VIDEO: Josh Mandel’s Bizarre Attempt To Physically Intimidate Opposition Tracker Suggests Campaign Pressure Affecting Him

COLUMBUS, OHIO – New tracker footage shot by American Bridge shows Josh Mandel physically intimidating an opposition tracker, yelling at him and grabbing his camera before seemingly remembering the Columbus Dispatch reporter standing right beside him.

Is it possible that the pressure of his floundering Senate campaign – still in the game thanks only to nearly $20 million in outside money – is getting to him?

Since last week, Sen. Brown has won two newspaper endorsements and the support of the Ohio Society of CPAs.

WATCH: Mandel Corners American Bridge Tracker In An Elevator.


Paid for by the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, Chairman

TODAY: Mandel Blows Off Work (Again) To Raise Cash At 3 Different D.C. Events

Last Week Mandel Began Airing Attack Ad Falsely Accusing Sherrod Brown Of Not Showing Up For Work Despite Brown’s 99% Attendance Record In Senate

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Just one week after blowing off work to fundraise in NYC, absentee “Treasurer” Josh Mandel is in Washington, D.C. today to raise cash and hobnob with lobbyists and GOP party bosses. Mandel will be working campaigning hard with three back-to-back events in D.C. today.

This is the same guy currently airing an ad that falsely accuses Sherrod Brown of not showing up for work despite Brown’s 99% attendance record in the Senate. As a result, Ohio’s newspapers called Mandel’s attack “audaciously over the top,” accusing him of continuing to “push the frontier of campaign cynicism.”

Josh Mandel ignoring his job to raise cash out of state certainly isn’t news , but the stunning hypocrisy from Mr. “I can’t go to work cuz I’m raising cash from payday lenders in the Bahamas” is the unique brand of nonsense that only “Treasurer” Mandel can bring you.


8:30 a.m.         Breakfast fundraiser

12:00 p.m.       Fundraising lunch w/ GOP party boss Senator Roy Blunt

4:30 p.m.         Fundraising reception

“Josh Mandel has ignored his job and hired unqualified political cronies and friends to mind the store and the fact that he’s fundraising in D.C. on a workday while running a ridiculously false ad that accuses his opponent of not showing up for work is another reason that he’s nothing more than a politician who can’t be trusted,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker.


Paid For By the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, Chairman

AUDIO: At Tea Party Event, Ohio Secretary of State Husted Reveals New Attack on Voting Rights

Husted said with “certainty” that after Election Day, state legislature will eliminate some forms of identification that can be used to vote


COLUMBUS, OHIO – Monday night, while speaking to a tea party group in Cincinnati, Ohio’s scandal plagued Secretary of State Jon Husted revealed secret plans to eliminate some forms of identification voters can use to cast a ballot.

Speaking candidly, Husted stated:

“I was listening to a show one night about these onerous photo ID rules in Ohio. Well, the photo ID law in Ohio is not onerous. As a matter of fact, I suspect the GA [General Assembly] will take up a more strict version of what we have after this election process.”
[Download Husted Audio Clip 1]

In other words, Ohio’s election process is not yet onerous enough, so let’s make it more onerous.

Clarifying, Husted acknowledged that Ohioans can present up to 12 forms of identification at the polls, and that “we need to streamline” that process, and he’s “quite confident the legislature is going to take that up.” [Download Husted Audio Clip 2]

“As if Secretary of State Husted has not done enough to undermine access to Ohio’s polls, now he’s planning a secret post-Election Day assault on what forms of identification voters can present to cast a ballot,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern. “It’s no surprise that after slashing voting access across the state, using his office for partisan advantage, and lying about Issue 2, now Husted is making plans to create obstacles for African Americans and seniors to vote.”

 In addition to a state issued identification card, Ohio law currently allows additional forms of voter identification to vote such as a military ID, utility bill, paycheck, and other options. These additional forms of ID are crucial because reports have shown many Americans do not have access to valid state issued identification. According to a study by the Brennan Center for Justice, nearly 18% of Americans over age 65 and up to one in four African Americans may lack a valid state issued identification card.

 Similar efforts to limit acceptable identification at the polls have erupted in scandal in Pennsylvania, whose Republican House Majority Leader stated that the voter ID law “is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.” 



