Federal Judge Finds Husted Last Minute Provisional Ballot Change To Violate Ohio Law, U.S. Constitution

As Governor Kasich’s Legislative Supermajority Hangs In Balance With Two Recounts, Federal Judge Rules Against Husted Plot to Toss Out Provisional Ballots

COLUMBUS – Today, a Federal District Court Judge ruled – yet again – against Secretary of State Jon Husted and his eleventh-hour move that shifted responsibility from properly filling out portions of a provisional ballot from poll workers to voters. Judge Algenon Marbley wrote that Husted’s move “to flaunt state law in arbitrarily reassigning a poll worker’s statutory duty to a voter, with the result being disenfranchisement of the voter, is ‘fundamentally unfair and constitutionally impermissible.’”

The practical effect of this ruling is that some provisional ballots that may have been disqualified due to poll worker error will now be counted. This ruling could be especially important in two legislative races that have yet to be decided that will determine whether Governor John Kasich will have a supermajority in the Statehouse. If Democrats win one of these races, it will be the first time in Ohio’s history where the minority party held or gained seats following redistricting. A Democratic victory would also block Kasich from gaining the power to place issues such as “right to work” or “personhood” directly on the ballot through the legislature, circumventing the petition process.

In response to Husted’s latest Court loss, and vow to appeal, Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“Secretary of State Husted, Governor Kasich, and Republicans have not fared well this year in their effort at every turn to disenfranchise Ohio voters. After wasting nearly $100,000 in taxpayer dollars appealing his many court, Husted should ask himself if perhaps the people of Ohio might not be better served if he just let this loss go, and stopped trying to strip people of their right to have their vote counted.

“This court decision is a win for the people of Ohio, and it will assist our recount efforts in the two undecided legislative races to ensure that Kasich does not get a supermajority in the Statehouse that would allow him to place ‘right to work’ or ‘personhood’ on the ballot.”

Tipping the Scale: A Look Inside the Ohio Democratic Party’s Decisive Wins

Ohio Democrats Prevail In the Face of Republicans’ Unprecedented Attack Ads, Redistricting, and Record Campaign Lies

COLUMBUS  – On Election Day, Ohioans soundly rejected a Republican agenda built on extremism and lies, and delivered historic wins to Democrats. The people of Ohio spoke at the polls, clearly showing they want public servants that are responsive to their needs and who focus on making progress rather than simply pushing hyper-partisanship. Voters supported President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown, and other progressive candidates because they put politics second and took care of Ohioans, most noticeably when Democrats boldly bet on Ohio and the American worker and rescued our auto industry.

“The 2012 election marks the first time since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1940 victory that a presidential candidate received more than fifty percent of Ohio voters’ support twice,” said Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern. “And these historic wins occurred up and down the ballot, from the President, to the Senate, State legislative races, and even State Supreme Court. Senator Brown was able to overcome an unprecedented $40 million dollars spent against him in attack ads because of the infrastructure we put in place for him, and because he was simply right on the issues. Despite a redistricting period controlled by the opposing party where three of our State House incumbent seats were eliminated, we won races that were supposed to be out of reach, and overcame a 3-1 financial disadvantage to re-elect a Democrat to the State Senate. And for the first time in a generation, Democrats won a Supreme Court race that we were never thought to win.

Following a bruising 2010 cycle, the results of our efforts are incredibly clear. The Ohio Democratic Party is back, and anyone that stands in the way of progress, including Governor John Kasich, is on notice.”

Our victories proved that the Ohio Democratic Party is back, that we are strong, that we are united, and that we have the momentum. And this momentum will carry us to victory once more just two years from now in the critical 2014 elections.

