Portman Free-Trade Agenda Costs Muskingum County Est. 1,500 Jobs

The Real Difference Portman Makes

CLEVELAND — U.S. Sen. Rob Portman continues his ‘Making a Difference Tour’ today with stops in Cleveland and Zanesville highlighting more Ohio priorities he’s cut and Ohio jobs he’s helped ship overseas.

  • Cleveland: Portman will attend the ribbon cutting for a vocational high school and “discuss his work to ensure that Ohio workers are equipped with 21st century skills.” However, the facts show Portman voted against vocational and technical training in order to protect tax cuts for millionaires. Portman even voted to kick 112,000 students off of work-study programs nationwide.

  • Zanesville: Portman will tour AK Steel, despite the fact that AK Steel lost 65 jobs to Mexico after Portman championed NAFTA, and Muskingum County has lost an estimated 1,500 jobs to Portman-style free trade.

“From sending Ohio steel jobs to Mexico, to choosing tax breaks for millionaires over job training for middle-class students, Senator Portman’s actions speak louder than his words and they tell a much different story than the one he’s selling,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue. “Senator Portman’s Washington doublespeak may work with his special interest campaign donors, but it won’t get him far in Ohio.”

Portman, who served as President George W. Bush’s top trade adviser, has voted for every single free trade agreement that’s even come before him. Portman continues to stand by NAFTA, even calling it a ‘proven success.’


  •  Choosing tax cuts for millionaires over job training for middle-class students

    • Portman sided with ultra-rich over increased funding for vocational education programs. In 2004, Portman voted against an amendment to the FY 2005 budget resolution that would propose a $272 million increase in funding for vocational and technical education programs (Function 500), while also reducing the deficit by $272 million. The costs would be offset by raising taxes on individuals with annual incomes of more than $1 million. The amendment was rejected 17-21. [CQ Committee Coverage, House Budget Committee Markup, H Con. Res. 393, 3/17/04]

    • Portman supported removing nearly 112,000 students from work-study programs. In 1999, Portman voted in favor of the 2000 GOP budget resolution, which would remove nearly 112,000 students from the Work Study Program. The budget passed 220 to 208. [HCR 68, Vote 85, 3/25/99]

  • Portman-style free trade has cost AK Steel and Muskingum County jobs

    • Muskingum County has lost an estimated 1,482 to trade, according to Trade Adjustment Assistance numbers [Public Citizen, TAA Database, Accessed 8/24/15].

    • AK Steel has lost an estimated 65 jobs to Mexico since Portman championed NAFTA, according to Trade Adjustment Assistance numbers [Public Citizen, TAA Database, Accessed 8/24/15].


Ohio Democratic Party Vice Chair Rhine McLin Elected to National Leadership Role

McLin to Serve as Midwest Vice Chair of Association of State Democratic Chairs

MINNEAPOLIS – As a testament to the importance of Ohio for Democrats across the country, Ohio Democratic Party Vice Chair Rhine McLin today was elected by her peers to serve as the Midwest Vice Chair of the Association of State Democratic Chairs during the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in Minneapolis, Minn.

“I’m looking forward to working with Democratic vice chairs from across the country in this new leadership role,” said McLin. “We recognize the importance of Ohio, and we take our role very seriously. Ohio Democrats helped to win the White House for President Obama twice, and we will play a critical role in 2016. I hope to learn as much as I can from my colleagues, bring best practices here to Ohio and advocate effectively for the Midwest states to receive time, attention and resources from the DNC and our 2016 nominee.”

A Dayton native, McLin has a long history of active community involvement. In 2002, she became the third African-American mayor and the first woman mayor in the city’s history. She previously served six years in the Ohio House of Representatives from 1988 to 1994 and became the first African-American woman to serve in the state Senate, with her election to Ohio’s 5th Senate District in 1994.

“I couldn’t have a better partner at the Ohio Democratic Party than Rhine McLin,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “We are working hard to build an infrastructure that will help Ohio Democrats up and down the ballot win in 2015 and beyond.”



