Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Newt Gingrich’s Campaign Stops in Ohio

COLUMBUS – Today, Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Seth Bringman issued the following statement on Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s stops to Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus:

“There’s a reason why Newt Gingrich believes he can win Ohio. Mitt Romney has shown Ohioans time and time again that he is far out-of-touch with mainstream Ohio – embracing Senate Bill 5, championing the wishes of the ultra-wealthy over the needs of middle-class Ohioans and suggesting that we let the American auto industry go bankrupt. Just 28 percent of Ohioans like what they see in Governor Romney, and Newt Gingrich doesn’t fare much better. Ohioans need a president who stands up for our workers, our auto industry and our middle class families. That’s not Newt Gingrich and that’s not Mitt Romney. That’s Barack Obama.”

A Public Policy Polling poll from last week shows Gingrich leading Romney in Ohio. The poll also shows both candidates with extremely low favorability ratings among the general electorate.

REMARKS: Chairman Redfern Says Kasich Should Credit Obama, Brown, Dems for Ohio’s Improving Economy in State of the State Address

Kasich, like Romney, opposed auto industry investments championed by Dems; has refused to admit mistake in opposing auto rescue

COLUMBUS – Today Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern held a press conference to preview Governor Kasich’s State of the State address and highlight efforts by President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown and other Democrats that have improved Ohio’s economy.

Chairman Redfern’s prepared remarks follow:

“Tomorrow in Steubenville, Governor Kasich will deliver his second State of the State address. In his remarks, we expect him to give himself credit for Ohio’s improving economy. And while we agree wholeheartedly with Governor Kasich that Ohio’s economy is getting better, we disagree very much on how we  got on this road to recovery.

“I have next to me here a chart that shows month-by-month changes in employment over the last four years. The red bars on the chart represent the 4.6 million private sector jobs we lost in the year before the President took office. The blue bars represent job creation under President Obama.

“President Obama took office at a time when our country was losing jobs at a rate of more than 700,000 per month. From day one of his administration, the President worked with Senator Sherrod Brown and others to take swift, bold action to address the immediate jobs crisis. Working together, they stopped the bleeding and invested in America.

“America’s businesses have now added jobs for 23 straight months. More than 3.6 million private sector jobs have been created in the past two years. In the last month alone, 240,000 jobs were added.

“Democratic efforts were essential in saving our economy from free-fall. For instance, by cutting taxes for middle-class families, President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown and other Democratic leaders worked to make sure Ohio families had a little more money in their wallets to pay for essential items like groceries, gas and home bills.

“And the Making Work Pay Tax Cut, part of President Obama’s 2009 Recovery Act, provided 4.5 million Ohio families with a collective $2.2 billion in tax relief. On top of that, President “Obama’s 2010 Payroll Tax Cut provided 5.7 million Ohio workers with a collective $3.6 billion in tax relief, and Democrats are fighting to extend the payroll tax cut through 2012 – all in an effort to make sure that our economy recovers, Ohioans have what they need to pay their bills, stay in their homes and put their kids through school, among other priorities.

“Republicans have a different approach when it comes to taxes. Mitt Romney and his Republican rivals believe that our tax system should instead benefit big corporations and the wealthiest Americans. And John Kasich’s budget imposes backdoor tax increases by passing the burden down to the local level. Because of Governor Kasich’s budget, local officials will need to raise taxes or take drastic measures like laying off police and firefighters.

“And we can’t forget the courageous efforts of President Obama, Senator Brown and Congressional Democrats to save the American auto industry – which  is now thriving.

“Because of the Obama Administration’s bold action to extend a loan to Chrysler and GM to give them the ability to re-structure and compete in this economy, Ohio has added more than 8,000 auto manufacturing jobs, since July 2009, and we are set to add more in the near future.

“President Obama’s efforts to rescue the auto industry were not politically popular at first, but he believed in the auto workers in Toledo and Lordstown and the communities affected by the auto industries because as we know, the auto industry here supports a full 12.4% of the state’s workforce!

“Republicans didn’t share in the President’s judgment on the auto industry. In fact, Mitt Romney suggested that we sit back and allow the auto industry to go bankrupt. And John Kasich criticized Democratic efforts to save GM and Chrysler.

“And now Mitt Romney is claiming that what he did as a corporate buyout specialist is no different than what the President did to save the US auto industry. Well, that assertion is just absurd on its face.

