Governor John Kasich Avoids His Failed Senate Bill 5 At All Costs During Republican National Convention Speech

COLUMBUS, OHIO- Tonight, during his Republican National Convention speech, Governor Kasich patted himself on the back for his bi-partisan veneer and railed against the very type of divisive politics that he and his administration practice in Ohio.  In response to Governor Kasich’s utter avoidance of his attacks on working families that were supported “110%” by Mitt Romney, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“It is absolutely hypocritical that John Kasich would decry the exact sort of divisive politics that he promotes here in Ohio, even after his attack on working class Ohioans with Senate Bill 5, which was so overwhelmingly defeated last November. Although Governor Kasich makes his best attempt to downplay the significance of Senate Bill 5’s historic defeat, Ohioans remember Governor Romney supported Kasich’s attacks ‘110%’. Later, Romney even down, adding that “[Obama] says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers… It’s time for us to cut back on government…”. While John Kasich stops at nothing to paint his illusion of “class warfare” on a national stage, it’s no coincidence that he failed to mention his own recent attempts at pitting Ohioans against each other.”


Kasich Attack Against Workers Rights Was Joined By Romney

·         Governor Mitt Romney said he was 110% behind Governor Kasich’s unfair attacks on worker’s rights. During a 2011 campaign stop in Virginia, Romney said he was unsure about other ballot initiatives in Ohio, but that he “fully supports” and was “110% behind Governor Kasich’s collective bargaining” bill. [Talking Points Memo, 10/26/12]

·         Governor Kasich’s attack on worker’s rights was handily defeated by Ohio voters. Ohioans unquestionably defeated Issue 2 voting by an overwhelming 63% margin to repeal Senate Bill 5.  [The Plain Dealer, 11/8/11]

Oh, Really? Governor Kasich’s “Ohio Story” Misses Chapter on His Own Failed Economic Policies

COLUMBUS, OHIO- In Governor John Kasich’s primetime Republican National Convention speech, he touted his so-called “Ohio story,” about Ohio’s economic comeback. Conveniently, Kasich left out the chapter about Ohio’s near continuous 30 month unemployment decline since January 2010, a full year before he took office.

In fact, Kasich often exaggerates his own record on job creation, sliding past the fact he failed to support the very auto rescue that helped protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs tied to the supply chain. Had Ohio followed John Kasich’s lead, or listened to Mitt Romney’s advice to “let Detroit go Bankrupt,” hundreds of thousands of Ohio jobs could have been at risk, including those at parts manufacturers in 80 out of 88 counties spread across the state. Because of President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown’s bold rescue of the auto industry, these auto jobs remain firmly planted in Ohio, and more investment into Ohio in the Toledo, Lordstown, Parma, and Cleveland and across the state are announced every day.

Rather than protect the auto industry, Governor Kasich has chosen to shower his friends and supporters in corporate welfare, costing Ohio taxpayers millions. In response to Governor Kasich’s misrepresentation of Ohio’s recovery, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“The real Ohio story is that our state’s unemployment rate has been in a near continuous 30-month decline since January 2010, starting a full year before Governor Kasich even took office. But rather than endorsing President Obama’s policies that have supported Ohio’s recovery, like the auto rescue that helped protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs tied to the auto industry, Kasich jumped onboard with Mitt Romney’s plan to “let Detroit go bankrupt” which would have harmed auto parts jobs in 80 out of 88 counties.

In fact, Governor Kasich wasted millions in corporate welfare to his friends, so it’s no surprise he’s a big fan of Mitt Romney’s plan to give taxpayer handouts to millionaires and billionaires while working Ohioans foot the bill. Truth be told, Kasich’s “Ohio story” is a fairy tale, and the Buckeye State is recovering in spite of Kasich, not because of him.”




