In Light of New Harassment Case, Democratic Women Renew Demand For Independent Investigation of DeWine’s Office

COLUMBUS – Today, Kathy DiCristofaro, Chair of the Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus, reiterated demands for an independent investigation into Mike DeWine’s handling of harassment cases in his office. In a new case uncovered this week, an attorney repeatedly threatened a legal secretary with physical violence. Previously, ODWC members demanded an independent investigation into a mishandled claim of sexual harassment of a female intern. In response to this latest revelation, ODWC Chairwoman Kathy DiCristofaro released the following statement:

“There’s a culture of harassment in the Attorney General’s office, and Mike DeWine is doing next to nothing about it. We now have a second case involving senior DeWine aides where key people ultimately were not punished. Women – and all Ohioans – deserve an independent investigation of these incidents and DeWine’s process for handling them.”


On Thursday, the Associated Press uncovered that an attorney in DeWine’s Employment Law section had repeatedly threatened a legal secretary with violence, making comments such as “You know you will do your job or you will be smacked,” and “You know there is nothing more fun than smacking a woman — that is, except for punching them.”

The attorney was disciplined, but remains an employee of the office.

Timothy Lecklider, a senior DeWine aide and section chief, was aware of the incidents. An internal investigation found that Lecklider failed to report them, which was a violation of office policy. In an unusual move, Lecklider’s case reinvestigated and the original finding was overturned. This was the first time in at least five years such a finding was overturned in a harassment case.

Lecklider is a longtime Republican officeholder in Dublin, Ohio, where he currently serves as a member of city council.

DeWine’s office botched a prior sexual harassment case. An intern alleged that a senior male employee who was a close, personal friend DeWine behaved inappropriately towards her. Despite his alleged close ties to the harasser, DeWine personally interfered with the investigation and demanded the name of a witness who had been promised confidentiality. Shortly thereafter, the investigation was closed without identifying the harasser.

To Make Case For Re-Election, Newest Mandel Ad Cites Plain Dealer Endorsement of Connie Pillich

COLUMBUS – Today, Josh Mandel’s re-election campaign released its latest TV ad.  In asking for Ohio’s vote for re-election, the Pants on Fire champion has actually managed to break new ground: he cites the Plain Dealer’s endorsement of Connie Pillich for Ohio Treasurer.

Ohio Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Brian Hester released the following statement in response:

“Yet again Josh Mandel goes out of his way to highlight why independent fact checkers call him the “Pants on Fire” champion.  Apparently Mandel didn’t realize the Plain Dealer endorsed Connie Pillich for Treasurer.  He must have also missed the times the paper said his decisions ‘smell of self-promotion’ or go ‘beyond typical political whoring’, too.  Today’s ad is another example of why the Cincinnati Enquirer called him ‘the worst kind of politician’.  Regardless, we appreciate his decision to highlight that independent observers recommend choosing Connie this November.”


“Campaign attacks give Josh Mandel Pants on Fire crown” As noted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “the free-swinging strategy has made Mandel the Pants on Fire leader of PolitiFact Ohio.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 06/29/2012]

Josh Mandel Lying to Get Elected As explained on NBC 4, “Republican Josh Mandel is being roundly criticized these days by newspaper columnists and editorial boards for wallowing in the mud and running a smarmy campaign.  But Mandel’s campaign drumbeat shows no sign of change, and the candidate is pressing on with claims against his opponent that some of found to be untrue.” [NBC 4, 06/19/2012]

Again, Mandel caught repeating claims discredited by multiple fact-checkers.    In a recent fact-check of Josh Mandel’s TV ad, “Strong Finances”, the Plain Dealer wrote that the ad claims Ohio’s finances ranked 43rd in the nation in 2010 and are now seventh best. ThePlain Dealer concluded that the two studies were not an “apples to apples” comparison, and neither study was of factors that the State Treasurer can influence.    The Plain Dealer said Mandel was, at worst, “unnecessarily and misleadingly padding his resume.”  [Source:  Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/9/2014), “Josh Mandel’s accomplishments embellished in TV ad: Truth in Numbers.”]