“To this day, Governor Kasich still won’t admit that he was wrong to oppose these efforts. If John Kasich and Mitt Romney had their way, the 848,000 Ohio jobs supported by the auto industry would have been in jeopardy.

“President Obama, Senator Brown and other Democratic leaders also understood that we needed to take quick action to stop Wall Street fat cats from once again engaging in the abusive practices that drove our country into recession. That’s why they passed Wall Street reform and that’s why the President appointed Ohio’s own Rich Cordray as America’s top consumer watchdog. Republicans like John Kasich didn’t support the President’s Wall Street Reform Act. And Republicans like Mitt Romney even want to repeal it.

“And on a number of issues including Kasich’s anti-union bill, supporting a so-called ‘Personhood’ amendment that would completely eliminate a woman’s right to choose, and pushing through an egregious assault on voters’ rights, Kasich is proving he’s not only out of touch with Ohio’s values, he’s out of touch with who stood up when it wasn’t politically expedient to do so, in order to save the nation and Ohio’s economy from going off the cliff.

“While our state and our nation are on a road to recovery, we of course have a lot more work to do. And that’s why President Obama, Senator Brown and other Democratic leaders are laser-focused on continuing to help our economy improve.

“We hope that John Kasich and his allies in the Statehouse will join Democrats in focusing on building upon the steps of economic recovery we’ve seen instead of continuing their extreme agenda of attacks on workers’ rights, women’s rights and voting rights.”


Kasich “Refused” to Take Sides on Auto Rescue Debate, Wouldn’t Say that Romney Was Wrong to Oppose It. “Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Wednesday he is grateful for the recovery of the American automobile industry, a cornerstone of Ohio’s manufacturing sector for decades. But in an interview with CNN, the Republican refused to wade into an ongoing dispute between Democrats and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney over the federal bailout of the auto industry.” [CNN, 12/1/11]

Kasich’s Spokesman Wouldn’t Say Whether Kasich Supported The Auto Bailout. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, in a tight re-election fight against Republican challenger John Kasich, railed against those who opposed the bailout. “They have long since written off manufacturing in Ohio,” he said. In so doing, Strickland said, opponents turned their backs on GM, on Lordstown and on the plant’s 4,500 auto workers. “For anyone who had given up, I have four words for you,” Strickland said. “Look at this car.” Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols declined to say whether Kasich supported the GMbailout, though he said Kasich is “glad GM is here today.” [Plain Dealer, 9/9/10]

On FOX, Kasich Said of Auto Rescue: “We Shouldn’t Throw Good Money After Bad.”  Discussing plans to bail out the automakers while guest hosting The O’Reilly Factor in 2008, Kasich said, “Americans will say we don’t mind helping them if they’re going to be viable. If they’re not going to be viable, we shouldn’t throw good money after bad. And so I think the public’s even going to put pressure on them.” [O'Reilly Factor, 12/19/08]

On The Stump, Kasich Criticized Auto Rescue Efforts.  Speaking about Americans’ attitude towards politicians at the Lake County Republican Party Convention in August, Kasich said, “So we don’t trust the politicians then we find out there is bunch of em in Washington hatching up these schemes. They’re gonna run an automobile company, they’re gonna tell us which doctor we’re gonna go to.” [Lake County GOP Convention, 8/29/09]

Kasich: Government Shouldn’t Run a Car Company.  At a September Tea Party event in West Chester, Kasich said, “What’s happening is there’s a handful of people who’ve taken control of things for too long who are now trying to be in a position to run our lives, that’s what we don’t want. They want to tell us how to run a car company. They want to tell us how to do medical care. They want to – and they’re bankrupting our children.” [West Chester Tea Party, 9/5/09]

Ohio Democratic Party Statement on January Jobs Report

COLUMBUS – Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement on the January jobs report showing the economy added private sector jobs for the 23rd straight month, at 257,000 private sector jobs, and a chart, below, showing where we’ve come from and where we’re going:

“With today’s jobs reports showing more private sector job growth in January, we’ve now seen America’s businesses add jobs for 23 straight months. When President Obama took office, our economy was losing more than 700,000 jobs a month, the economy was spiraling of control and the economic security of millions of Ohioans and middle-class Americans was vanishing. Thanks to the vision and swift action President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown and Democrats took to address the economic crisis, we are moving in the right direction.