HOW WE DID IT: Some Amazing Voter Contact Metrics

The Ohio Democratic Party, Organizing for America, and our coordinated campaign partners worked together in an unprecedented manner:

  • Combined, OFA and ODP recruited and engaged more than 20,000 volunteers all across Ohio.
  • We also sent more than 33 million pieces of mail supporting our candidates to homes across the state.
  • We raised and spent nearly $50 million this cycle toward our effort to push Ohio forward.
  • ODP/OFA hired more than 700 people in 5 regions across the state.
  • During our 4 day GOTV effort, we filled more than 55,220 volunteer shifts.
  • Overall, we attempted 16,261,643 voter contacts, and completed 2,713,898 conversations with Ohioans at the door or on the phone.
  • This includes 4,183,534 attempts on the doorstep and 934,584 conversations on the doorstep, and 9,332,104 attempts on the phone and 967,385 conversations on the phone.
  • Between the Ohio Democratic Party and the President’s Ohio campaign, more than 170 field offices were opened across the state with more than 750 paid staff dispersed to every corner of Ohio intent on securing victories for President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown, and Democrats up and down the ticket.


NOT A JOKE: Standing Next To Special Interest Darling Josh Mandel, John McCain Predicts Secretly-Funded Attack Ads Keeping Mandel Campaign Afloat Will Lead To “Scandals… And Corruption”

Secretly-Funded Attack Groups Have Spent More Than $30 Million On Ads Against Sherrod; More Money Than Any Senate Candidate In Country Has Faced

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Sen. John McCain, whose landmark campaign finance legislation was gutted by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United vs. FEC ruling – allowing secretly-funded third party groups to spend unlimited amounts on ads, without disclosing their donors – campaigned with special-interest darling Josh Mandel, yesterday.

When asked by the Toledo Blade to comment on the court’s ruling, and the torrential downpour of outside money keeping candidates like Josh Mandel competitive in races like Ohio’s, here’s what McCain had to say:

“I think it’s been a disaster. There is money coming in from places we never knew where it came from. And I guarantee you there will be scandals … and corruption, and then there will be reform.”

Secretly-funded special interest groups run by Karl Rove, the billionaire Koch brothers and other anonymous donors have spent more than $30 million on ads against Sherrod, on Josh Mandel’s behalf. No senate candidate in the country has faced a larger barrage of third-party money.

“There’s a reason that secretly-funded third-party groups have poured more than $30 million into Ohio airing false, negative ads against Sen. Brown in an effort to send Josh Mandel to Washington – it’s because they’re looking for a rubber stamp in Washington and they’ve found their man in Josh Mandel,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “Mandel surrogates like Sen. John McCain are right – reform is desperately needed in order to prevent scandals and corruption through the same broken political rules that have kept Mandel competitive despite his opposition to the auto rescue, opposition to Sherrod’s bipartisan jobs bill that would punish China for cheating trade laws and the reality that he can’t be trusted to fight for Ohio jobs.”

VIDEO: Josh Mandel Argues Auto Industry “Would Have Come Out Even Stronger” Without Auto Rescue. Seriously.

COLUMBUS, OHIO – After refusing to directly state his opposition to the auto rescue for more than a year, even after calling Sherrod Brown “un-American” for leading the charge to pass the auto rescue package, Josh Mandel admitted during the first debate that he would have voted against the auto rescue had he been a U.S. Senator.

During the third debate, when asked if, under any circumstance, he would have supported intervention to rescue the auto industry and protect 850,000 Ohio jobs, Josh Mandel shockingly said:

“Back then I would have followed a different process. I would have allowed the private sector process to take hold like every day in America, that happens. And I believe, if we would have done that, these auto companies would have come out even stronger, and these blue-collar men and women who work for the auto companies would have come out more, would have come out stronger.”

WATCH: Josh Mandel Triples Down On Opposition To The Auto Rescue.

Despite the fact that General Motors, Chrysler, Ford and virtually every newspaper in America have stated repeatedly that there was no private financing available to allow GM and Chrysler to restructure, this is now Josh Mandel’s argument – that doing nothing would have better protected 850,000 Ohio jobs… which were protected as a result of the auto rescue.

“Josh Mandel is more than happy to defend the jobs of the unqualified political cronies staffing his Treasurer’s office, but when it came down to the auto industry, Josh would have voted to let it die without a single care for the 850,000 Ohio workers whose jobs it helped to protect,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “Josh Mandel knows full well that no private financing was available to extend to General Motors and Chrysler, and his ideological opposition to the auto rescue is the starkest example yet that he’s unfit to represent Ohio and can’t be trusted to fight for Ohio jobs.”