Portman Free Trade Agenda Robs Hancock County of Est. 2,000 Jobs

Cooper Tire Has Lost an Estimated 1,000 Jobs to Portman-Style Free Trade

COLUMBUS – U.S. Sen. Rob Portman announced a stop at Cooper Tire in Hancock County today, but what Portman didn’t tell Ohioans is that his free-trade agenda has robbed an estimated 1,000 jobs from Cooper Tire and an estimated 2,000 jobs from Hancock County.

Senator Portman’s outsourcing agenda has cost Hancock County more than 2,000 jobs – nearly 700 to Mexico and Canada alone after Portman called NAFTA a proven success,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue. “Now Senator Portman wants to talk tough on China when he let our trade deficit with China soar 20 percent on his watch. And while Portman collects campaign checks from Washington special interests who support his outsourcing agenda, it’s Ohio workers who pay the price.”

Portman, the former top trade negotiator for President George W. Bush, has voted for every single free trade agreement that’s ever come before him. Just recently, Portman was caught Fast-Tracking the massive, new Pacific Trade Agreement without bothering to read it.

Five Facts Portman Doesn’t Want Hancock County to Know

  1. Cooper Tire has lost an estimated 1,131 jobs to imports and outsourcing, according to Trade Adjustment Assistance numbers. [Public Citizen, TAA Database, Accessed 8/24/15]

  1. The town of Findlay has lost an estimated 1,800 jobs to imports and outsourcing, according to Trade Adjustment Assistance numbers. [Public Citizen, TAA Database, Accessed 8/24/15]

  1. Hancock County has lost an estimated 2,093 jobs to imports and outsourcing, according to Trade Adjustment Assistance numbers. [Public Citizen, TAA Database, Accessed 8/24/15]

  1. 683 of those jobs were outsourced to Canada or Mexico after Portman championed NAFTA. [Public Citizen, TAA Database, Accessed 8/24/15]

  1. While Portman was U.S. Trade Representative from 2005-2006, the trade deficit with China soared up $228 billion, an increase of more than 20 percent. Yet Portman failed to crack down on China’s unfair trade practices, even drawing criticism for his inaction from the libertarian Cato Institute.  And as a result, Ohio workers lost jobs: A 2014 study showed that Ohio had lost more than 100,000 jobs due to the trade deficit with China –  77,000 in manufacturing alone. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/11/14; Economic Policy Institute, 12/11/14]





ICYMI: Every Major Editorial Board In Ohio Has Decried Kasich Administration’s Charter School Mess

Newspapers Across the State Have Endorsed Call for Independent Investigation Into Charter School Data Scrubbing

COLUMBUS — Over the past month and amid stonewalling of public records requests, every major newspaper in Ohio has published editorials calling for an independent investigation into whether a top Kasich official broke state law and who else in the administration was involved with scrubbing charter school evaluations.

The Akron Beacon Journal (twice!), Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Youngstown Vindicator, Canton Repository and Toledo Blade have all editorialized on the burgeoning charter school scandal engulfing the Kasich administration.

Read more…

When will the public see its records?” Akron Beacon Journal, Aug. 25, 2015

John Kasich subscribes to the theory of a rogue offender in the Ohio Department of Education. The governor deems “political” the calls to look deeper into David Hansen doctoring the grades of charter schools so they would remain in position to add students and thus collect additional state money.

“I mean, the guy’s gone. He’s gone,” the governor declared, as if Hansen admitting his deed and resigning as the head of the school choice and accountability office ends the matter. Legitimate questions remain. They start with whether other officials, in particular, Richard Ross, the state school superintendent, had anything to do with altering the grading system.

Perhaps Hansen acted alone. Yet the way this governor and fellow Republicans in charge at the Statehouse have coddled many in the charter school industry, there is much room for skepticism about the claim. More, some state school board members see possible violations of the law, which requires the full inclusion of grades in evaluations.