“Over the past 23 months of private sector job growth, America’s businesses have added 3.7 million jobs, our auto industry was saved and continues growing throughout Ohio and America, and manufacturing is creating jobs for the first since the 1990s. But President Obama has done more than just address the immediate economic crisis – he appointed our own Rich Cordray as America’s first consumer watchdog to protect our economy from returning to the abusive Wall Street practices that led us into the worst recession in a generation, and he has laid a foundation for a stronger economy here in Ohio and across the country where we can’t allow such a collapse again.

“This is a make-or-break moment for middle class Ohioans, and we have a lot more to do if we’re going to continue the trend we’ve seen for the last two years. That’s why President Obama outlined a vision for an America built to last – a blueprint based on American manufacturing, American energy, skills for American workers and a renewal of the American values that made our nation’s middle class the envy of the world – values like fairness and opportunity.

“Mitt Romney, Josh Mandel and the Republicans in Washington don’t share this vision. They don’t agree that we should invest in our workers, our students or great American industries like carmakers and clean energy. Just as baffling, they don’t even admit that this reversal and recovery is happening.

“But these numbers do not lie. We were going down, now we’re going up. America was bleeding jobs, now we’re creating them. The fabric of our economy was collapsing, now it’s recovering. There is much more work to do, but January’s jobs report unquestionably shows that we are moving in the right direction.”


New Poll: Romney Weak in Ohio

COLUMBUS – The latest Ohio polling by Public Policy Polling shows that Mitt Romney’s favorability rating in Ohio is below John Kasich-levels, at 28 percent. Twice as many Ohioans (56 percent) have a unfavorable view of Mitt Romney.

Reacting to Romney’s poor polling numbers, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern said, “It’s not surprising that Mitt Romney is disliked by a vast majority of Ohioans before he even campaigns here – Ohioans have noticed that he favors the wealthy over the middle class, wanted to let the auto industry die, has made a hard turn to the right to placate the Tea Party and ‘isn’t concerned about the very poor,’ as he said this morning. In a stark contrast, President Obama and his focus on the middle class, creating jobs, investing in manufacturing and making the bold decision to rescue the US auto industry is what has helped turn around Ohio’s economy – and the people of Ohio know who is on their side.”

The poll also shows Romney losing to Newt Gingrich in the March 6 Republican primary, 26 to 25 percent. This represents an 11-point shift from a January 18 Quinnipiac poll, which had Romney up 10 points. Gingrich leads Romney by 17 among members of the Tea Party.

In addition to a dismal 28 percent overall favorability rating, Romney’s favorability among Republicans is below 50 percent and members of the Tea Party have a negative view of the former Massachusetts governor, compared to a 75-17 percent favorability rating for Santorum and a 60-26 percent favorability rating for Gingrich among this group. Public Policy Polling concludes that “it’s clear that Republicans in [Ohio] simply aren’t that enthusiastic” about Romney.

Read the complete poll results here.

Ohio Democratic Party Statement on the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

COLUMBUS – Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Director Lauren Harmon released the following statement today on the thirty-ninth anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade:

“Thirty-nine years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, affirming the right to choose for women throughout America. We honor this landmark decision for women’s rights and women’s health, which rightfully leaves decisions of reproductive rights in the hands of a woman and her doctor.

“After campaigning on a promise to create jobs, Ohio Republicans have waged an onslaught of attacks on women’s rights over the past year. But Democrats have stood our ground. We worked to defeat Issue 2, John Kasich’s attack on workers’ rights that would have disproportionately impacted women. We also worked with pro-choice groups to block the Josh Mandel-backed attempt to pass the so-called “Heartbeat Bill,” a draconian measure which would have been the most extreme anti-choice law in the country. This bill would have taken away a woman’s right to choose before many women know they are pregnant, making no exceptions for cases of rape, incest or when the health of the mother is at risk.

“Now, Republicans like Mitt Romney are supporting a so-called “Personhood” amendment to Ohio’s constitution. This amendment is dangerous for Ohio families because it would ban forms of hormonal birth control, end in-vitro fertilization as we know it and open women who miscarry to potential criminal investigation and prosecution. If this extreme measure were to appear before voters, we as Democrats will mobilize to educate Ohio voters and defeat it.