Ohio Recovery Began Prior to Kasich Administration Thanks to President Obama, Sen. Sherrod Brown


    • The Ohio job recovery began in January 2010, a full year before Kasich took office. Ohio’s unemployment rate began to drop steadily starting in January 2010 from a peak of 10.6%, thanks to the policies of President Obama, and Senator Sherrod Brown. John Kasich did not take office until January 2011.  [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Retrieved 6/2/12]


    • Ohio has witnessed nearly 30 straight months of declining unemployment.  Under President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown’s watch, Ohio’s unemployment rate has seen near continuous drops for 30 months.  [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Retrieved 8/26/12]


  • Kasich Takes credit for Ohio jobs his administration did not create.  John Kasich took credit on Fox News for the creation of 45,000 jobs in Ohio since January 2011.  PolitiFact Ohio rated his claim as Mostly False, arguing that the governor’s policies have not had time to affect Ohio’s economy, and that those new jobs are due to an upswing in the business cycle.  [The Plain Dealer, 9/12/11]

Many of Kasich’s Development Efforts Have Fallen Short


    • Ohio Third Frontier invests little of the money it has available to create jobs.  Members of the Ohio Third Frontier Commission have agreed that they need the ability to make significant investments in Ohio’s economy, which markedly “contrasts with the slow pace of the commission since Gov. John Kasich took office in 2011.”  Third Frontier ended the fiscal year on June 30, 2012, having spent only 20 percent of the $190 million it had on hand.  [The Plain Dealer, 8/24/12]


    • Despite millions in state aid from Kasich, Bob Evans plans to move facility, jobs. Earlier this year, the Kasich Administration promised Bob Evans nearly $14 million in state development assistance to retain jobs and help the company move their facility from one Ohio city to another. Despite Kasich’s investment, Bob Evans announced this week plans to close two Ohio-based food production plants in 2013, affecting 110 workers.  These jobs will be sent to Texas. [The Columbus Dispatch, 3/10/11The Columbus Dispatch, 5/30/12]
    • Kasich snubbed Chiquita and they left Ohio, while his efforts to lure Sears fell short.  Kasich put $400 million in state aid on the table in incentives to convince Sears to move its corporate HQ from Chicago to Columbus, while simultaneously offering a pittance of $6 million to keep Chiquita from relocating to Charlotte, NC from Cincinnati.  Not only was Kasich unable to persuade Chiquita to remain in Ohio, Kasich failed to convince Sears to leave Illinois.  [The Cincinnati Enquirer, 12/1/11The Charlotte Observer, 11/30/11The Plain Dealer, 12/14/11]


    • Despite $56 million in state aid from Kasich, Diebold plans to send 200 jobs to India. The Kasich Administration promised $56 million in state aid to Diebold to assist with the development of a new corporate headquarters in the Akron/Canton area.  Despite the agreement, Diebold still announced its plan to move 200 Ohio-based information technology jobs to India.  [Akron Beacon Journal, 4/12/11]


  • Despite nearly $100 million in state aid from Kasich, American Greetings slashed 30 jobs.  American Greetings received $93.5
    million over 15 years in grants, loans, and tax rebates from the state. Notwithstanding state aid, Kasich was unable to stop layoff of 30 employees. [The Plain Dealer, 3/7/11The Plain Dealer, 2/1/12]

Kasich Failed to Support Auto Rescue that Protected 850,000 Ohio Jobs


    • The rescue of auto industry helped protect 850,000 Ohio Jobs.  Politifact Ohio confirmed that 850,000 jobs are indeed tied to the auto industry in Ohio.  Without the auto rescue, these jobs may have been threatened.  [The Plain Dealer, 3/14/12]
    • As a talk show pundit, Kasich failed to support the auto rescue.  As a guest host on the O’Reilly Factor, talking about the auto rescue, Kasich said, “if they’re not going to be viable, we shouldn’t throw good money after bad.”  [O’Reilly Factor, 12/9/08]


    • On The Stump, Kasich Criticized Auto Rescue Efforts.  Speaking about Americans’ attitude towards politicians at the Lake County Republican Party Convention in August, Kasich said, “So we don’t trust the politicians then we find out there is bunch of them in Washington hatching up these schemes. They’re gonna run an automobile company, they’re gonna tell us which doctor we’re gonna go to.” [Lake County GOP Convention, 8/29/09]