Former GM Vice Chairman:  “The Banks Were Even More Broke Than We Were.  Who Had The Money?”  In February 2012,The Detroit Free Press wrote “Former General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz on Friday sharply criticized Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, defending the rescue of GM and Chrysler as a ‘necessary government intervention.’  ‘He thinks we didn’t try’ to borrow money from the banks, Lutz said. ‘The banks were even more broke than we were. Who had the money?’”  [Detroit Free Press,2/18/12]

Bipartisan Congressional Oversight Panel:  Private Financing Was Not Available For General Motors And Chrysler In 2008.  In October 2012, The Los Angeles Times wrote “The bipartisan Congressional Oversight Panel, the government-appointed watchdog for the $700-billion Troubled Asset Relief Program … said in a January 2011 report that private financing was not available for General Motors and Chrysler in late 2008. The panel said ‘the circumstances in the global credit markets in November and December 2008 were unlike any the financial markets had seen in decades. U.S. domestic credit markets were frozen in the wake of the Lehman bankruptcy, and international sources of funding were extremely limited.’”  [Los Angeles Times, ellipses added, 10/22/12]

Without Government Financing, Chrysler And GM Would Have Been Forced To Cease Production, Close Their Doors And Lay Off Virtually All Workers.  In a February 2012 op-ed published in The New York Times, longtime Wall Street Executive and lead adviser on the Obama administration’s auto task force, Steven Rattner, wrote “In late 2008 and early 2009, when G.M. and Chrysler had exhausted their liquidity, every scrap of private capital had fled to the sidelines.  I know this because the administration’s auto task force, for which I was the lead adviser, spoke diligently to all conceivable providers of funds, and not one had the slightest interest in financing those companies on any terms. If Mr. Romney disagrees, he should come forward with specific names of willing investors in place of empty rhetoric. I predict that he won’t be able to, because there aren’t any.  Without government financing — initiated by President George W. Bush in December 2008 — the two companies would not have been able to pursue Chapter 11 reorganization. Instead they would have been forced to cease production, close their doors and lay off virtually all workers once their coffers ran dry.”  [New York Times, op-ed, 2/24/12]

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Statement On Tonight’s Ohio Senate Debate

COLUMBUS, OHIO – In response to the third and final U.S. Senate debate between Sen. Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern released the following statement:

“Through three debates, Josh Mandel has tried desperately to shed his reputation as a politician who can’t be trusted, and each time he has failed to distract Ohioans from his opposition to the auto rescue, opposition to Sherrod’s bipartisan bill to punish China when it cheats trade laws, decision to hire unqualified political cronies and friends in the Treasurer’s office and refusal to show up for work. It’s now clearer than it’s ever been before that only one candidate in this race can be trusted to fight for auto jobs, manufacturing jobs, Social Security and Medicare, and that candidate is Sen. Sherrod Brown.”

DAY TWO: Mandel Still Refusing To Denounce Richard Mourdock’s Reprehensible Comments That Pregnancy From Rape Is Something God “Intended” Until He Sees Video. Here’s The Video: Now, Let’s Hear It.

Mandel’s Refusal To Denounce Mourdock’s Comments Contrasts Starkly With Immediate Repudiations By Mitt Romney, John McCain, GOP Senate Candidates Across Country

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Josh Mandel is still refusing to denounce Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s statement during a debate on Tuesday that pregnancies resulting from rape are something “God intended to happen.” Why, you might ask? Because, Mandel says, he has to watch the video first.

Well Josh, here’s what Richard Mourdock said, in his own words…

“Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

… And here’s the VIDEO. Now, let’s hear it.

Josh Mandel’s refusal to denounce Mourdock’s comments contrasts starkly with Republicans such as Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain – who threatened to withdraw his endorsement of Mourdock if he did not immediately apologize – as well as GOP Senate candidates Scott Brown, Tommy Thompson, Dean Heller, Kelly Ayotte and others.