“Democrats in Ohio and across the nation are committed to continuing the fight to protect women’s rights and women’s health. And in 2012, the Ohio Democratic Party and the Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus are committed to electing and re-electing candidates up and down the ticket who will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose.”

Top Ohio Romney Surrogate Says: Mitt, Release MORE Tax Returns

COLUMBUS – Yesterday, the top in-state surrogate for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney agreed with Democrats that Romney should release additional years of his tax returns.

State Representative Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) said,  “I’m glad that Governor Romney’s gone forward and has at least released this [tax return], and hopefully he’ll step forward and be able to release more [years of tax returns].

These comments were made on Ohio Public Radio in response to a conference call organized by the Ohio Democratic Party in which former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland called on Governor Romney to follow the example set by his father George Romney and release 12 years of tax returns.

“We’re glad that the Romney campaign’s most outspoken Ohio supporter agrees with us that Mitt Romney should release additional years of his tax returns,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Seth Bringman. “From just one year of his tax returns, we have learned that he pays a tax rate that is dramatically lower than middle-class Ohioans, that he holds a Swiss bank account and that he holds investments in the Cayman Islands. State Representative Hottinger is right: Ohioans deserve to know more from a candidate for president who lined his pockets by outsourcing jobs, bankrupting companies and laying off workers.”

Hottinger is the latest in a series of top Romney supporters to call on him to release his tax returns. That list includes: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Today, Romney released tax returns for one year only, showing that he made $21.7 million in profits from investments in 2010. He paid an effective tax rate of 13.9% – much less than tax rate of an average Ohio family. He has thus far failed to follow his father’s lead by releasing 12 years of tax returns and when he was asked in a debate if he would do so, he responded, “maybe.”

The limited information Romney released shows that many of his investments are located in Luxembourg, Ireland and the Cayman Islands, “all famous tax havens,” according to the Washington Post. Romney’s tax returns also show that he has a Swiss bank account.

On yesterday’s conference call, Governor Strickland put the tax returns issue in context:

“Mitt Romney has waged his candidacy on his experience in the private sector. But the truth is that he spent his time in the corporate world bankrupting companies, outsourcing jobs and laying off workers to line his own pockets. He put profits over people during his time as CEO of Bain Capital… And during his campaign for president, he has made clear that if elected, he would stand up for big corporations and the wealthiest among us… What Mitt Romney doesn’t understand is that economic inequality in our country is a real problem.”

REMARKS: Governor Strickland Calls on Mitt Romney to Follow His Father’s Lead, Release 12 Years of Tax Returns Before Ohio Primary

COLUMBUS – Today, Governor Ted Strickland held a press conference call to urge quarter-billionaire Mitt Romney, who has run perhaps the most transparent evasive presidential campaign in decades, to follow the example set by his father George Romney and release 12 years of tax returns before the Ohio primary on March 6. George Romney, who ran for President in 1968, was the first-ever presidential candidate to release his tax returns. He released 12 years of tax returns instead of just one because “one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.” Talk about foresight.

Governor Strickland, the most transparent Ohio governor in recent memory, released four years of his tax returns when he ran for re-election in 2010 and released six years of tax returns when he first ran for governor in 2006.

Mitt Romney on the other hand, said yesterday that he’ll release just one year of tax returns – 2010 – and an “estimate” for 2011. Even after South Carolina voters sharply rebuked his refusal to release complete tax returns and inability to explain his investments in offshore tax havens like the Cayman Islands, Mitt Romney still won’t follow his father’s lead.

Governor Ted Strickland’s remarks follow:

“I am pleased to speak to you all today about a critical issue in the race for president. We saw this issue play out quite prominently in the South Carolina primary, and we don’t anticipate it will go away anytime soon.

“Let me first say that I am a believer in transparency. I have always thought that as a public official, I owed it to the people I served to be as open and transparent as possible. And as a candidate, I owed the same openness and transparency to the voters who I was asking to elect me.

“So when I first ran for Governor in 2006, I released several years of my tax returns. And when I ran for re-election, I released my tax returns for all of the years while I was Governor.

“Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a different approach when it comes to transparency.

“He has refused to release his tax returns for months, despite repeated calls for him to do so from not just Democrats, but from Republicans and even from some of his own supporters.

“My friends, it’s important to understand the larger context here. This isn’t just about tax returns.

