bank, Veterans Gold Card and an initiative called “My Next Move for Veterans.”

The Veterans Job Bank connects unemployed veterans to job openings with companies that want to hire them. The Veteran Gold Card provides post-9/11 veterans with extra support as they transition out of the military. My Next Move for Veterans is an easy-to-use online tool created by the Department of Labor that allows veterans to enter information about their experience and skills in the field, and match it with civilian careers that put that experience to use.

Visit www.whitehouse.gov/vets for more information about Obama Administration initiatives that affect veterans.

Paid for and authorized by the Ohio Democratic Party, not authorized by any federal candidate or campaign committee. Chris Redfern, Chairman, 340 East Fulton St, Columbus, Ohio 43215.