    • Kasich: Government Shouldn’t Run a Car Company.  At a September Tea Party event in West Chester, Kasich said, “What’s happening is there’s a handful of people who’ve taken control of things for too long who are now trying to be in a position to run our lives, that’s what we don’t want. They want to tell us how to run a car company. They want to tell us how to do medical care. They want to – and they’re bankrupting our children.” [West Chester Tea Party, 9/5/09]


  • As recently as May 2012, one of Kasich’s top advisors still expressed opposition to the auto rescue. Doug Preisse is one of Kasich’s top political advisors. In May of 2012, Preisse authored a letter to the editor in the Columbus Dispatch doubling down on Republican opposition to the auto rescue.  [The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/29/12; The Columbus Dispatch, 5/26/12]




Tips for Governor Kasich’s “Must See” TV Speech: Let Kasich Be Kasich

Unscripted Greatest Hits Include: “Idiot Cop,” SB 5, Parkinson’s Impression, Crying In Middle of Speech, “Wackadoodles,” Threat to Run Those that Oppose Him Over With a Bus

COLUMBUS, OHIO- Tonight, Ohio’s wildly unpopular Governor John Kasich will address the nation as one of a handful of “headline speakers” at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. The Governor is expected to continue his attempt to claim credit to the recovery that began in January 2010, nearly a full year before Kasich took office, when Ohio’s unemployment rate began a 30-month near continuous decline thanks to the policies of President Obama and Senator Brown.

In anticipation of what’s sure to be “must see” TV, Ohio Democrats have a few tips for the Governor, and hope he will draw upon some of his past public comments.

1. Modesty Is Respected: Remember, the Ohio Recovery Started A Full Year Before You Took Office. 

As Kasich highlights the “Ohio Story,” he’ll likely forget to mention he failed to support the auto rescue that helped protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs tied to the auto industry. Mitt Romney’s advice to “let Detroit go bankrupt” would have had a devastating impact not only on American auto manufacturers, but also on parts manufacturers spread out in 80 out of 88 Ohio counties.

Because of the auto rescue, and the many policies President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown, and other Democrats have supported, Ohio’s unemployment rate has declined near continuously since January 2010, a full year before Kasich took office.

2. Start with a Personal Anecdote, One that Doesn’t Involve Calling a Police Officer an “Idiot Cop.”  

During a speech in January of 2011, Governor Kasich lamented about a traffic ticket he’d received for failing to follow one of Ohio’s safety laws protecting police officers and first responders, asking the audience, “Have you ever been stopped by a police officer that’s an idiot?”

With grace, the Governor continued, “I had this idiot pull me over on 315. Listen to this story. He says to me, he say, uh, he says you passed this emergency vehicle on the side of the road and you didn’t yield…”He’s an idiot! We just can’t act that way. What people resent are people who are in the government who don’t treat the client with respect.”

The Governor’s comments came during the debate over Senate Bill 5, the unfair attack on working families that had a particularly damaging impact on police officers. Kasich later apologized for his speech.

3. Catch More Flies With Honey: Don’t Bring Up That Long Standing Threat To Run Political Opponents Over With a Bus.

At all costs, during the convention speech, Governor Kasich must avoid displaying the same partisan, bully temperament that Ohioans know and expect from him. While it is catchy, Kasich should not repeat his most famous line, as reported by Bloomberg News:

“If you’re not on the bus, we will run over you with the bus,” he told them after the buffet. “And I’m not kidding.”

4. Highlight Your Similarities With Romney: Talk About SB 5, $1.8 Billion In Cuts to Schools and Communities, Tax Returns.

Part of the reason Romney invited Kasich to speak in primetime is because they both share a lot in common. In fact, less than a year ago Kasich and Romney stood shoulder to shoulder in their shared support for the unfair, mean-spirited Senate Bill 5 that alienated police officers, firefighters and Reagan Democrats. While Kasich slashed $1.8 billion from Ohio’s schools and communities, causing tax increases across the state, Romney supports the Paul Ryan budget that would have an even more devastating impact on the Buckeye State. And of course, Romney and Kasich are notoriously secretive about their finances, both refusing to comprehensively release their income tax returns.