The job of investigating is ripe for the state inspector general.

Time for a fresh look | Charter-school evaluation panel can be beneficial, should avoid politics,” Columbus Dispatch, Aug. 24, 2015

Appointing an independent panel to evaluate Ohio charter-school sponsors is a needed step, in the wake of the discovery that a recent evaluation was rigged.

The State Board of Education should see that the panel moves expeditiously and doesn’t become bogged down in politics or side issues that distract it from the main goal: accurately evaluating the academic performance of specific charters.

Seven board members, six Democrats and one Republican, have called for additional scrutiny of David Hansen’s report and whether he acted alone. State Auditor Dave Yost declined to have his office do an audit, as he said the issue was disclosed and corrected quickly, resulting in no financial harm to the state.

However, those seven on the state board are correct: Until the issue is thoroughly vetted in a transparent manner, a cloud will remain over the process.

Charting a course toward reform,” Cincinnati Enquirer, Aug. 23, 2105

In Ohio, where charter schools take in about $1 billion of taxpayer money, some of them have instead taken advantage of the state’s lax accountability rules to prioritize profits over student performance.

That’s unacceptable, and a disservice to taxpayers, parents and students.

What’s more, it’s galling to see state lawmakers and Gov. John Kasich drag their feet on holding charter schools accountable. A trio of scathing reports released in December showed Ohio’s lax charter school law allowed some private operators to produce poor results, and there have been several state and federal investigations into cozy ties among schools, vendors and nonprofit umbrella organizations. Ohio’s charter school law gives state officials few tools to police charter schools. The job is made even harder when charter schools’ evaluations are whitewashed. On July 18, David Hansen, the schools choice director for the Ohio Department of Education, resigned after he admitted to excluding some charter schools’ failing grades that would’ve tugged down their evaluation scores.

The next steps should be obvious: An outside investigation should determine the extent of Hansen’s harmful action and whether others within ODE had knowledge of it, and state law must be reformed to ensure Ohio isn’t home to charter school companies that prioritize profit over student performance.

State Board of Education should keep pressing for answers on state’s attempted online-school favors,” Cleveland Plain Dealer, Aug. 16, 2015

Coincidence One: Online charter schools (“e-schools”) are particularly well-connected politically with Kasich’s administration. Top officials of the for-profit charter schools to which many of the online schools are affiliated — such as Akron-based White Hat Management’s David Brennan — are also generous with campaign donations, particularly to the GOP.

Coincidence Two: Hansen’s wife, Beth Hansen, was Kasich’s chief of staff. She now manages Kasich’s presidential campaign.

David Hansen’s resignation spurred seven of the board’s eight elected members to demand an independent investigation of his actions. Ross, in response, said he’d call in outside educators to make sure charter school evaluations are accurate.

But those concerned board members want an independent probe because they say Ross, as Hansen’s boss, shared responsibility for Hansen’s work.

They also want to determine if Ross played any role when, in June, General Assembly Republicans, acting at warp speed, and without prior notice, rushed Amended Substitute House Bill 70 to Kasich’s desk, giving the state complete control of Youngstown’s schools — and, potentially, of other public school districts in Ohio that persistently fail.

Now comes Coincidence Three: Kasich told The Columbus Dispatch he thinks the board, as now picked and structured, gives “some people … a useful way to run through political agendas” – as if Kasich has never had any himself.

Kasich should appoint special panel to study state board of education,” Youngstown Vindicator, Aug. 16, 2015

We have called for an independent investigation into Hansen’s actions with the following question forming the basis of the probe: Was he acting alone, or was he following orders from higher ups?

To us, the question is even more pertinent because Hansen, who resigned as the School Choice director for the Ohio Department of Education, is married to Beth Hansen, chief of staff to the governor.