“Mitt Romney has waged his candidacy on his experience in the private sector. But the truth is that he spent his time in the corporate world bankrupting companies, outsourcing jobs and laying off workers to line his own pockets. He put profits over people during his time as CEO of Bain Capital and as a result, he became a quarter-billionaire.

“And during his campaign for president, he has made clear that if elected, he would stand up for big corporations and the wealthiest among us. He has also put forward a tax plan that benefits the ultra-wealthy. And he would take us back to a time when Wall Street wrote its own rules.

“And for those of us who question his priorities and his record, Governor Romney says we are engaging in “the politics of envy” and attacking free enterprise.

“What Mitt Romney doesn’t understand is that economic inequality in our country is a real problem. And middle-class Ohioans won’t think it’s fair if they find out they have to pay a much higher tax rate than what Mitt Romney pays. And they won’t think it is fair if they find out Mitt Romney is gaming the tax system by hiding large portions of his profits in off-shore accounts like those in the Cayman Islands and other countries to avoid paying his fair share.

“I believe that Mitt Romney owes it to the voters of Ohio and the voters of our country to release his tax returns so these questions can be answered.

“Last week, Mitt was reminded that when his father, George Romney, ran for president in 1967, he released not one year’s worth of tax returns, but twelve years’ worth. Why twelve? Well, in the words of Mitt’s father at the time, quote, ‘One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.’ End quote.

“So Governor Romney was asked if he would follow his father’s lead and release 12 years of his tax returns.

“His response was awkward by not surprising. He said, and I quote: ‘maybe.’

“For the benefit of Ohio voters, that answer should have been ‘yes.’

“And now, after months of criticism from not just Democrats – but from his fellow Republicans – Governor Romney has said he will release merely one year of his tax returns this week along with an estimate of his coming 2011 returns.

“Well, we agree with Mitt’s father, who said that ‘one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.’

“Indeed, one year of tax returns does not even begin to paint a picture of Mitt Romney’s time as a corporate buyout specialist.

“After all, if you looked at only the 2010 football season of Ohio State, you wouldn’t know how fine a football program our great university has.

“When Governor Romney made this half-hearted promise, we were reminded of how our current governor tried to put to rest questions about his tax returns. On Good Friday in 2010, Governor Kasich’s campaign rotated reporters in and out of a room on quick intervals to view only one year of his tax returns.

“Governor Romney must come from the John Kasich School of Transparency. He seems to be following Governor Kasich’s lead, releasing only one year of his tax returns on the day of the President’s State of the Union Address.

“Ohioans don’t need lip service from candidates asking to be president of the United States. They need honest answers.

“That’s why today I am calling on Governor Romney to follow his father’s lead and release a full 12 years of his tax returns so Ohioans know how he made his money, what investments he holds and what effective tax rate he pays.

“We have a Republican presidential primary coming up in Ohio on March 6. My assumption is that Mitt Romney will want Ohioans to support him. So, before Mitt Romney asks for the votes of Ohioans, he should come clean and release 12 years of his tax returns, just as his father did.”



George Romney Balked At Releasing Just A Single Year Of Tax Returns Because “One Year Could Be A Fluke, Perhaps Done For Show.” “George Harris, Look senior editor, said he had ‘badgered’ the governor for his latest income tax form but Romney had balked because ‘one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show…’ ‘Stumped by this argument, I was not prepared for the move it eventually led him to make: He ordered up all the Form 1040’s that he and Mrs. Romney had filed over the last 12 years – including those profitable ones when he saved the American Motors Corporation from bankruptcy and became a millionaire on the company’s stock options.” [UPI in St. Joseph Gazette, 11/27/67]

MEMO: Primary Weakening Romney – A Deeper Look at the Ohio Quinnipiac Poll

FROM: Ohio Democratic Party
TO: Interested Parties
DATE: January 20, 2012
RE: Primary Weakening Romney – A Deeper Look at the Ohio Quinnipiac Poll

A lot has been said about the contentious Republican primary that has been unfolding over the last few months. While the candidates’ positions and statements have been anything but consistent (see: Mitt Romney), one thing is clear: as every Republican runs to the right to placate the Tea Party, they are steadily losing independents and moderate voters. With an evenly divided electorate in Ohio, all candidates – notably Mitt Romney – are losing support among those voters as they take a hard turn to the right, weakening their standing for the general election.

Look no further than the Quinnipiac poll that came out this week.