WBNS in Columbus also found that Mandel’s claim was “not accurate” as the study did not cite anything related to Mandel’s office as a factor in its rankings.  [Source: WBNS (10/7/2014).]

John Kasich’s Policies Bad Medicine for Ohio Women

New ad deceives on Kasich’s record of attacking women’s health

COLUMBUS- This morning, the Kasich-Taylor campaign released an ad featuring Dr. Alice Epitropoulos, in which she claimed that the Kasich Administration’s policies were favorable to women’s health, completely misleading on Kasich’s awful record on women’s issues that has received national attention throughout his first term.  What the Kasich campaign did not disclose in its ad was that, regardless of the stethoscope she is wearing, Dr. Epitropoulos is not a general practitioner, nor does she practice women’s health. Instead, she is a registered Republican, a Kasich contributor, and an eye surgeon.

Dr. Epitropoulos donated to Kasich’s campaign in 2010 after the Strickland Administration liquidated the health insurance company she was running because it was financially insolvent. [Source: Columbus Dispatch (8/21/2009), “Physicians’ Assurance Corp. liquidated”; Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance Database Website (accessed 10/14/2014), Dr. Alice Epitropoulos donation to Kasich Taylor for Ohio on 5/18/2010]

In response to Governor Kasich’s misleading ad on his record on women’s health issues, Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Meredith Tucker released the following statement:

“In just his first term, Governor Kasich packed the State Medical Board with anti-choice leaders, fought in federal court to block women from getting insurance coverage for contraceptive care, placed a gag order on rape crisis centers, blocked public hospitals from arranging required transfer agreements with women’s health clinics, and made it harder for Planned Parenthood, the most successful organization that provides breast and cervical cancer screenings, from getting state funding. Regardless of Kasich’s misleading ad, Ohioans are well aware that 100,000 women who now have access to health care in Ohio is due to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, a law that Governor Kasich adamantly opposed during his 2010 campaign. ”


Reuters: Kasich Budget “Allows Public Funding For Rape Crisis Clinics To Be Suspended If They Counsel Victims On Abortion Options” According to Reuters “The provision effectively strips funding from Planned Parenthood, blocks public hospitals from arranging transfer agreements with abortion clinics and requires abortion providers to provide ultra sounds on women seeking abortions.  It also allows public funding for rape crisis clinics to be suspended if they counsel victims on abortion options.” [Reuters, 6/30/13]

Cincinnati Rape Crisis Center Founder: “Passage Of Budget Shows That Legislators Don’t Care About Women Or Children.”  According to Jill W. Bley, founder of Women Helping Women/ Cincinnati Rape Crisis Center, in an article appearing in the Cincinnati Enquirer, “Their (Ohio Republicans) action trampled on the First Amendment freedom of speech by threatening to take away state funding if a rape-crisis advocate mentions abortion to a woman.  The “budget” requires a woman to have an ultrasound… defunds Planned Parenthood for non-abortion-related family-planning money; and bars public hospitals from having transfer agreements with abortion clinics, forcing the clinics to try to make agreements with private hospitals. Most private hospitals are owned by religious organizations opposed to abortions.  They are trying to get rid of Planned Parenthood, which provides family-planning information and contraceptives to everyone. Family planning dramatically reduces the number of abortions.  They claim that they want to reduce spending, but they are requiring an ultrasound, an unnecessary medical procedure that someone has to pay for. They claim that they are not waging a war on women, but they deny them their right to choose and their right to safe medical care and treat women as if they are naïve children by forcing them to have an ultrasound, for which there is no medical reason. They lie about scientific evidence concerning women, which has been a method used to support their religious and anti-woman beliefs for decades. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/12/13]