LIAR ALERT: Six Months After Promising To Unveil His Own Plan To Re-Rescue The Auto Industry, Josh Mandel Admits He Has None

In March, Mandel “Disagreed” That Auto Rescue Saved Iconic Auto Industry, Promised To Present His Own Rescue Plan

Mandel Also Called Sen. Brown’s Vote To Rescue The Auto Industry “Un-American,” And Sherrod Should Be “Ashamed Of Himself

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Just weeks after finally revealing his opposition to the auto rescue that helped to protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs by calling Sen. Sherrod Brown’s vote for the bold rescue package “un-American,” Josh Mandel is now admitting that he lied in March when he promised the Youngstown Vindicator that he was developing his own plan to re-rescue the auto industry.

The Vindicator reported in March 2012:

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, said he is developing a plan to “rescue the auto industry.”

But based on the Vindicator‘s report today, it’s clear Mandel was lying when he promised his own rescue plan:

During that March 1 interview, Mandel said he was developing a plan to “rescue the auto industry.” On May 14, Mandel told this newspaper that he was still working on a plan to strengthen manufacturing and the auto industry was included. He said at the time that the plan should be ready by late August along with plans for energy and agriculture.

But [Mandel spokesman] Considine said Wednesday that Mandel’s auto-rescue plan is included in his jobs plan, given to a Vindicator reporter May 14, the same day the Republican said he’d have a plan by late August.

“What exactly was Josh Mandel going to introduce – blueprints for a time machine? Mandel’s opposition to the bold auto rescue package Sen. Sherrod Brown fought for is an insult to the 850,000 Ohioans whose jobs it helped to protect and that’s why he laughably promised to present his own plan to re-rescue the auto industry in the first place,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “The truth is this – Josh Mandel can’t be trusted to fight for Ohio jobs, and the fact that he thinks it was ‘un-American’ for Sherrod to lead the charge to protect 850,000 Ohio jobs related to the auto industry is absolute proof of that.”

Secretary of State Jon Husted’s Awkward, Uncomfortable, Not So Great Wednesday

Republican-Controlled State Supreme Court Calls Husted Out For Lying
on Issue 2 Ballot Language, Strikes Down Ballot Summary

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Today, the Republican-controlled State Supreme Court called Secretary of State Jon Husted out for lying in his proposed ballot language about Issue 2, forcing the Ohio Ballot Board to reconvene and approve new language that accurately describes the ballot initiative. In response to the ruling, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“For months, Secretary Husted has engaged in a pattern of deceiving voters, doing everything he can to decrease access to the polls. Thankfully, Husted has finally gotten called out by members of his own political party for writing manipulative ballot language and lying about Issue 2.”


Mandel Says Sherrod’s Vote To Rescue The Auto Industry Was “Un-American” As Chevy “Cruze Sales Hit All-Time Monthly High”

Youngstown Vindicator – Cruze has record-breaking sales month in Aug. 

“There were 25,975 Cruze sold in August topping the previous top month of April 2011 by 915 vehicles, according to information from General Motors.”

Youngstown Business Journal – Cruze sales hit all-time monthly high

“The Chevrolet Cruze secured its best sales month ever and helped propel General Motors Co. to a 10% sales gain in August, the automaker reported.”

WFMJ – Lordstown built Cruze has record-breaking sales

“General Motors says it sold 25,975 Cruzes in August.  That tops the previous record month, April of 2011, by 915 vehicles.”

WKBN – Cruze sales set all-time record in August

“GM announced two weeks ago they will invest $200 million into the Lordstown plant in order to continue manufacturing the Cruze and a more compact version of the car.”

WYTV – Cruze sales set all-time record in August

“‘The single message Chevrolet communicated this summer was ‘confidence’ and it rang true with customers when they saw how our product lineup is being transformed,’ said Kurt McNeil, vice president of U.S. sales operations.”

WYFX – Cruze sales set all-time record in August

“GM sold 240,520 vehicles total in August and Chevy accounted for 169,978 of those sales. Three other Chevy cars— the Spark, Sonic and Volt— all posted its best month ever.” 

DOUBLING DOWN: After Calling Brown’s Auto Rescue Vote “Un-American,” Now Josh Mandel Says Sherrod Should Be “Ashamed Of Himself” For Bold Rescue Package

Last Week Mandel Launched “Lengthy, Detailed Assault” On Auto Rescue After Refusing To Take A Position For More Than A Year

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Less than a week after finally revealing his opposition to the auto rescue by calling Sen. Sherrod Brown’s vote for the rescue package “un-American,” Josh Mandel has made it clear he has no intention of backtracking. Instead of walking back his despicable personal attack on Sen. Brown, Mandel’s “doubling down” and declaring that Sherrod should be “ashamed of himself” for voting for the bold rescue package that helped to protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs.