“As Mitt Romney, John McCain and GOP Senate candidates across the country race to outdistance each other from Richard Mourdock’s statement that  pregnancies resulting from rape are something God ‘intended,’ Josh Mandel’s refusal to denounce the reprehensible comments is outrageous, offensive, and demands an immediately apology,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “The truth is Josh Mandel’s anti-choice stance is as extreme as Richard Mourdock’s, and makes zero exceptions, even in circumstances of rape, incest or when the health of the woman  is at stake.”

Ohio Democratic Party Statement On Josh Mandel’s Latest Campaign Event With One Of His Many GOP Party Bosses

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker released the following statement today on Josh Mandel’s Lima campaign event with Republican Party boss Sen. Jim DeMint.

“As Josh Mandel tries desperately to feign independence from his party, today’s campaign event with Republican Party boss Jim DeMint is another stark reminder that Josh Mandel voted with Republicans 96 percent of the time in the state legislature, toes the party line on every single major issue and would be nothing more than a rubber stamp for party bosses and fat-cat lobbyists if he were ever elected Senator. The facts remain that Josh Mandel can’t be trusted to hire qualified staff, show up for work, think for himself or fight for Ohio jobs.”

ICYMI: Major Ohio Newspapers Endorse Yvette McGee Brown for Ohio’s Supreme Court

Following the earlier endorsements of the Toledo Blade, the Columbus Dispatch, and the Akron Beacon Journal, Yvette McGee Brown picked up the endorsement of the Cleveland Plain Dealer this weekend. In this latest endorsement, the Plain Dealer noted Yvette’s experience, court watchers’ description of her as “rigorously prepared and thoughtful”, and the consistently higher marks she has earned over her opponent from bar associations. These major Ohio newspaper endorsements echo the “highly recommended” rating by the Ohio State Bar Association, and the endorsement of the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police.

Cleveland Plain Dealer // Plain Dealer endorses Ohio Supreme Court incumbents McGee Brown, Cupp and O’Donnell
“McGee Brown is the court’s only Democrat and its first African-American woman justice. Her resume includes service as a highly regarded Common Pleas judge in Franklin County and CEO of a large children’s advocacy group. Court watchers call her rigorously prepared and thoughtful.”

Akron Beacon Journal // For Supreme Court justice: Yvette McGee Brown
“She has been an outstanding addition to the court, winning praise from the chief justice and other colleagues for the quality of her work and her temperament. […] [Brown] brings welcome diversity in another way. She is the lone Democrat. Her presence leaves the court much less vulnerable to charges of following a Republican agenda, the result enhancing public confidence. In addition, she can point to rich and varied experience, 27 years as a practicing attorney, nine as a domestic relations and juvenile judge in Franklin County, plus managing a business, founding the Center for Child and Family Advocacy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. No other justice has such a business perspective.”

Toledo Blade // For Ohio Supreme Court

Columbus Dispatch // For Ohio Supreme Court- O’Donnell, Cupp, McGee Brown are judges voters should retain



Senate Democrats Ask Secretary Husted, AG DeWine to Investigate “True the Vote’s” Alleged Criminal Voter Interference

Democrats send letter calling for Husted, DeWine to use state authority to review allegations of True the Vote’s criminal interference with the right to vote

COLUMBUS– Today, Senate Democrats formally requested Secretary of State Husted and Attorney General Mike DeWine use the authority invested in them by state law to review allegations against the group “True the Vote” of criminal interference with Ohioan’s right to vote. Correspondence that Senate Democrats sent to both DeWine and Husted is as follows:

October 17, 2012

The Honorable Jon Husted
Ohio Secretary of State
180 E. Broad Street, 16th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Dear Secretary Husted,

We are writing to alert you to the activities of an organization, “True the Vote” (TTV), that raises potentially significant issues under laws that prohibit the harassment or intimidation of voters.

TTV professes a concern with voter fraud in this year’s elections.  Of course, all are agreed that only eligible voters should participate in our elections.  And, fortunately, there is every evidence that our elections are free of fraud—a conclusion confirmed October 4 by a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study that could not document a single case of voter fraud.