5. Talk About Current Events, and Work in a Timely Angle: For Example, the Debate Over Ohio Voter Suppression Could Be An Interesting Topic.

As the debate in Ohio over Republican voter suppression efforts intensifies, Governor Kasich has been conspicuously quiet regarding the controversy. Kasich played a significant part in Ohio’s ongoing debate over voter suppression by signing into law the Republican legislature’s voting changes that eliminated the three days of early voting preceding Election Day, a period nearly 93,000 Ohioans utilized in 2008. Kasich has maintained his silence while Secretary of State Husted eliminated most non-work and all weekend voting hours, a period that nearly a quarter of a million Ohioans used to cast a ballot in 2008. Allegations of voter suppression have only increased since one of Governor Kasich’s top aids, Doug Preisse, stated the voting process should not be “contort[ed] to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine.”

Governor Kasich’s convention speech could be a phenomenal opportunity for him to clarify exactly how he feels about the very debate over voter suppression in which he’s already played a central role.

6. Everyone Enjoys a Good Impersonation, But Maybe Run It By a Friend First. And that Urge to Jump Off the Romney Approved Teleprompter? Resist It.

Governor Kasich’s greatest challenge Tuesday night may be in resisting his urge to jump off the Romney-approved teleprompter.

During the Governor’s unscripted, rambling one hour and 23 minute 2012 State of the State speech, widely panned as “bizarre.” The Hill reported, “When referring to medical research in Ohio, Kasich mimicked someone with Parkinson’s.” According to the Huffington Post:

“During the address, Kasich imitated a Parkinson’s patient, cried, insulted the people of California, praised his “hot wife,” gave 14 shout-outs to the same person and played an awards show host while tearfully channeling a famously emotional fellow Ohio Republican, House Speaker John Boehner.

Roughly 70 minutes into the speech, Kasich discussed medical research and its impact on the Buckeye State’s economy. He was highlighting a deep brain massage program at Ohio State University to cure Parkinson’s when he started simulating the shaking actions that mark the disease as a means of highlighting what he and his cabinet saw when they visited the facility.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer also highlighted the Governor’s interesting State of the State speech with a front-page spread.

“Whether Governor Kasich takes the Ohio Democratic Party’s advice or not, if his speech is anything like those of the past, it’s certainly going to be ‘must see’ TV,” said Jerid Kurtz, Ohio Democratic Party spokesman.



While Claiming He’d Defend Coal To His Death During Romney Beallsville Rally, Josh Mandel & Co. Stole A Day’s Work From Coal Miners To Use Them As Political Props

Mandel Said Coal Critics Would Succeed “Over Our Dead Bodies” While New Report Reveals Pepper Pike Company Told Mine Workers That Attendance At Mandel & Romney Event “Both Mandatory and Unpaid”


COLUMBUS, OHIO – Two weeks ago, Josh Mandel blew off work to join Mitt Romney on the campaign trail, and in front of a sea of coal miners – and using a fake, southern accent – he told Beallsville, Ohio residents that critics of coal (re: straw men) would succeed “over our dead bodies.” As it turns out, to Mandel & Co. the miners were mere political props. A new report by The Cleveland Plain Dealer has uncovered that the miners were told by their employer that their mine would close, that their attendance at the event would be “mandatory” and that they would go “unpaid.”


The Plain Dealer reports:

When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited an Ohio coal mine this month to promote jobs in the coal industry, workers who appeared with him at the rally lost pay because their mine was shut down.


The Pepper Pike company that owns the Century Mine told workers that attending the Aug. 14 Romney event would be both mandatory and unpaid, a top company official said Monday morning in a West Virginia radio interview. …


“My whole point is that nobody should be pressured into attending anyone’s political event,” Blomquist told The Plain Dealer. “If they shut the mine down, why should they lose a day’s pay? There are some guys that just want to go to work, feed their family and go home.”

As the standard-bearer for Politifact Ohio’s “Pants on Fire crown,” Josh Mandel’s an expert at misleading Ohioans, but his decision to blow off work to campaign and pretend to care about coal jobs while taking part in an event that prevented coal miners from earning a living reeks of political hypocrisy.