The Sun Star-Courier reports:

Ohio Treasurer and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel doubled down on criticisms he made earlier in the week of  his opponent, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, after he called Brown’s vote for the 2009 auto bailout “un-American.”

Just one question for Josh Mandel: What exactly was un-American about voting to help protect 850,000 Ohio jobs?

“Josh Mandel wouldn’t have lifted a finger to rescue Ohio’s auto industry, and in contrast to his opposition to fighting for Ohio’s middle class and his despicable personal attacks on Sherrod, Sen. Brown is proud to have led the charge to pass the auto rescue package and proud of the jobs it helped to protect,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “Josh Mandel should be ashamed of himself. His wildly out of touch assault on the auto rescue is an insult to the 850,000 Ohioans whose jobs it helped to protect and proof that he’s a politician who can’t be trusted to fight for Ohio jobs.”


Toledo Auto Workers Denounce Josh Mandel For Launching “Lengthy, Detailed Assault” On Auto Rescue & Calling Sen. Brown’s Vote For Rescue Package “Un-American”

TOLEDO, OHIO – Today in Toledo, auto workers denounced Senate candidate Josh Mandel’s newly-revealed opposition to the auto rescue and his despicable charge that Sen. Sherrod Brown’s vote for the rescue package was “un-American.”

From the United Auto Workers Local 14 Hall, state Rep. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo), UAW Region 2B Assistant Director Stephen Kemp, Yolanda Liggons, a 17-year General Motors employee who works at the Toledo Transmission Plant and UAW Local 14 President Ray Wood decried Mandel’s outrageous attack on the cost of the auto rescue when he said that it hadn’t worked and suggested an alternative: that GM and Chrysler could ” go down whatever road they thought was feasible,” during an editorial board meeting with The Columbus Dispatch.

“There’s a reason the Assembly Complex and Transmission plants are thriving today, and it’s because folks like Sen. Sherrod Brown led the charge to rescue the American auto industry, helping to protect thousands of Toledo auto jobs and nearly 850,000 jobs in total across our state,” said UAW Region 2-B Assistant Director Stephen Kemp. “Sherrod’s opponent, Josh Mandel, had no such foresight. Josh Mandel, who has spent month after month refusing to even discuss the auto rescue, has finally shown his true colors. Josh Mandel owes the people of Toledo more than an apology affords, and he owes the people of Ohio an explanation.”

UAW Local 14 President Ray Wood praised Sen. Brown for leading the charge to rescue the auto industry, and highlighted its resurgence in Toledo and across Ohio.

“If Sen. Brown hadn’t fought to secure short-term loans for General Motors and Chrysler, the American automakers would have been devastated. Plant doors would have shuttered closed, the Toledo economy would have been devastated and nearly 850,000 Ohioans whose jobs are tied to the industry could have faced cutbacks or unemployment. But Sherrod Brown did fight, to secure those critical loans, to rescue GM and Chrysler, and now they’re posting soaring profits. The industry is thriving,” said UAW Local 14 President Ray Wood, adding that, “Toledo’s not the only community benefiting from the resurgent American auto industry. Just last week, GM announced that it would invest $220 million into its Lordstown and Parma plants to build the next generation of Chevy Cruze vehicles.”

Yolanda Liggons, a mother, grandmother, and 17-year Auto Worker for General Motors at the Toledo Transmission Plant, discussed being laid off before Sherrod fought to secure critical loans that prevented the American auto industry from collapsing altogether.

“When Chrysler and General Motors were faced with the prospect of bankruptcy, the companies were forced to lay off thousands of longtime employees. Around the same time my husband, who also works for GM, was diagnosed with cancer, I was laid off,” Yolanda Liggons said. “I remember how terrifying it felt, as if it were yesterday. First it felt like a break, and I was happy to be at my husband’s side, but then reality set it and I realized I didn’t know if I’d ever get back to work again. For 2 ½ years, I experienced that every day.”

Liggons added, “So when Josh Mandel says that it was “un-American” to vote for the auto rescue package that Sherrod Brown fought tirelessly for, I have just one question for him: what exactly is un-American about fighting for families like mine? Thanks to champions like Sherrod Brown, who led the charge to rescue the American auto industry, I’m back on the job, and GM and Chrysler are back in business.”