Abortion clinics struggling to stay open under new rules, even in Ohio’s large cities, advocate says: Both cases are related to a requirement that all ambulatory surgical centers in Ohio — regardless of what procedures they provide — have a patient transfer agreement with a local hospital in the event complications arise. An ambulatory center may also apply for a waiver, but must get its alternative plan approved by the state Health Department. But the rules for abortion clinics changed in 2013 with passage of the state budget bill. Included in that bill was language forbidding public hospitals from entering into transfer agreements with abortion clinics. [Plain Dealer, 8/15/2014]

Governor’s Funding Cuts Make It Harder For Poor Women To Receive Basic Health Services: “One provision shoehorned into the budget pushes Planned Parenthood to the back of the line for state money for preventative health grants, behind local public health departments that often don’t have the same expertise or experience in providing breast and cervical screenings and reproductive care. This will make it harder for women, especially poorer women, to receive basic health services.” [The Plain Dealer, 7/13/13]

Doctors Say Kasich is Making it Harder to Give Their Best Medical Advice to Expectant Mothers: “Some doctors say new laws limiting abortions in Ohio are interfering with the care they give women facing heartbreaking circumstances. Even those who oppose abortion say that before giving their best medical advice, they may need to call a lawyer…’Doctors can’t give their best advice in some situations because of possible repercussions of the law,’ Dr. Phil Cass, chief executive officer of the Columbus Medical Association,” [Columbus Dispatch, 2/9/2014]

  • And Even Pro-Life Doctors Agree: “..doctors — even those who personally oppose abortion — now feel they must consult a lawyer before dispensing medical advice to their patients….’Nobody likes to end a pregnancy for a fetal problem,’ [Dr.] Melillo said. ‘But it’s worse to leave a patient without medical care because doctors are afraid of violating the law.'” [Salon, 2/21/2014]

Kasich Has Failed to Promote Medicaid Expansion: Ohio’s Department of Job and Family services still doesn’t promote expanded Medicaid eligibility requirements on their websites, which would make health care coverage available to thousands of an Ohioans. [ODJFS Website]

Kasich’s most recent biennium budget contained “the most onerous restrictions on reproductive rights in the country.”  The new budget “plays politics with Ohio women’s freedom and health by effectively forcing clinics that perform abortions to close, and by denying public money to rape crisis centers that counsel sex-assault victims about abortion.

“The budget relegates Planned Parenthood, which provides the only health care that many Ohio women get, to the back of the line for federal funding of family planning services. The medical experts in the legislature declare in the budget that a fetus develops “from the moment of conception” and dictate to doctors, under penalty of prosecution, how they must treat pregnant patients.”  [Source: Toledo Blade editorial (7/7/2013), “Statehouse gang throws Ohio in reverse.”]

Kasich appoint members of Ohio Right to Life to the State Medical Board. A guest columnist highlighted how “Gov. John Kasich is undermining the medical board and the medical profession in two troubling ways” with the State budget and a trio of appointments to the State Medical Board.  [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer (12/21/2013), “Gov. Kasich undermines State Medical Board with pro-life appointments.”]

Kasich’s additional funding for cervical and breast cancer screening estimated to generate only about $600,000 a year.  HB 112, which Kasich signed into law back in July 2013, allows taxpayers to donate a part of their refund to fund screenings with the State matching the donation. “The [Ohio income tax return] check-off is expected to generate more than $150,000 for screenings, and Kasich announced that the state would provide a three-to-one match for contributions, up to $1 million.”  With the State match, that would mean HB 112 is expected to raise $600,000.  [Source: Youngstown Vindicator (10/26/2013), “Kasich touts new funding for breast, cervical cancer screenings.”]

The 100,000 Ohio women who have gotten health insurance who previously lacked it is due to the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid and virtually all of the funding for it comes from the federal government.  “More than 153,000 Ohio women between the ages of 19 and 44 could gain health insurance coverage if Ohio expands the Medicaid program under health reform.” [Source: Policy Matters Ohio (5/2013), “Mothers and Medicaid.”]