“In yet another stunning act of hypocrisy, Josh Mandel blew off work to campaign with Mitt Romney and pretended to care about the coal industry while preventing the very coal miners whom he used as political props from earning wages,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “For Josh Mandel to claim he will defend the coal industry to the death while indirectly shutting down a coal mine and forcing those workers to act as political pawns represents another low point on the Mandel campaign. He owes those workers more than an apology affords, and has once again demonstrated that he’s a politician who can’t be trusted.”



Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern’s Statement on Recommendation to Fire Montgomery County Board of Elections Members


Former Republican Chief of Staff Advises Husted; Recommends Firing of Democrats for Supportng Increased Poll Access

COLUMBUS, OHIO-Today, Jon Allison, former Republican Governor Bob Taft’s chief of staff, issued a formal opinion to Secretary of State Jon Husted that he should fire Montgomery County Elections Board members Tom Ritchie and Dennis Lieberman for supporting non-work and weekend early voting access. In response, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:


“This ruling is no surprise – we didn’t need to wait a full week to learn that former Republican Governor Bob Taft’s chief of staff would side with Secretary of State Husted to further this ongoing pattern of voter suppression in Ohio. For more than a year, Governor Kasich, Secretary Husted, and the Republican legislature have done everything they can to game this election in their favor by changing the rules we’ve followed for the past few years, making it harder for minorities, seniors, students and low income voters to cast a ballot. Now, Husted is actually considering firing people for supporting non-work and weekend voting hours, the very access that nearly a quarter of a million Ohioans depended upon in 2008. Thanks to one of the Governor’s top advisers, we learned what this is all about when Doug Preisse declared, ‘we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban —read African-American — voter-turnout machine.’



Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Statement On Josh Mandel’s Attack On The Auto Rescue

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement today on Josh Mandel’s blistering attack on the auto rescue, less than a week after General Motors announced a $220 million investment in the Lordstown and Parma plants:


“After ducking the issue for more than a year, Josh Mandel’s wildly out of touch assault on the auto rescue that helped to protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs is a slap in the face to middle class families across our state. While Senator Sherrod Brown fought to rescue the American auto industry, it’s now clear that Josh Mandel wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help save those jobs. Just last week General Motors announced a $220 million investment in the Lordstown and Parma plants, an investment that likely would not have happened if politicians like Josh were in the U.S. Senate. Josh Mandel continues to paint a clear picture to Ohio voters that he is a politician who can’t be trusted and won’t fight for the middle class.”



Paid for by the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern, Chairman

Ohio GOP: C’mon, Racially Insensitive Remark Was Totally on Background!

Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Excuses Preisse’s Don’t “Accommodate Urban – Read African American – Voter Turnout Machine” Remark


COLUMBUS, OHIO- As fallout continues around Franklin County Republican Party Chairman and Governor Kasich top adviser Doug Preisse’s remarks that “I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter turnout machine,” Ohio Republican Party officials have come to the rescue.


In an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Matt Borges, Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party, stated:

“I’ve known Doug for 22 years now and he does not have a racist bone in his body,” Borges said. “I know he feels bad about the way the comment was misconstrued. I very much believe he was having what he thought may have been a conversation on background with a reporter talking about some of the political ramifications.”


Incredibly, Borges remarks suggest Doug Preisse’s gaffe about suppressing African-American voters would somehow be more appropriate in a conversation not for attribution. Borges’ excuse also conveniently ignores Preisse’s demand, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch, to “Quote me!” and his subsequent affirmation of his statement to BuzzFeed.

“As Secretary Husted continues to eliminate non-work and weekend voting hours, which nearly half of the 535,000 Ohioans voting early utilized in 2008, Republicans are scrambling to roll-back top Kasich adviser Doug Preisse’s gaffe that shines light on what this debate is all about,” said Jerid Kurtz, a spokesman for the Ohio Democratic Party. “Ohio Republican Party leadership and Kasich’s adviser need to wake up and remember we’re in the 21st century and that there’s never an appropriate time to talk about suppressing African-American voters. It’s way past time that Governor Kasich called on Secretary Husted and others in his party to end these voter suppression tactics.”