Beth Hansen has taken a leave of absence from her job in the governor’s office to work for Kasich’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Investigate Ohio Department of Education,” Canton Repository, Aug. 9, 2015

What Ross, Gunlock and Kasich, who appointed both of them, cannot do is treat this situation with indifference. Kasich this week referred to the demand for an investigation as “political.” But what’s more political: Scrubbing the grades of failing charter schools so sponsors look better or demanding the transparency and accountability that’s necessary so these schools can successfully educate the thousands of students they serve?

Ohio’s charter chaos,” Toledo Blade, Aug. 9, 2015

As the start of the school year approaches, who is cleaning up Ohio’s wretched charter school system?

Not the Republican-controlled Ohio House. Its members fled the Statehouse for summer vacation without enacting a bill approved by the GOP-majority Senate that would have strengthened the state’s notoriously lax regulation of charter schools.

Not Gov. John Kasich, despite his warning in his State of the State message last February that he would work to prohibit charter operators “from sponsoring new schools if they’re not doing their job.” Mr. Kasich is spending more time these days pursuing the Republican presidential nomination than charter school reform. Last week, he dismissed the charter controversy as “just a political thing.”

‘Prime suspect’ at the state Department of Education,” Akron Beacon Journal, Aug. 6, 2015

John Kasich broke from his presidential campaign this week to dismiss the concerns of seven members of the state school board. “It’s just a political thing,” the governor told the Columbus Dispatch. “You just shake your head that people aren’t grown up enough to know that education’s not about adults, it’s about children.”

Yes, it is, and those children deserve a state Department of Education dedicated to a complete and honest evaluation of school performance. Perhaps the distracted governor doesn’t realize that an official in his administration, at the education department, violated the law. Those school board members want to know more about how that official came to fudge the grades of charter school sponsors so they would look better and, more, would not jeopardize their capacity to add students and thus collect more public dollars.


Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Passing of Columbiana County Democratic Chairman

Dennis Johnson Led Columbiana Dems for 20+ Years

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Party today released the following statement on the passing of Dennis Johnson, chairman of the Columbiana County Democratic Party for the past 24 years:

“The entire Ohio Democratic Party family is heartbroken about the passing of Columbiana County Democratic Party Chairman Denny Johnson,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “For more than two decades Denny led the Columbiana County Democrats with compassion and a commitment to public service. He never forgot what unites us all as Democrats — a vision of America where everyone has a fighting chance at making it into the middle class and staying there. He was a strong advocate for the working families of Columbiana County. Our thoughts and prayers are with Denny’s wife, Marion, and their three children. But as we mourn, we also celebrate the chairman’s life of service, and the difference it made for the people of Ohio.”


Koch Industries Spent Up To $40 Million Lobbying On Pacific Trade Deal

Dark Money Ad Propping Up Portman Connected to Outsourcing

COLUMBUS – As U.S. Sen. Rob Portman welcomes the notorious Koch brothers to Ohio this week, research uncovers the billionaires have spent up to $40 million lobbying on the free trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“We knew the Koch brothers were desperate to buy this Senate seat for Rob Portman and now we know why,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue. “Millionaire Rob Portman looks after the billionaires in the Senate, they look after him on the campaign trail, and meanwhile no one is looking out for working people in Ohio.”

  • Koch industries have outsourced American jobs, with as many at 3,000 Koch workers losing their jobs to outsourcing or negative effects of trade.

  • In fact, just one month after buying one company, the Kochs laid off 175 American workers and sent their jobs to Mexico – which is part of the NAFTA free trade deal Portman championed.

Portman is scheduled to speak at the Kochs’ summit in Columbus, Ohio, Saturday.

The Koch brothers spent $1.4 million this week on misleading attack ads against former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, who leads Portman in the latest public polling. Portman has taken $12,000 from the Koch brothers and their PAC.