Before taking office, Governor-elect John Kasich said “ObamaCare must be blocked.”  In November 2010, then Governor-elect John Kasich signed a Tea Party supported State constitutional amendment to try to block the Affordable Care Act.  In touting his support, Governor-elect Kasich said: “Obamacare must be blocked … Ohioans deserve a solution to health care that doesn’t bring more big government.” [Source: Hocking Hills Tea Party Website (11/9/2010), “Governor-elect, John Kasich Signs the Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment.”]

Ohio women reportedly earn 77 cents for every dollar a male earns in the State.  “In Ohio, a woman who holds a full-time job is paid, on average, $35,984 per year while a man who holds a full-time job is paid $46,789 per year. This means that women in Ohio are paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to a yearly wage gap of $10,805 between men and women who work full time in the state.” [Source: National Partnership for Women & Families Fact Sheet (4/2014), “Ohio Women and the Wage Gap.”]

In 2009, the Strickland Administration liquidated Dr. Epitropoulos health insurance company due to its poor finances.  The Ohio Department of Insurance successfully sued The Physicians Assurance Corporation in Franklin County Common Pleas Court and obtain an order for its liquidation due to its poor finances. [Source: Ohio Department of Insurance Fact Sheet (8/26/2009).]  The failure of the insurance company left 350 central Ohio employers scrambling to find new health insurance carriers.  [Source: Columbus Dispatch (8/21/2009), “Physicians’ Assurance Corp. liquidated”]  The roughly 100 investors in the failed insurance company, mostly physicians, lost an estimated $5.6 million in the venture. [Source: Columbus Business First (8/24/2009)]

Husted Using Office to Assist Campaign

Husted borrows from Mandel playbook

COLUMBUS- After putting his name four times on absentee ballot mailings mailed to most Ohio registered voters and sending unsolicited mass emails touting last-minute, election-year improvements to the online business services, Husted has ordered every county Board of Elections to display posters in every polling location which prominently feature Husted’s name.   Reportedly, Husted’s office is even refusing requests by Board of Elections to allow his name to be covered up in polling locations to avoid the appearance of electioneering while he is on the ballot.

In response to Husted’s use of the office to assist his campaign, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement:

“While making it harder to vote this year, Jon Husted has made it easier for him to cheat by abusing his office to campaign in polling places.  Jon Husted is abusing his office by forcing Board of Elections to allow him to electioneer at a polling place.  There is no valid official reason for every voter to be forced to see Husted’s name at a polling place except to help his campaign. ”

Yost Campaign Files Yet Another Bogus Complaint

Yost Threatens to Take FCC Licenses over Critical Ad

COLUMBUS- Late Thursday, the Yost campaign attempted to threaten Ohio television stations’ FCC broadcasting licenses for airing a Carney for Ohio ad criticizing Yost for signing a contract to provide $7 per cup of coffee for coffee breaks at a waste and fraud conference.  To date, no television station has pulled the ads from broadcast.  This morning, the Ohio Democratic Party released a web video “We’re Not Buying It” which highlights Yost’s hypocrisy in his ad and his campaign’s response to John Patrick Carney’s campaign ad.

Last Friday, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission alleging, under oath, that John Patrick Carney’s campaign for State Auditor was using the wrong disclaimer in the Carney campaign’s first paid television ad highlighting Carney’s record of bipartisan leadership in Ohio. However, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, the entire complaint was due to the failure of Secretary of State’s office to update its online campaign finance database of a filing Carney’s campaign filed over a year ago.

Despite the fact that ORP’s complaint has been proven to be entirely baseless, the Ohio Elections Commission confirmed that as of 10:00 a.m. Friday, the Ohio Republican Party still has yet to withdraw the complaint.