Ohio Republican Voter Suppression: Making a List, Checking It Twice

Kasich Adviser Pushes to “Not Accommodate…African-American…Voter-Turnout Machine,” 

While Husted Moves to Fire Election Officials Who Supported Weekend Voting


COLUMBUS, OHIO- Following a weekend of racially charged Republican remarks suggesting Ohio election officials should not “accommodate the urban – read African-American – voter turn-out machine,” today Secretary of State Husted pushed to fire two Montgomery County election officials for supporting weekend access to the polls.


In response to Husted’s unprecedented move to punish election officials for making it easier for people to vote, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:


“Yesterday a top adviser to Governor Kasich said Ohio should not ‘accommodate the urban – read African-American – voter turn-out machine.’ Today, Secretary of State Husted pushed to fire election officials for making it easier for people to vote. It’s abundantly clear that Republicans are prepared to do whatever they need to do in order to game this election in their favor, including suppressing voters across Ohio.” 




Doug Preisse, a top adviser to Governor Kasich and a Franklin County elections official, stated that Ohio should not “accommodate the urban—read African-American—voter turnout machine.” In reference to a directive issued last week by Secretary of State Jon Husted which limits the timeframe for in-person early voting in Ohio, Doug Preisse, a top adviser to Governor Kasich and a member of the Franklin County Board of Elections, stated, “I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban—read African-American—voter-turnout machine.” Preisse also voted against weekend voting hours. [Columbus Dispatch, 8/19/12]


Preisse doubled-down, refusing to retract comments about “accommodating the urban—read African-American—voter-turnout machine.”  Doug Preisse refused to withdraw or apologize for his statements regarding what he called “the urban—read African-American—voter-turnout machine,” stating simply that he thinks “there’s a line of how far that taxpayers should have to go to match a specific political operation.” [Buzzfeed, 8/19/12]


On Friday, August 17, Secretary of State Husted suspended two Montgomery County Democratic election officials for supporting weekend access to vote. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted suspended Montgomery County Board of Elections members Dennis Lieberman and Tom Ritchie, Sr. on Friday, August 17, 2012, for attempting to extend in-person early voting hours to weekends. Lieberman and Ritchie, Sr., both Democrats, were told to appear at a hearing on Monday morning in Columbus to determine whether or not they will remain on the board. [Dayton Daily News, 8/17/12]


Today, August 20, more than 100 people protested outside of Secretary of State Husted’s Office as he held a hearing to fire the election officials that supported weekend voting. A hearing was held at the Ohio Secretary of State’s office to determine whether or not Dennis Lieberman and Tom Ritchie, Sr., will be removed from their positions as members of the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Both men were suspended by Secretary of State Jon Husted when they attempted to keep early in-person voting on the weekends in Montgomery County as part of the election schedule this fall. [Dayton Daily News, 8/20/12]


Ohio Democratic Party Files 3rd Public Records Request Since Nov. 2011 For Records Of Treasurer’s Office Business Dealings

Treasurer’s Office Has Not Provided Requested Records Despite 3 Requests Spanning Nearly 10 Months; Also Ignored 9 Consecutive Requests For His Official Schedule


Hypocrisy Alert: Mandel Claims It’s Important To Comply With Information Requests, Presumably Forgetting His Previous 14-Month Refusal To Disclose Staff Resumes Related To Cronyism Scandal


COLUMBUS, OHIO – Today the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) filed its third public records request with the Ohio Treasurer’s office in its nearly yearlong attempt to obtain records of official dealings and contracts involving the Treasurer’s office during Josh Mandel’s tenure.


The request follows Josh Mandel’s 14-month refusal to fully disclose the resumes and qualifications of staffers he hired in the Treasurer’s office. He didn’t fully reveal the resumes until ODP filed its ninth public records request for them.


It also follows Mandel’s ridiculous comments about – of all things – the importance of complying with information requests. Mandel told the Sandusky Register, “…we need to have common sense disclosure and access to public records,” despite the fact that he has also ignored nine consecutive requests for his official schedule since June of this year.