State Rep. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) denounced Mandel for his despicable personal attack on Sen. Brown.

“Josh Mandel’s opposition to the auto rescue that helped to protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs is an insult to folks here in Toledo and across our state. His blistering attack on the auto industry is out of touch with Ohio’s middle class, and that’s why he’s resorted to a despicable personal attack on Sherrod Brown that has no place in our political discourse,” said state Rep. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo). “Between his despicable ‘un-American’ charge, his ‘lengthy, detailed assault’ on the auto rescue and his months-long refusal to come clean about his opposition to it, it’s clearer than ever before that Josh Mandel is not on the side of Ohio’s middle class and a politician who can’t be trusted.”


Ohio Democratic Party Announces Certified Delegates for Democratic National Convention

Ohio Democratic Party Announces Certified Delegates for Democratic National Convention

COLUMBUS, OHIO- Today, the Ohio Democratic Party announced the members of the Ohio Delegation, as certified by the Democratic National Committee, for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. The Convention will be held September 3-6, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The demographic composition goals of Ohio’s Democratic Delegation were determined by using a combination of 2010 Census Data and the CNN National Exit Poll conducted in November, 2008, in which respondents indicated their vote for President. The Ohio Democratic Party exceeded its goals in almost every category. More information on the representation goals is available in the 2012 Delegate Selection Plan.

Ohio’s delegation to the national convention will include 65 African Americans, 26 Young Democrats (under age 35), 15 LGBT, 11 Hispanic Americans, 6 Asian Pacific Islanders, 4 people with disabilities, and 1 Native American.

The youngest members of the Ohio Delegation, as certified by the DNC, include Kevin Bloomfield (19) of Columbus, Therese Kilbane Myers (19) of Cleveland, Jake Young (19) of Columbus, Daniella Chambers (18) of Ada, and Dan Traicoff (20) of Cincinnati.

Ruby Gilliam of Minerva is the oldest member of the Ohio Delegation and attended the 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008 National Democratic Conventions.

The full list is available online as a download here.

The Ohio Delegation, as certified, is as follows:

Regina A. Collins

Drusilla Ice

Shawn Alan Robaszkiewicz

Therese Kilbane Myers

Matt Besser

Elizabeth Brown

Daniel R. Ramos

Mark Schneider

Kevin M. Bloomfield

James Bird

Charlene W. Allen

Jennie Rosenthal Berliant

Karen Aronoff-Holtmeier

Paul De Marco

Linda Mansour

David J. Betras

Donald H. Nguyen

Francine Lawrence

Baldemar C. Velasquez

Patricia Frost-Brooks

Valarie J. McCall

Lana Z. Moresky

Dennis R. Wilcox

Tim Burga

Albert Lin

John A. Lyall

Gary V. Martin

Karen A. Morrison

Penny M. Tipps

Isabel Framer

Christopher Alan Mabe

Nick “Sonny” Nardi

W. Craig Bashein

Jack Landskroner

Lourdes Barroso de Padilla

Thomas J. Grote

Melissa K. Hedden

Suzanne J. Scrutton

Rebecca Williams

John L. Frola

Dan Dodd

Ruby C. Gilliam

Kathy B. Bowman

Janet A. Carlisle

Brigid Kelly

Terry Penrod

Lakshmi Satyanarayana

Roberto Torres

Michael Wager

Lauren Michelle Kinsey

John A. Boccieri

Elizabeth Shirey

Jake Young

Gabriel Michel Fletcher

Alicia M. Reece

Sally B. Steagall

Dan Traicoff

Edward Wagner

Bernadette Watson

Alan Gregory Barlow

Alta Mae Beasley

Teresa Lee Montgomery

P.G. Sittenfeld

Russell M. Joseph

Marcia R. Knox

Gen Murphy

Thomas J. Ritchie Sr.