In response to the latest false complaint pushed by Republican Dave Yost and the Ohio Republican Party, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement:

“Dave Yost is a self-proclaimed ‘lightweight’ when it comes to standing up to his Republican Party bosses, which is why he refused to do a financial audit of JobsOhio, and failed to prevent horribly gerrymandered districts from being approved on the Apportionment Board.  As an avid campaigner for Kasich’s Senate Bill 5, Dave Yost should remember what a false ad actually looks like, such as the pro-SB 5 ad in 2011 which TV stations chose to pull off the air. It’s time for Dave Yost and the Ohio Republican Party to stop wasting the time of Ohio’s television stations and the Ohio Elections Commission with their frivolous complaints against John Patrick Carney’s campaign for State Auditor.”


Yost failed to call out his own party when it ran deceptive ads about SB 5 that were pulled, but openly campaigned for it.  In 2011, television stations did pull from the air a misleading ad of the pro-SB 5 campaign in which the campaign took a private citizen’s endorsement of the anti-SB5 We Are Ohio campaign and manipulated it to make it appear as if she supported SB 5.  [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/12/2011), “Television stations pulling SB5 commercial over concerns it is misleading.”]  Around the same time, Yost was willing to give SB 5 his full throated endorsement, but never publically called out the campaign for its deceptive ad.  [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/1/2011), “Retain Senate Bill 5.”]

Yost admitted that he failed to speak out against partisan gerrymandering by his own party because he’s “a lightweight.”  In an editorial board joint interview, Dave Yost defended his failure to do anything in the Apportionment Board to fight for fair districts by saying: “anyone that thinks that I could go into that room and cause something different to happen isn’t paying attention.”  [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/2/2014), “Ohio Auditor Dave Yost and challenger John Patrick Carney fight over JobsOhio, redistricting and coffee.”]

Matt Borges was Yost’s campaign manager in 2010 despite admitting to engaging in improper use of a State office in a play-to-pay scandal in the State Treasurer’s Office in 2004. [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer (5/14/12); Cincinnati Enquirer (7/28/04), “Deters cleared, aides guilty: Treasurer’s former chief of staff and fund-raiser plead.”)

FACT CHECK: Kasich-Taylor Campaign Releases Blatantly False Web Ad on Economy

Yesterday, the Kasich-Taylor campaign released a web ad, “Ohio’s Comeback.”  The web makes no citation for any of its claims, most likely because many of the asserted claims by Governor Kasich on the economy are blatantly untrue and extremely misleading.

In response to the Governor’s false political ad, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement:

“When John Kasich came into office, Ohio was creating jobs and leading the nation in economic recovery.  With Kasich behind the wheel, Ohio is stuck in neutral and working families and hurting while the Governor entertains delusional fantasizes of being President.  Kasich’s policies have failed to create the jobs Ohioans need, all while shifting the tax burden onto middle class families.”


FALSE CLAIM #1: “4 years ago … Ohio was 48th in job growth.”

FACT:  By the time of the November 2010 election, Ohio was 18th in job creation with a job creation rate (1.02%) nearly twice the national rate (.54%) over the 12-month period.  Now, Ohio ranks 41st in job growth (.58%), which is less than a third of the national job creation rate compared to 12 months prior.  [Source: Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business, Job Growth USA website (not seasonally adjusted figures.)]

FALSE CLAIM #2: “4 years ago… highest unemployment rate in history.”

FACT: At the height of the 2008-2009 recession, Ohio’s unemployment rate peaked at 10.6% from July 2009 until February 2010.  However, Ohio’s unemployment rate exceeded that from December 1981-October 1983, where Ohio’s unemployment rate peaked at 13.9%.  The video also ignores that the unemployment rate in Ohio has gone up over the summer back to the same levels as in April. [Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (seasonally adjusted)]

FALSE CLAIM #3: “4 years ago…$8 billion projected budget shortfall.”