Nonetheless, TTV insists that voter fraud is a pervasive problem and has taken it upon itself to employ questionable, and possibly illegal, methods to combat the “problem”.  These methods have turned up no fraud and have posed a serious threat of intimidation of entirely eligible voters.

The TTV program has been summarized in these terms in one national news comment:

In an ostensible hunt for voter fraud, a Tea Party group, True the Vote, descends on a largely minority precinct and combs the registration records for the slightest misspelling or address error. It uses this information to challenge voters at the polls, and though almost every challenge is baseless, the arguments and delays frustrate those in line and reduce turnout…[i]

True the Vote has already begun similar efforts in Ohio.  Working through an affiliated group, the Ohio Voter Integrity Project, True the Vote has challenged hundreds of voters in Hamilton (380 challenges) and Franklin (308 challenges) counties.[ii]  The overwhelming majority of these challenges were rejected, but not before the voters involved were frightened by the prospect of being denied the opportunity to vote.[iii]  This is in addition to a True the Vote training event held in Columbus, Ohio at the end of August to recruit and train volunteers.[iv]

Moreover, training materials that True the Vote uses and that have come to light show that it has provided incorrect legal information to the individuals it recruits for this “poll watching” activity.  For example, in Ohio, a TTV training manual informs volunteers that “any Precinct Election Official or any registered voter may challenge the eligibility of another voter at the polling [place] before they vote based on residency, citizenship, age, or changes in party affiliation (Primary Elections only).”[v]  However, Ohio law allows only election officials to challenge voters on Election Day; all other challenges must be completed 20 days before the election.[vi]  The same manual instructs volunteers – who will be stationed at the polls – that anyone who has moved within the 30 days prior to an election must vote using a provisional ballot[vii]; under Ohio law, individuals who have moved within the same precinct may vote on a regular ballot.[viii]

This pattern reflects purposeful activity by True the Vote. One of the group’s leaders told the national True the Vote summit in Florida this April, the poll watcher’s job is tomake voters feel like“they’re driving and seeing the police following you.”[ix]

This type of voter intimidation activity has marred our country’s voting history. It has traditionally focused on the voter registration lists in minority and low-income precincts, utilizing “caging” techniques to question registrations.  It has included encouraging poll watchers to “raise a challenge” when certain voters tried to vote by brandishing cameras at polling sites, asking humiliating questions of voters, and slowing down precinct lines with unnecessary challenges and intimidating tactics.  These acts of intimidation undermine protection of the right to vote of all citizens.  This now appears to be the work, the very mission, of True the Vote.

In November 2011 True the Vote announced its goal of recruiting one million people to serve as “poll watchers”, presumably to engage in these activities, during the 2012 general election around the country.[x]  If True the Vote engages in these types of activities in the November elections, its actions raise serious questions under both federal and state laws.

In Ohio, statutes criminalize any “attempt by intimidation, coercion, or other unlawful means to induce such delegate or elector to register or refrain from registering or to vote or refrain from voting.”[xi] It is also illegal to “in any manner hinder or delay an elector in reaching or leaving the place fixed for casting the elector’s ballot”[xii] including “loiter[ing] in or about a registration or polling place during registration or the casting and counting of ballots so as to hinder, delay, or interfere with the conduct of the registration or election.”[xiii]

Federal law provides for the prosecution of any individual or organization who “intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate.”[xiv]  Criminal liability extends to individuals interfering in this fashion with the right to register to vote.[xv]

Moreover, where a State is not acting to protect the rights of minority voters, the United States Attorney General may authorize federal prosecution under the Voting Rights Act where an individual – here, members of True the Vote – uses force or even the threat of force to intimidate any individual from “voting or qualifying to vote, qualifying or campaigning as a candidate for elective office, or qualifying or acting as a poll watcher, or any legally authorized election official, in any primary, special, or general election.”[xvi]

These federal protections – creating criminal liability for individuals and groups activating to intimidate and influence voters – is mirrored in state laws throughout the United States—including ours.

It is clear, then, that True the Vote’s very program, and the specific activities in which it has engaged to date, present serious questions of illegal—indeed criminal—interference with the right to vote.  I would ask that your office review this matter urgently, and take all necessary steps to protect the rights of our state’s voters through the vigorous enforcement of the law.