Johnny Givand

Mary P. Malone

Randy Weston

Daniella M. Chambers

Marcus Landon Sherrell

Beverly J. Spetz

Sandra L. Wise

Mike Zickar

Allyson P. Beard

Diane L. Conroy

Jeremy Eikenberry

Ed D. Good

C. Denise Leach

Spencer Christian Young

Edna Jean Harper

Steven W. Key

Teresa Ann Law

Leslie Howard Young

Steve Hightower

Stephen Hightower II

Cathina M. Hourani

Deloris Rome Hudson

Edna R. Brown

Michael Lewis Friedman

Yvonne Harper

Gary Johnson

Andrea L. Jones

Kathy L. Rollison

Ronald R. Rothenbuhler

George R. Tucker

Kurt M. Young

Nickie J. Antonio

Dona Brady

Mary L. Devring

Steven E Holecko

Dale Miller

Michael O’Shea

Angela Paige Shuckahosee

Dean DePiero

Matt Zone

John E. Barnes, Jr.

Louise Bryan Buchanan

Phyllis E. Cleveland

Yvonne Marie Conwell

Blaine Antoine Griffin

Anthony T. Hairston

Stephanie Howse

Jeffrey David Johnson

Pernel Jones, Jr.

Julian A. Rogers

Gigi Traore

Meredith Turner

Nina Turner

Robert A. Davis

R. Sean Grayson

Tracy Maxwell Heard

Mary Ann Howell

Niranhan Neil Patel

Tei Street

Mark Ballard

Michael D. Bauer

Nicholas John Hanek

Tamela Lee

Richard Romero

Mary H. Sobah

Margaret Stambaugh

Ann M. Tanner

Susan B. Brannan

Kevin David Malecek

Diana A. Nazelli

Tomas Stone

John Patrick Carney

Emerald Hernandez

Gretchen D. James

Larry L. Malone, Jr.

Edithia Spears

Michael Stinziano

Susie M. Camper

William J. Healy (II)

Roberta Jean Skok

Robert L. Thompson Sr.

Jaladah Aslam

Deborha Bindas

Capri S Cafaro

Timothy Callion

John Filak

George Freeman, Jr.

Robert F. Hagan

Tom BJ Letson

Sean Tyrone McKinney

Judith E. Puskar

Tara L. Samples

Taylor Beeler

David Kolbe

Mary C. Rugola-Dye

Sandra S. Shonborn

Eric H. Kearney

Chris S. Seelbach

Yvette R. Simpson

Nan Whaley

Debbie M. Phillips

Wade P. Kapszukiewicz

Edward Fitzgerald

Clayton R. Luckie

Barbara Boyd

Armond Budish

Michelle Mills

Sandra R. Williams

Joyce B. Beatty

Frances Strickland

Ted Strickland

Charleta B. Tavares

Wayne M. Jones

Chase M. Ritenauer

Vernon L. Sykes

Sara L. Drew

Michael B. Coleman

Kathleen M. Clyde

Richard C. Kerns

Marco Somerville

Larry Malone

Pam O’Grady

Gayle I. Horwitz

Karen Poore

Roland Winburn

Alan Melamed

Bill Mason

Geveva M. Bates

Amber Jacott

Alex Huguelet

Bill Leibensperger

Richard Lum

Kevin Baxter

Lauren Groh-Wargo

Melissa Cropper

Lupe Williams

Chris Redfern

Joe P. Rugola

Ron Malone

Mark Mallory

Jay Goyal

Fred Strahorn

Rhine McLin

Enid Goubeaux

Jocelyn Bucaro

CJ Prentiss

William P. DeMora

Kathy Malone

Veda Rugola

Lynnie Powell

Todd M. Rensi

David Wilhelm

Betty Sutton

Tim Ryan

Marcy Kaptur

Dennis Kucinich

Marcia Fudge

Sherrod Brown

Radio Interview Opportunities With Members of the Ohio Delegation During the Democratic National Convention

From Monday, Sept. 3, to Friday, Sept.7 Ohio Delegation Call-In Radio Opportunities Available from Convention


COLUMBUS, OHIO – From Monday, September 3, to Friday, September 7, members of the Ohio Delegation will be in Charlotte, North Carolina to participate in the Democratic National Convention, and officially nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for President.


Opportunities for call-in interviews with members of the Ohio Delegation are available Monday through Friday mornings of next week. For more information on the individual members of the Ohio Delegation, a media guide of headshots and short biographies is available for download here.


Morning interviews with members of the Ohio Delegation will be available next week, Monday through Friday, between 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM.


To schedule an interview with a member of the Ohio Delegation, please








Paid for and authorized by the Ohio Democratic Party, not authorized by any federal candidate or campaign committee. David Pepper, Chairman, 340 East Fulton St, Columbus, Ohio 43215.