Koch Industries Has Spent Up To $42.9 Million Lobbying On The Trans-Pacific Partnership


2013-15: Koch Industries Reported Spending Up To $42.9 Million Lobbying On The Trans-Pacific Partnership. From 2013 to 2015, a Koch Industries subsidiary spent $42.9 million lobbying the U.S. Senate on issues including the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This finding is detailed in the table below:

Registrant Name

Filing Type

Amount Reported

Date Posted

Filing Year

Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC





Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC







[U.S. Senate Lobbying Disclosure Database, Client: “Koch,” Issue: “Trans-Pacific Partnership,” Accessed 8/18/15]


Bloomberg: “About 3,000 U.S. Jobs Lost At Koch Industries-Owned Companies Over The Past Decade Can Be Attributed To Offshoring Or Competition From Imports.” “About 3,000 U.S. jobs lost at Koch Industries-owned companies over the past decade can be attributed to offshoring or competition from imports. That’s according to a Bloomberg News tally based on an analysis of Department of Labor documents provided by American Bridge 21st Century, a group allied with Democrats. It includes 342 at an Invista plant in Waynesboro, Virginia, and about 258 at Georgia-Pacific facilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Halsey, Oregon.” [Bloomberg, 9/2/14]


April 2004: Koch Industries Bought Textile Manufacturer Invista. “The Waynesboro plant was a DuPont facility until earlier this year. DuPont created a subsidiary, called Invista, last year for much of its textiles products. Invista was sold to Koch Industries in April for $4.4 billion.” [Staunton Daily News Leader, 11/7/04]

May 2004: Invista Announced Layoffs At Tennessee Plant One Month After Koch Industries’ Purchase. “About 175 of the 700 employees at the Hixson plant of nylon and Lycra maker Invista will lose their jobs in a cutback of nylon production. The plant in Chattanooga was operated by DuPont for 55 years until it was purchased April 30 by Wichita, Kan.” [Associated Press, 5/20/04]

The U.S. Court Of International Trade Said The Invista Layoffs Were Due To A “Shift In Production To Mexico.” “The 2004 shift in production to Mexico led to widespread layoffs of production workers and support personnel at the Chattanooga plant. Invista management filed a petition for TAA and ATAA benefits on behalf of the terminated workers, which the Labor Department granted.” [Memorandum Opinion, U.S. Court of International Trade, Case No. 1:07-cv-00160, Former Employees of Invista, S.A.R.L. v. United States Department of Labor, Filed 10/09/09]

In 2004, The Department Of Labor Certified That The Workers Who Were Fired Between June 7, 2003, And August 20, 2006, Were Eligible For Trade Adjustment Assistance. “Workers of Invista, S.A.R.L., formerly doing business as Invista Dupont, Nylon Division, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, including on-site leased workers from Chattanooga General Services, Inc., and Stratus, Inc., 4501 North Access Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee, engaged in employment related to the production of nylon filament fibers, type-32, type-74 and type-95, who became totally or partially separated from employment on or after June 7, 2003, through two years from the date of certification are eligible to apply for adjustment assistance under Section 223 of the Trade Act of 1974, and are also eligible to apply for alternative trade adjustment assistance under Section 246 of the Trade Act of 1974.” [U.S. Department of Labor, TAA Decision 55055, 8/20/04]

  • The Department Of Labor Determined That The Workers Lost Their Jobs Due To A “Shift In Production” To Mexico. “After careful review of the facts obtained in the investigation, I determine that there was a shift in production of nylon filament fibers type-32, type-74 and type-95 from the workers’ firm or subdivision to Mexico of articles that are like or directly competitive with those produced by the subject firm or subdivision.” [U.S. Department of Labor, TAA Decision 55055, 8/20/04]


August 2015: Americans For Prosperity, A Koch Brothers Organization, Spent $1.4 Million Against Strickland. [Washington Post, 8/18/15]

Portman’s Campaign Has Taken $12,000 From The Koch Brothers And Their PAC. From April to June 2015, Portman took $3,900 from Charles G. Koch and the Koch Industries PAC. In this election cycle, Portman has taken $12,400 from those two entities. These contributions are detailed in the table below:





Charles G. Koch




Charles G. Koch




Koch Industries Inc. PAC







[Federal Elections Commission, Portman For Senate, Filed 7/15/15]


Portman Is Scheduled To Speak At August 2015 Koch Brothers Event In Columbus, Ohio. “The Americans for Prosperity ad will begin airing Friday as the organization kicks off a two-day conference in Columbus. Several GOP candidates for president, including Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, will attend. Portman is scheduled to speak Saturday.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 8/18/15]

2015: Portman Voted To Fast-Track TPP Without Reading It. “Though he hasn’t read the TPP proposal, Portman voted June 24 with the majority in a 60-38 vote to approve fast-track authority. Fast track is a key step in the trade process. It allows the president to give such deals to Congress for only yes-or-no votes without the power for the legislative body to amend them.” [Youngstown Vindicator, 8/3/15; H.R. 2146, Vote 219, 6/24/15]

Portman Took $119,700 From The Corporate Members Of The US Business Coalition For TPP In Advance Of The Fast-Track Vote. “Using data from the Federal Election Commission, this chart shows all donations that corporate members of the US Business Coalition for TPP made to US Senate campaigns between January and March 2015, when fast-tracking the TPP was being debated in the Senate: […] He received $119,700 from 14 different corporations between January and March, most of which comes from donations from Goldman Sachs ($70,600), Pfizer ($15,700), and Procter & Gamble ($12,900).” [The Guardian, 5/27/15]

The Guardian Headline: “Here’s How Much Corporations Paid US Senators To Fast-Track The TPP Bill.” [The Guardian, 5/27/15]


Public Citizen: “Ohio Has Endured A Net Loss Of More Than 323,000 Manufacturing Jobs – One Out Of Every Three – Since The 1994 NAFTA And The World Trade Organization Agreements Took Effect.” “Ohio has endured a net loss of more than 323,000 manufacturing jobs – one out of every three – since the 1994 NAFTA and the World Trade Organization agreements took effect. Nearly five million manufacturing jobs have been lost nationwide. U.S. manufacturing workers who lose jobs to trade and find reemployment are typically forced to take pay cuts. Three of every five who were rehired in 2014 took home smaller paychecks, and one in three lost greater than 20 percent, according to Department of Labor data.” [Public Citizen, Accessed 4/24/15]

Ohio Lost 4th Highest Percentage Of Total State Employment Through NAFTA, More Than 30,000 Jobs. “Ohio lost 34,900 jobs — 0.6 percent of its total state employment — through NAFTA, concludes the report by the Economic Policy Institute, a research and policy group in Washington, D.C. That placed Ohio fourth among all states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico in terms of percentage of total jobs lost to NAFTA.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 5/3/11; Economic Policy Institute, 5/3/11]

The U.S. Trade Deficit In The Top Ohio Exports To NAFTA Countries Rose 476 Percent In The Last 17 Years. “The U.S. trade deficit with NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada in the top 10 products that Ohio exports to those countries has more than quintupled in the last 17 years, rising 476 percent.” [Public Citizen, Accessed 4/24/15]

Ohio Has a $10 Million Agricultural Trade Deficit With NAFTA Partner Countries, But A $1.8 Billion Agricultural Trade Surplus With The Rest Of The World. “Ohio has a $10 million trade deficit in agricultural products with NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada, but a $1.8 billion agricultural trade surplus with the rest of the world. The disparity owes largely to the fact that Ohio’s agricultural exports to NAFTA partners actually have fallen $4 million, or 3 percent, in the last five years, while the state’s agricultural exports to the rest of the world have risen $1.5 billion, or 452 percent.” [Public Citizen, Accessed 4/24/15]

More Than 12,000 Ohio Small-Scale Farms, Or 17 Percent, Disappeared In The First 21 Years After NAFTA’s Passage. “Small-scale U.S. family farms have been hardest hit by rising agricultural imports and declining agricultural trade balances under FTAs. Since NAFTA took effect, more than 12,000, or 17 percent, of Ohio’s smaller-scale farms have disappeared. Nationwide, nearly 180,000 small U.S. farms have gone under since NAFTA and NAFTA expansion pacts have taken effect.” [Public Citizen, Accessed 4/24/15]