Today’s request marks ODP’s third request for the same information since November 3, 2011, a period of nearly 10 months. To date, the Treasurer’s office has not provided the requested records.


View ODP’s three public records requests for records of Treasurer’s office business dealings, including today’s letter, HERE.


View ODP’s nine public records requests for Josh Mandel’s schedule, HERE.


“Josh Mandel’s refusal to disclose public records of his business dealings in the Treasurer’s office only amplifies his problems with the truth and is consistent with him blowing off billion-dollar investment meetings, hiring unqualified campaign workers and friends and skipping work to raise money from payday lenders in the Bahamas,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “Josh Mandel refused to disclose the resumes of unqualified Treasurer’s office staffers that he hired for 14 months, he’s ignored 9 consecutive requests for his official schedule and his nearly 10-month refusal to come clean about official dealings and contracts he’s steered from the Treasurer’s office only cements his reputation as a politician Ohioans can’t trust.”


Complete Text From The Letter Sent To The Treasurer’s Office Today Is Below


August 20, 2012



The Honorable Josh Mandel

Office of the Ohio Treasurer of State

Mr. Seth Metcalf

General Counsel and Director of Legal and Legislative Affairs

30 E. Broad Street, 9th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215


Re: Public Records Request


Dear Mr. Metcalf:


This is our second follow-up letter and third overall correspondence regarding the public records request below.  We first sent the request on November 3, 2011 and again on December 20, 2011 after not receiving a response to the original request. To date we have not received the requested records. 


This is a request pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 149.43 for the following specific records:


  1. A list, whether electronic or in hard copy, of all financial services companies, banks, outside managers and custodians that have a contract with the Treasurer of State’s office currently or have had a contract with the Treasurer of State’s office anytime since January 10, 2011 as well as any entity that had a contract or performed investment-related services, directly or indirectly, for the treasurer’s office since January 10, 2011.


  1. Copies of, whether electronic or in hard copy, all compensation paid by the Treasurer’s office to the above entities whether paid directly, indirectly, in-kind or off-setting balances or any other compensating balances.


  1. A list, whether electronic or in hard copy, brokers who directly or indirectly were involved directly or indirectly in, or acted as agent for the treasurer’s office, in the purchase, sale , or deposit of any assets if not included above and whom received compensation in commissions, brokerage fees or direct or indirect compensation.

Please produce the requested records within a reasonable period of time.  We anticipate that many of these records will be easy for your office to produce, and request that you produce them on a rolling basis as you are able to copy or otherwise reproduce them.  We do not wish to wait until you have gathered all of the requested records before you produce them.  Please let me know when you anticipate producing records.


If there is any information that will be excluded or any materials that will be redacted pertaining to our request, we want to know those categories and under what privacy law or other provisions they are withheld or redacted. 


Should any portion of this request be denied, in part or in whole, the law requires written justification for its denial, along with a citation of the appropriate Open Records Act exemption that applies for each record, or portion thereof, that is withheld or redacted.


If you have any questions concerning this request, please contact Michael Carrozzo at (614) 376-7463 or at




Chris Redfern

Ohio Democratic Party



Secretary of State Jon Husted Threatens to Fire Montgomery County Election Board Members Who Supported Expansion of Voting Hours

COLUMBUS, OHIO- Today, Secretary of State Jon Husted threatened to fire two Montgomery County Board of Elections members who voted to support expanding hours, including weekends, in order to provide more opportunities for residents to vote. In response, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:


“In his continued effort to suppress Ohioans’ access to voting, Secretary of State Jon Husted has now threatened to fire two Montgomery County Elections Board members who supported an expansion of voting hours to help give their residents more opportunities to vote. While we’ve watched for months as he and his fellow Republicans pulled out every stop to slash voting hours across the state, I’m both shocked and deeply disappointed that Jon Husted would sink to this level. All Ohioans should be greatly concerned that our Secretary of State is willing to force two public servants out of their jobs in order to push through his political agenda of voter suppression.”


Paid for and authorized by the Ohio Democratic Party, not authorized by any federal candidate or campaign committee. David Pepper, Chairman, 340 East Fulton St, Columbus, Ohio 43215.