FACT: This claim is the biggest lie in Ohio political history.  Ohio has a constitutional requirement to balance the budget.  In fact, the last Strickland Administration budget ended with a surplus.  As the Plain Dealer reported, using the term “deficit” when describing “one time” money was inaccurate when it concluded that “what once seemed true is now evolving as we learn more.”  The Plain Dealer resolved that the entire claim was based on “faulty assumptions” regarding the state’s revenues, expenses, and economic growth made by Tim Keen, Kasich’s Director of Budget and Management.

FALSE CLAIM #4: “4 years ago… only $0.89 Cents in Ohio’s Rainy Day Fund.”

FACTS:  This claim ignores “that first payment the Kasich administration made to the rainy-day fund — $246.9 million in July of 2011 — came at the completion of the last two-year budget former Gov. Ted Strickland signed into law.”  Kasich’s claim ignores that Strickland left a substantial surplus that replenished the rainy day fund.  [Source: Columbus Dispatch (7/11/2013).]

FALSE CLAIM #5: Kasich in 2010: “300,000 Ohioans have no job.”

FACT:  As of August 2014, 323,811 Ohioans are unemployed and that figure does not include how many of the 90,759 Ohioans that have dropped out of the labor market since Kasich took office who dropped out because they simply gave up looking for a job in Ohio. [Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (seasonally adjusted)].

FALSE CLAIM #6: Fox News Host Chris Wallace: “Your state has been the number five job creator in the nation and number one in the Midwest.”

Ohio presently ranks as 41st in job creation. [Source: Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business, Job Growth USA website (not seasonally adjusted figures.)]

Ohio has the lowest job creation rate in the region. Ohio’s job creation rate for the past twelve months is half of West Virginia’s and nearly a third of Kentucky’s or Michigan’s, according to the Governor’s Office of Budget and Management.  [Source: Ohio Office of Budget & Management, September Monthly Financial Report, pg. 4]

After losing nearly 3,000 jobs in May, the revised July figure showed Ohio lost 8,600 jobs—the second largest monthly job loss in the nation.  Ohio actually has fewer jobs now than in April.  [Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (revised July data)(seasonally adjusted.)]

Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Statement On The One Year Anniversary of The “We Won’t Go Back” Rally

Today, October 2nd, 2014, marks the one year anniversary of the “We Won’t Go Back” rally, where people from all across the state gathered outside the Ohio Statehouse to stand together against the anti-women agenda being pushed through the legislature by the Kasich Administration. In response, Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Chairwoman Kathy DiCristofaro, and Ohio Democratic County Party Chairs Association President Janet Carson jointly released the following statement:

“It was one year ago that people from all across Ohio gathered at the Statehouse to send a clear message to Governor Kasich: No matter how many anti-women bills he signs trying to take women’s rights back to the 1950’s, “We Won’t Go Back.” Throughout the past four years of John Kasich as Governor, he’s proven again and again that he is wrong on the issues that matter to women and their families: paycheck fairness, access to women’s health care, a strong public education system, and good-paying jobs that earn a living wage.

“We are proud to support our statewide ticket, half of whom are women, and will be the strongest advocates for Ohio families. Over the next 33 days, our focus remains turning out voters to elect Ed FitzGerald, Sharen Neuhardt and the rest of our Democratic candidates.”

Ohio Republican Party Still Pursuing Frivolous Complaint Again John Patrick Carney

Entire Complaint Based on Jon Husted’s Incompetence

COLUMBUS- On Friday, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission alleging, under oath, that John Patrick Carney’s campaign for State Auditor was using the wrong disclaimer in the Carney campaign’s first paid television ad highlighting Carney’s record of bipartisan leadership in Ohio. However, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, the entire complaint was due to the failure of Secretary of State’s office to update its online campaign finance database of a filing Carney’s campaign filed over a year ago.

Despite the fact that complaint has been proven to be entirely baseless, the Ohio Elections Commission confirmed that as of 9:00 a.m. today, the Ohio Republican Party has yet to withdraw the complaint. In response to the Ohio Republican Party’s refusal to dismiss its entirely baseless complaint, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement:

“The Republicans need to stop wasting the time of the Ohio Elections Commission and admit that their Chairman lied under oath in an entirely baseless, partisan attack.  And if they refuse, it’s time for State Auditor Dave Yost to denounce this complete waste of everyone’s time by his Party.”