The Honorable Eric H. Kearney
Minority Leader, Ohio Senate

The Honorable Nina Turner
State Senator, District 25

The Honorable Edna Brown
State Senator, District 11

The Honorable Tom Sawyer
State Senator, District 28

The Honorable Charleta B. Tavares
State Senator, District 15	

The Honorable Lou Gentile
State Senator, District 30

The Honorable Shirley Smith
State Senator, District 21

The Honorable Capri Cafaro
State Senator, District 32

The Honorable Michael Skindell
State Senator, District 23

The Honorable Joe Schiavoni
State Senator, District 33


DEBATE TAKEAWAYS: Mandel Doubles Down On Opposition To Auto Rescue, Actually Promises To Bring Unqualified Political Cronies With Him To Washington

Brown Carried This One” On Policy, While “Mandel Was The Clear Winner” On Slogans

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Josh Mandel accomplished nothing in yesterday’s debate with Sen. Sherrod Brown aside from reinforcing his image as a politician who can’t be trusted. Ohio’s absentee Treasurer doubled down on his opposition to the auto rescue after previously calling Sherrod “un-American” for voting for it, and unbelievably promised that he would bring the numerous unqualified political cronies and friends stocking the Treasurer’s office with him to Washington if elected, as reported by Talking Points Memo:

“I will take the team of qualified professionals that we have in our office, I will stack them up against anyone in your office, and I’ll take them to go change Washington as, well.”

As expected, Sherrod was far better on specifics and actually answering the questions posed to him – while Mandel debated the same way he’s campaigned – using cheap slogans that lacked substance.

Associated Press – Mandel says he wouldn’t have backed auto bailout

“Republican Josh Mandel finally made it clear Monday that he wouldn’t have supported the auto industry bailout, an issue backed and touted at nearly every turn by his Democratic opponent in the race for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat…

“[Mandel] has faced criticism throughout the campaign for hiring friends and political operatives into his state office and missing official state duties.

“‘The folks we’ve hired are qualified professionals,’ Mandel said, drawing more laughter from the audience.”

Huffington Post – Josh Mandel Says He Would Have Opposed Auto Bailout During Ohio Senate Debate

“‘Those are real jobs and real people,’ Brown said. ‘If you would be so out-of-step with George Voinovich and Steve LaTourette to be against the auto rescue, it boggles my mind.'”

Toledo Blade – Mandel, Brown meet in Cleveland debate

“Mr. Mandel gave his most blunt answer yet on the $80-billion taxpayer-funded rescue that many believe saved the U.S. auto industry after the 2008 credit crisis.

“‘I would not have voted for that. I couldn’t have,’ Mr. Mandel said…”

CNN – Senate candidates from Ohio debate auto bailout

“Josh, do you know about the Chevy Cruze and the Chevy Eco? The steel and the aluminum are made right here in Cleveland. The transmission comes out of Toledo. In Defiance they build the engines. These are real jobs and real people…”

Cincinnati Enquirer – Brown, Mandel attack during first debate

“Brown touted his support of the auto industry bailout and criticized Mandel for calling that support un-American. That was a reference to news reports in late August when Mandel called Brown’s vote for the auto bailout ‘un-American’ and six days later said Brown ‘should be ashamed of himself’ for voting for the rescue plan.”

“Hoping to distract Ohioans from his record of blowing off billion-dollar investment meetings, hiring unqualified political cronies and friends and opposing the auto rescue Sen. Sherrod Brown fought tirelessly to pass, Josh Mandel did nothing yesterday but reinforce his image as a politician who can’t be trusted,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker. “Mandel left no doubt that he would have let the auto industry die with callous disregard for the 850,000 Ohioans whose jobs were protected by the auto rescue, and in the debate’s second watershed moment, shockingly promised to take the unqualified political cronies and friends stocking his Treasurer’s office with him to Washington.”

Paid for and authorized by the Ohio Democratic Party, not authorized by any federal candidate or campaign committee. David Pepper, Chairman, 340 East Fulton St, Columbus, Ohio 43215.