Ohio Democratic Party Releases New Video of “No Jobs Rob” Tour

COLUMBUS – The same week the Koch brothers dropped $1.4 million on a misleading ad attacking Ted Strickland, the Ohio Democratic Party released a video of Sen. Rob Portman’s disastrous “jobs tour” — which resulted in coverage that highlighted Portman’s record helping Washington special interests outsource Ohio jobs.

“Senator Portman is used to warm welcomes by his special interested bosses in Washington, but his outsourcing record didn’t hold up to tough questions here in Ohio,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue.



Find out more about Portman’s record at www.nojobsrob.com.


Ohio Democratic Party Screening Committee Votes To Support Issue 1

ODP Executive Committee to Consider Redistricting Amendment at Next Meeting

COLUMBUS – A screening committee that Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper tasked with reviewing Issue 1, a constitutional amendment on redistricting, today voted to recommend endorsement to the Party’s executive committee, which will meet in the next month to consider the proposal.

“Our screening committee and Party leadership and staff conducted extensive due diligence on this proposal, and we sought input from Democrats across Ohio,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “We have taken this charge incredibly seriously, given this state’s history of gerrymandered districts that have undermined democracy and done a disservice to Ohio voters, no matter their party affiliation. This proposal is no panacea, but it’s a step in the right direction.

“Now our process will move forward, and members of our governing body will meet within the next month to consider the committee’s recommendation and vote on an endorsement of Issue 1.”


MEMO: John Kasich’s Failing Grade on Education


Subject: John Kasich’s Failing Grade on Education

Date: Aug. 19, 2015

Today Ohio Gov. John Kasich is speaking at an education summit in New Hampshire — on the same day a Cincinnati Enquirer story is highlighting Kasich’s disastrous record on education in the Buckeye State.

A middle-school teacher in Clermont County, Ohio, when asked if she would support Kasich’s presidential bid, responded, “Can I vote ‘no’ twice?”

Here’s a summary of Kasich’s record on education:

Kasich dismissed calls for an independent inquiry into the charter school data scrubbing, saying it was “just a political thing.” Kasich’s right — politics and campaign contributions are at the center of his education agenda. As the Huffington Post noted, “During the 2014 election, three of Kasich’s top donors were charter school operator David Brennan and his wife, Ann, and Brennan’s company CEO, all of whom donated thousands of dollars to the Ohio Governor’s re-election.

At the end of the day, Kasich has systematically undermined and destroyed Ohio’s public education system, and New Hampshire voters deserve to know the truth about his record.


Ohio Democratic Party Mourns the Loss of Former Congressman Louis Stokes

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement this morning on the passing of former U.S. Rep. Louis Stokes, Ohio’s first African-American member of Congress.

“Congressman Stokes was a true gentleman and statesman who challenged the status quo in order to uplift those that he proudly served,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “He will be remembered as a humble and dedicated public servant who inspired many of us in service to this day. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Stokes family as we together mourn this remarkable leader.”

“We have lost a champion with the passing of Congressman Stokes,” said former state Sen. and Ohio Democratic Party Engagement Chair Nina Turner. “ He was a bright and shining star who made history as Ohio’s first African-American member of Congress.  During his tenure he accomplished a great deal for the city of Cleveland and northern Ohio. He was a transformational figure, particularly in black Ohio politics, who lifted his citizens and aspiring young African-American politicians as he climbed. Even in his later years, he continued to work on behalf of the citizens as a member of the Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations. Congressman Stokes’ legacy is cemented in American history as a leader who broke many racial and social barriers.”


Paid for and authorized by the Ohio Democratic Party, not authorized by any federal candidate or campaign committee. David Pepper, Chairman, 340 East Fulton St, Columbus, Ohio 43215.