Matt Borges was Yost’s campaign manager in 2010 despite admitting to engaging in improper use of a State office in a play-to-pay scandal in the State Treasurer’s Office in 2004. [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer (5/14/12); Cincinnati Enquirer (7/28/04), “Deters cleared, aides guilty: Treasurer’s former chief of staff and fund-raiser plead.”]

After Last Minute Appeal by Ohio Republicans, Early Voting is Delayed

COLUMBUS- This afternoon, Monday, September 29th, 2014, the United States Supreme Court granted Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine and Secretary of State Jon Husted’s motion for an emergency stay, placing early voting on hold–an eleventh hour change the night before early voting was set to begin. In response to the news that Early Vote won’t begin until October 7th, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the disastrous 2004 election, when Ohio was thrust into the national spotlight for mismanagement of Ohio election rules and procedures, a national embarrassment and horrible experience for Ohio voters. These early voting hours and the availability of same-day registration were specifically created to address those problems, and thanks to DeWine and Husted, we are right back where we started. This is an unfortunate loss for Ohio voters, and the Ohio Republicans who have been fighting tooth-and-nail to erode early voting hours should be ashamed.”

Did Matt Borges Commit Perjury in Federal Court?

Longtime Political Consultant Terry Casey Testifies 

of Republican Plot to Block Libertarian Candidates from Ballot 

COLUMBUS – This morning, longtime Republican political consultant and Kasich Administration political appointee Terry Casey testified in federal court that he found someone with standing to challenge the Libertarian Party candidates’ petitions and hired the law firm who pushed Charlie Earl, the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor off the ballot.  While Casey denied the Kasich campaign “assigned” him the project, Casey admitted that he personally blind carbon copied top Kasich campaign staffers in emails about challenging Earl’s candidate petition.  In at least one email with Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office, Casey stated that he was, in fact, acting on behalf of the Kasich campaign, but today tried to claim he overstated the connection to draw attention to his email within the Secretary of State’s office.

Casey was appointed to chair the Ohio Board of Personnel Review by Governor Kasich shortly after taking office.  Casey is the former executive director of the Franklin County Party and now a media consultant for the party. [Source: Columbus Dispatch (1/22/2011), “Kasich alters order on work rights.”]  Casey worked on the Governor’s 2010 campaign and currently makes $70,000 a year from his appointment.  [Source:  Associated Press (9/2/2014), “Libertarians protest Kasich ties to ballot decision.”]

Back in February, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges told the press he was familiar with the challenge against Earl’s petition because “I think we were the ones that filed the complaint.”  [Source: Marc Kovac, Ohio Capital Blog (2/28/14), “Borges Gaggle 2 of 3”].   Borges later claimed that he misspoke and testified back in March that the party had nothing to do with the challenge, going as far as to say: “Anyone who’s looking for the conspiracy behind it – it’s just not there.”  [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer (3/17/2014), “Ohio GOP chairman denies party involvement in challenges to Libertarian Charlie Earl’s candidacy.”]

In response to this latest development in Casey’s testimony, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“Today a longtime Kasich friend and senior Republican political operative testified he kept top Kasich campaign officials in the loop on his efforts to get the Libertarian candidate thrown off the ballot in order to help Governor John Kasich’s re-election efforts.  Both Matt Borges and the rest of Kasich’s re-election team took extraordinary efforts to publicly deny and hide their knowledge and involvement in blocking the Libertarian candidate from the ballot.  The question now is: was Matt Borges lying under oath when he denied any Republican involvement in this plot?”

Paid for and authorized by the Ohio Democratic Party, not authorized by any federal candidate or campaign committee. David Pepper, Chairman, 340 East Fulton St, Columbus, Ohio 43215.