Romney’s push to the right on key issues has resulted in very modest gains among voters he needs to secure the nomination:

  • Ohio Republicans’ views on Romney have become slightly more favorable, with Romney gaining 2 points with these voters between November and January.
  • Evangelical voters that were previously undecided or skeptical about Romney’s candidacy appear to be coalescing around him.

Among the positions Mitt Romney has taken to appease the Tea Party are: supporting John Kasich’s anti-union bill, supporting a so-called “Personhood” amendment that would completely eliminate a woman’s right to choose, doubling down on his opposition to President Obama’s efforts to save Ohio’s auto industry, supporting efforts to end Medicare as we know it and putting forward a tax plan that helps the wealthiest Americans at the expense of middle-class families.

Romney’s hard push to the right on these and other issues looks problematic in a general election, a trend that is seen in polls across the country. In just the past two months, Romney’s favorability has dropped

  • 5 points with Ohio Independents,
  • 7 points with Ohio women, and
  • 11 points with Ohioans making less than $30,000 a year

The consensus? Mitt Romney may be in the lead in the Republican primary, but what he has promised to do as President and his desire to placate the Tea Party have made him a much weaker candidate in the general election – and notably in battleground Ohio.

IG Scandal: Ohio Democratic Party Requests Records of Inspector General Randall Meyer’s Participation in Clinton County GOP Fundraiser

So-called ‘government watchdog’ headlined, keynoted GOP Fundraiser

COLUMBUS – Today, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued a public records request to the office of Inspector General Randy Meyer regarding the brewing IG scandal that broke earlier this week. As originally reported by the Wilmington News Journal, Meyer, whose job is to be a non-partisan investigator of the executive branch, headlined and keynoted a Clinton County Republican Party fundraiser on January 9.

The public records request asks for all communications between the Inspector General’s office and the Clinton County Republican Party concerning the Century Club Dinner, the Inspector General’s travel schedule on January 9 and reimbursements for mileage, gas and travel he may have received on January 9.

A copy of the letter from Chairman Redfern to the Inspector General’s office follows:

January 19, 2012

Office of the Inspector General
Attn:  Jim Manken
30 East Broad Street – Suite 2940
Columbus, OH 43215-3414

Re: Public Records Request

Attention Mr. Manken:

This is a request pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 149.43 for all records, including without limitation documents and communications whether stored electronically or in hard copy, relating to or concerning:

1.    Correspondence between the Inspector General and/or members of his office with the Clinton County Republican Party regarding the Century Club dinner on 1/9/12.
2.    The travel schedule of the Inspector General for 1/9/12.
3.    The Inspector General’s reimbursement for mileage/gas for travel on 1/9/12.

Please produce the requested records within a reasonable time.  We anticipate that these records will be easy for your office to produce, and request that you produce them on a rolling basis as you are able to copy or otherwise reproduce them.  We do not wish to wait until you have gathered all of the requested records before you produce them.  Please let me know when you anticipate producing records. 

If there is any information that will be excluded or any materials that will be redacted (other than Social Security numbers) pertaining to our request, we want to know those categories and under what privacy law or other provisions they are withheld or redacted.

Should any portion of this request be denied, in part or in whole, the law requires written justification for its denial, along with a citation of the appropriate Open Records Act exemption that applies for each record, or portion thereof, that is withheld or redacted.



Chris Redfern

Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Senator Rob Portman’s Endorsement of Mitt Romney

COLUMBUS – Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Seth Bringman released the following statement on Senator Rob Portman’s endorsement of Mitt Romney:

“This endorsement comes as no surprise, seeing that Rob Portman has spent his entire career standing up for big corporations like Bain Capital, where Mitt Romney put profits over people by bankrupting companies, outsourcing jobs and laying off workers to line his own pockets. Both Rob Portman and Mitt Romney turned their backs on Ohio’s autoworkers when 1.4 million American jobs were on the line, they both would let Wall Street write its own rules and they both oppose asking ultra-wealthy Americans like themselves to pay their fair share as middle-class families are struggling. Ohioans don’t need someone as president who puts the needs of big corporations and the wealthiest among us ahead of the needs of the middle class.”

Paid for and authorized by the Ohio Democratic Party, not authorized by any federal candidate or campaign committee. Chris Redfern, Chairman, 340 East Fulton St, Columbus, Ohio 43215.